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Buying a New Lock - Tips from An Expert Locksmith in St Missouri

Looking to purchase anew lock for your home? Read the content now to know what aspects you should consider before buying one. Visit

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Buying a New Lock - Tips from An Expert Locksmith in St Missouri

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  1. Things You Should Know Before Buying a New Lock

  2. Enhance the security of your home by upgrading your existing lock system. If you wish to buy and install a new lock with advanced features, here are the 5 things that you should know before buying a new lock.

  3. TYPE OF LOCK YOU NEED • A deadbolt lock will work exceedingly well on an exterior door and provide a good amount of security. • On the flipside, a door lever lock is probably better suited for interior doors because they are not as strong or secure as deadbolt locks.

  4. THE SECURITY GRADE OF THE LOCK • It is important to pay attention to the grading and rating of a lock. It gives a general idea of how strong, durable, and secure the lock will be. • A lock is graded based on the number of cycles the lock can withstand before it begins to deteriorate, as well as the amount of force that they can stand up to.

  5. FEATURES OF THE LOCK Before buying a new lock, check the features of it. For instance, some locks have anti-drills, anti-bump, and anti-pick features. These features will help upgrade the security of your home.

  6. WHAT ABOUT SMART LOCK?! Smart lock offers an upgrade in terms of security. A smart lock can significantly improve something you use every single day. All you need is to enter the right code and done!

  7. HOW A LOCK HAS TO BE INSTALLED • Learning more about the installation process will help homeowners but, to ensure it is done the right way, hire a professional locksmith. • It is not advisable to choose a lock that can be installed easily as it might have subpar security features.

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