The past and the present of the Pink Sheet Stocks
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The past and the present of the Pink Sheet Stocks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most Pink Sheet Stocks was cut from the list or unlisted because of genuine indebtedness, late liquidation, merger volume or little market capitalization. Numerous OTC organizations do not have a document or make reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which implies that they do not offer autonomously evaluated money related articulations to financial specialists.

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The past and the present of the Pink Sheet Stocks

When a company is not listed it will have to trade on the Pink Sheet Stocks. Here are

a brief history and the present condition of this kind of stocks

Brief History

The Pink Sheet Stocks were originally named for the shade of paper the quotes were

generally imprinted on preceding the electronic framework. They are optional

business sector offers of stocks that are accessible on the U. S. Over the Counter

(OTC) market. "Market Makers” are the dealers who focus on purchasing and offering

the securities of OTC sponsors and use the Pink Sheets to distribute offer and ask


An organization named Pink Sheets LLC came about which was at the beginning had

the name “National Quotation Bureau” distributed the Pink Sheets in both printed

version and electronic configuration. Pink Sheets LLC is not enrolled with the SEC as

a stock trade and the SEC has no idea about its whereabouts.

Business sector creators who handle singular stocks make pink Sheets. These business

sector creators are individuals who have some expertise in one or more individual

stocks and their motivation is to assist with remaining liquid. They will purchase and

offer out of their own record, contingent upon what singular speculators need or

require. It works this way.

Pink Sheet Stocks vs. Stock Exchanges

There are listing standards with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in

the stock exchanges but not in the pink sheet stocks. The stock exchanges need to

register with the SEC but these stocks do not need to register with the SEC. The stock

exchanges follow all the rules provide by the SEC but the pink sheet stocks do not

follow any rules or regulations provided by the SEC. In pink sheet stocks, exchange-

listed companies cannot trade on other stock exchange but in the stock exchange, it is


Pink Stocks vs. OTCBB

OTCBB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) lists over the counter securities and pink

sheets list the over the counter stocks. These stocks are privately owned and the

OTCBB is not privately owned. It is owned and run by NASDAQ. There is no need

of any sort of requirements or there is no need to file with the SEC. OTCBB members

must have to register with the SEC and file. On the form, you can find these stocks

with “.PK” and OTCBB will have “.OB”

Benefits of Pink Sheet Stocks

The price is very less and economical some even being less than two dollars. Even

penny moves can result in you in getting more profit. It is easy because there no

qualifications or requirements needed for yearly income or earnings and there is no

fixed duration or time. Organizations recorded on the pink sheets market do not

need to have yearly reviews executed as do organizations recorded on the real trades.

Furthermore, there are no posting necessities for these stocks, for example, a number

of shareholders, the measure of capital, business sector top or share cost. Pink stocks

are represented by less administrative bodies and subject to fewer regulations than

other open organizations, which might confront prerequisites around yearly

shareholder gatherings, a number of board individuals, and intermediary sees, among

different regulations. Filing on a company that was once famous or great but has been

shut down can be moneymaking in the future. If you can find out about a new

company that is just starting can make you gain if the development of the company


Drawbacks of Pink Sheet Stocks

There are no analysts involved. Analysts are important in any stock market or trade

because they are expert in commerce and economics. They can predict the economic

condition of a trade by studying it. They do great research and study but they remain

absent in these shares. Buyers are difficult to find and the price offered can be low.

Pink Sheet Stocks

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