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Morbid Obesity Surgery By Dr Pradeep Jain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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\n\nSurgery For Morbid Obesity By Dr Pradeep Jain - Morbid Obesity Treatment,Bariatric Surgery In Delhi By Dr Pradeep Jain,Best Bariatric Surgeon in India.Appointment No 09810076517\n

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ChiefofDepartmentofGIatAction CancerHospital&SriBalajiAction MedicalInstitute,Delhi.

MorbidObesityTreatmentByDr PradeepJain

List of factors that contribute to the development of morbid obesity
ListOfFactorsThatContributeToThe developmentofMorbidObesity:


Easyaccesstoprocessedfoodsinabundance&the inabilityorlackofdesireforphysicalactivity.

Eating disorders. Metabolicdisorders.

Obesity treatment options by dr pradeep jain
ObesityTreatmentOptionsByDr Pradeep Jain:

Most Non­Surgical Weight Loss programs are based on a combination of Diet, behavior modification, & regular exercise However, published scientific papers report that these methods do not help resolve Morbid Obesity because they fail to help people maintain Weight Loss. In fact, more than 95% of People Regain the Weight they Lose within a Few Years afterTreatment.

LaparoscopicGastricBypassBy Dr PradeepJain

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy by dr pradeep jain
LaparoscopicSleeveGastrectomyByDr PradeepJain

It reduces the size of the Stomach so that it takes the shape of a Sleeve, Thereby restricting the amount of food that one can eat at a time. This procedure reduces Hunger & makes one feel full quickly, thus helping to LoseWeight

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding by dr pradeep jain
Laparoscopic AdjustableGastric BandingByDrPradeepJain


The results of Bariatric Surgery are great. The average Weight Loss is 55% to 85% depending on the procedure. There is an improvement or remission of Diabetes in over 90%, High Blood Pressure in over 80%, Sleep Apnea in over 75%, & significant Reduction in the rates of Heart Attack, Stroke &Cancer.

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