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pliq me mobile voice 2 text already in beta n.
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  1. mobile voice 2 textAlready in beta Closed beta testing till February 2010

  2. - it’s a new voice interface between you and your cell phone In order to create any text message on your cell phone it is enough just to say it, your words will be converted to text and delivered wherever you wish. With your voice and application you will be able to: Send SMS messages by voice Send e-mails by voice Set reminders, create appointments, manage to do tasks by voice Get voice access to web services

  3. Voice to text languages converts speech to text for: More languages in development and will be launched in next 6 month: UK English Spanish French US English Russian German Italian Portuguese

  4. Supported mobile platforms Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and more Windows Mobile iPhone, iPod Touch More platforms in next 6 month:

  5. SMS by Voice With you will be able to create text of the SMS messages with the help of the voice. There is no need to type any text on your cell phone's keyboard any more, just say it and let do the rest of the work. Never before it was that easy and simple to send SMS messages.

  6. E-mail by Voice makes it possible to create e-mails with the help of your voice only. works with popular mail accounts and also supports custom mail servers. Your voice message will be carefully converted to text and recipient will receive e-mail directly from your mail account. No more typing.

  7. It is enough just to say, for example, "tomorrow at 1 pm call my Dad" to set a remainder with Tomorrow right at 1 PM you will receive an SMS reminder with text: Call my dad. Reminders, appointments and notes by voice The pace of living is getting faster and faster, so you have to keep in mind enormous quantity of things to be done. With you will have your personal assistant whom you will be able to dictate all your important tasks. Your words will be transformed into text, fixed on certain dates, time and delivered to your e-mail or your favorite GTD service in the form of assignments.

  8. Connect to the web by voice Create Google Calendar appointments with your voice. converts spoken words into Google Calendar appointments. Post your Twitter updates with your voice and Update your Live Journal blog from the road with your voice and Add to-dos to your Remember the Milk account with your voice and Soon: and more.

  9. Take part in our 3 month free closed beta testing! November 2009 - February 2010 For invitation codes contact For more details visit