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Grid Tie power Inverters

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Grid Tie power Inverters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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12vgridtiepowerinverters is the leading power inverter manufacturer and supplier in the worldmarket. We provides 12volt and 24Volt DC AC Inverters for home ups,voltage converters, voltage transformers, power converters that design just for the heavy duty appliance, like pump, motor, freezer, grinder, microwave, heater.

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8000w power inverter
8000w Power Inverter


  • Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity !
  • Simply connect our Power Inverter with a 24v Battery
  • for example as in a Car, Motorcycle, Camper or Boat and use 110v electrical appliances.

Possible Uses:

Equipment: Computer, Printer, Monitors, Fax Devices, Scanner

Entertainment Electronics: TV, DVD-Player, Play Consoles, Hi-Fi-Systems, Music Instruments, Satellite Decoder

Household Appliances: Vacuum Cleaner, Fans, Electric Shaver, etc...

1200w power inverter dc 48v to ac 220v
1200w Power Inverter dc 48v to ac 220v


  • All Television Sets, Monitors, Coolers, Pumps, Machine Tools
  • and many further inductive devices have an extremely high
  • short term starting current.


  • If your TV equipment,Monitors, Coolers, Pumps, Machine Tools,ect. indicated an output of 150 Watt, the starting current can be up to 10 times.
  • This would mean, that you must select a Power Inverter,
  • which can accept a short term maximum performance of 1500 Watt. 
  • Please absolutely pay attention to this important factor
  • and order none to weak Inverter for your equipment
  • because it could damage the inverter and your appliance !!!
lf8000w pure sine wave power inverter 12v 220v
LF8000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 12V/220V


  • Possible Uses:Equipment: Computer, Latop, Monitors, Fax Devices, ScannerEntertainment Electronics:TV, DVD-Player, Play Consoles, Hi-Fi-Systems, Music Instruments, Satellite DecoderHousehold Appliances:100w Fans, Electric Shaver, etc...Kitchen Devices:Toaster etc...Electrical Tools:Drill, etc...
1000w solar panel wind turbine controller
1000w solar panel wind turbine controller


1.1000w wind turbine PWM System Controller

2.300w solar panel PWM System Controller

3. Battery charge control

4. 2 way DC output

5. Timing output

6. Can use grid tie inverter together

This is a smart design for solar panel and wind turbine control system, you can use solar panel and wind turbine at the same time, so here is following details:

1.1000w wind turbine PWN System Controller:

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