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new stylish yet functional pole dancing fitness clothing and training aids n.
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NEW Stylish yet Functional Pole Dancing Fitness Clothing and Training Aids PowerPoint Presentation
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NEW Stylish yet Functional Pole Dancing Fitness Clothing and Training Aids

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NEW Stylish yet Functional Pole Dancing Fitness Clothing and Training Aids
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NEW Stylish yet Functional Pole Dancing Fitness Clothing and Training Aids

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  1. NEW Stylish yet Functional Pole Dancing Fitness Clothing and Training Aids

  2. The pole dancing is not just related to the strip clubs it an amazing full body work out that makes you practice such acrobatic exercises and activities which tones your muscles, improves your flexibility and stamina and saves you from multiple health issues. Due its amazing health benefits, the pole dancing is trending high these days among all those people who want to keep their body in shape and want to do some unique and fun based activities for it. If you have planned to join a pole dancing fitness class you must be aware of some important things.

  3. The right kind of pole fitness clothing and wearable grip gear are essential in starting your pole dancing fitness lessons because there are certain parts of skin which must remained uncovered to grip the pole accurately. Your legs, arms, and some part of stomach should be exposed to touch and grip the dance pole and it’s an essential safety matter. Sometimes the beginners remain unaware of what should be the appropriate attire while starting the pole dancing classes. Pole Fitness Dancing Shop has all the professionally designed functional clothing with a wide range of chic designs and colors to choose from, so that you can adopt an active pole dancing lifestyle in a fashionable way.

  4. What to Clothing Wear for Pole Dancing? As a beginner you must wear a pair of tight fitting shorts with a short cut on the leg and if you feel conscious about the exposure of the skin you can buy a more casual fitness short with a tight fit and high waist. They will be less exposing and you can feel more comfortable in doing the movement and spins with them. If you are looking for  simple yet delicate breathable, casual yet fashionable then then the Nose Breaker shorts and top are the perfect fit, super comfy and chic too. When you have learned the skills and want to be more artistic and expressive in your moves you can shop the stylish range of pole fitness shorts and tops that will make you look feel comfortable, secure and beautiful too.

  5. The Drama Queen Shorts and top style is irresistibly chic and must-have for the beauty conscious fashionistas. It will make you look super stylish with the right amount of coverage and comfortable support in your moves too. The Gold and Black is an exclusive range for the beauty lovers. The beautiful gold gives a tinge of aesthetic sense to the regular pole dancing attire and the sleek design of the shorts make is delicate and pretty. Looking for some fun and color in your pole dancing outfit! Grab this exclusive patriotic flag printed shorts and bra top which is amazing to wear and interesting to look at too.

  6. Grip Aids and Wearable Grip Gear Grip aids are essential to keep your strong hold to the pole while practicing the dance moves.   Sometimes long practicing can leave your skin feeling sensitive and wearable grip gear is a great solutions so you can keep dancing without abusing the your skin help prevent pole bruising. Beginners also often struggle getting a good grip on the dance pole for multiple reasons.   The biggest one is that your hands need time to develop the strength to hold your own body weight on the pole.  It takes time to build that strength and using tacky grip gloves (or non tacky grip gloves for a static pole) is a great solution.

  7. Beginners also have to develop the pain tolerance and skin strength to grip the pole with their body, primarily the inner thighs.  This can be a painful process and the pain can slow a beginners training down until they get used to it.   Wearable grip gear to protect the skin on the inner upper arms and grip gear to protect the inner thighs will help you get passed the pain and train for longer periods of time. Remember that wearable grip gear is never a complete substitute for dancing with bare skin.  Bare skin is best, however the grip gear will help enjoy the process and dance longer.   When you dance with bare skin, try experimenting with various liquid and cream grip aids to assist your pole adventures! Have Fun!!

  8. Share the love and pass this article around! • =>> • Awareness and education are key to keeping everyone safe as they embark on a pole fitness journey, especially for those of us who are learning pole dancing from home.

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