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How To Clean Your Motorcycle PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Clean Your Motorcycle

How To Clean Your Motorcycle

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How To Clean Your Motorcycle

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  1. How To Clean Your Motorcycle

  2. Avoid The Sun Cleanyourmotorcyclein the shade when possible and avoidcleaningunder the sun. Dry your bike with an absorbent cloth (Microfiber and Chamois are both good) to prevent drying streaks.

  3. Prewash Your Bike Give your bike a rinse before you start cleaning. Pressure washersare best but a hoseorbucketsare fine.

  4. Cleaning The Body Spray and cover the bikewith a suitable bike wash. The dirt will loosen and allow you to wash it away by using water and microfiber cloths. Avoid using spongesas they can grind dirt over your paint.

  5. Using Traffic Film Remover TFRis a powerful solution used to clean very tough dirt on vehicles including industrial vehicles. TFRis completely optional and should only be used on particularly dirty bikes. DiluteTFRsolutions to reduce chance of paint damage.

  6. Cleaning Your Mirrors & Glass Use Glass cleaner solution and microfiberclothsreduce smudges. Stuck on bugs can be removed with TFR.

  7. Cleaning The Chain If you’re unsure about how to clean a chain get a professional to do it. Better safe then sorry. The chain should only be cleanedwhen you have to. Always re-lubricate the chain after a clean.

  8. Wheel Cleaning Use a cleaning brush to wipe away all the dirt. After rinsing apply washing solution and allow it to soak in. Rinse with water to finish.

  9. Wax or Polish Both Wax and Polish are optional. We recommend using Wax to provide lasting protection. Only use Polish if your paint has become dull. Some Wash solution already contains Wax for you.

  10. Clean Everywhere Cleaneven in places not visible. Dirt can damage your motorcycleover time so ensure everywhere is cleanedregularly. Brushesare great for reach hard to clean places.

  11. More cleaning tips and products can be found at: