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How to Write Great Text PPC Ads PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Write Great Text PPC Ads

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How to Write Great Text PPC Ads - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PPC Ad copy writing is what you make of it. If you hate it, it’ll be a drag, but if you embrace it and just creative with it once in awhile, you’ll find the words flowing out of you like Shakespeare./nThis guide is by Elizabeth Marsten from Portent Interactive.

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How to Write Great Text PPC Ads

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great text ads

Great Text Ads

poetry in marketing

interactive moment
Interactive Moment
  • Stop looking at work email.
  • Think of a product or service that you really like or use often.
  • Write it down.
writing for your audience

Writing for Your Audience


Would Your Mom Click on That?

start with the words

Start with the words

You know…the keywords


*Look at the keyword list*What keyword has “floated” to the top?*Take that keyword and build the ad around just it.

interactive moment9
Interactive Moment
  • That product or service you wrote down, think of who uses it.
  • What keyword(s) would they use to search for it?
  • Write it down.
  • Stop Facebooking, these next couple of slides are interesting.
we re here for the ads
We’re Here for the Ads

We don’t need no stinking keywords!

ad set optimization van wagner ad sets optimization model
Ad Set OptimizationVan Wagner Ad Sets Optimization Model
  • One great ad isn’t enough.
  • Especially if you’ve got more than one audience for a set of keywords.
  • Aim for 2-3 solid performing ads.
  • Test around your “set.”
college application counselors
College Application Counselors

For Teens

For Parents

dynamic insertion in display urls
Dynamic Insertion in Display URLs
  • Insert a dynamic keyword at the end:{keyword:pajamas}
  • Use all caps to really make it pop {KEYWORD} (MSN only)
  • The shorter the URL the better, drop the “www” for example.
  • Separate words with a “+”
msn adcenter
MSN AdCenter
  • Use capitalization in headlines- while the entire headline can’t all be done in caps, words can.
more msn adcenter
More MSN AdCenter
  • Want to use “FREE FREE FREE”?
  • No problem.

Go Back to Google AdWords!

interactive moment27

Interactive Moment

Pick one of the keywords you wrote down.

Write a headline for the audience with that keyword.

Do NOT limit yourself to “best practice.”

display ad builder
Display Ad Builder
  • Google’s adding more and more templates to help you create display ads for the content network.
  • You can upload any picture that’s yours…
  • Have some FUN with it.
what s your tone
What’s Your Tone?

Noisy, tasty, smelly, sporty, mean, creepy, serious, dirty, guilty, nerdy, egomaniacal, girly, teen, for bros, fast, slow, aggressive, passive-aggressive, sad, happy, bored, excited, nice, surprise, casual, formal, passionate….

interactive moment38
Interactive Moment
  • Pick a tone.
  • Write the body copy of your ad.
  • Ask yourself- would I click on that? Would my audience?
  • Proud of your ad? Tweet it- #SMX #24D
  • Go back to work email.