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Comparison between Pink sheet stocks and OTC BB Market

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Comparison between Pink sheet stocks and OTC BB Market - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AAA Penny Stocks can help you find that diamond in the rough. Most Pink Sheet Stocks was cut from the list or unlisted because of genuine indebtedness, late liquidation, merger volume or little market capitalization. Numerous OTC organizations do not have a document or make reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which implies that they do not offer autonomously evaluated money related articulations to financial specialists. Consequently,

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Comparison between Pink sheet stocks and OTC BB Market

People every day are hearing about the Pink sheet stocks but many do not actually

know about them in details. One must have the idea of the pros and cons of each and

what are their similarities and differences especially when they are investors. They

both are a trading platform for investors. Some people think that the Pink Sheet

stocks and OTC BB Market are just the same. That is actually a very wrong opinion

and there are many deep differences between them.

What are Pink Sheet Stocks?

Pink Sheets Company is really an exclusive organization situated in New York City.

They are a different kind of commercial center the same number of alternate trades,

instead, they provide a continuous citation administration for trades in a market of the

OTCBB and, in addition, shares that are listed at some other trade due to runs and

guidelines. Most habitually, an organization will deal the shares in these stocks in the

event that they are not willing to unveil money related data. At present, some

substantial remote organizations have thought of putting the trades on the list of Pink

Sheet Stocks. It have gotten its prevalence become a considerable amount throughout

the most recent couple of years in light of their turn to an all the more cutting edge

OTCQX commercial center.

What are OTCBB?

It is an electrical citation framework that shows ongoing quotes, deal costs, and

volume data for a large number of securities which are not recorded on the NYSE or

NASDAQ. Organizations that open up to the world in the OTCBB needs to stick to a

bill that is famous with the name “Sarbanes-Oxley”, and should be inspected on an

annual premise. Overall, stocks that exchange in the OTCBB discipline fits in the


definition of penny stocks. In addition, the offer/bid extension can be very fast due to

the low capacity.


Here are some of the resemblances between them

The Pink Sheet stocks do not have any specific value for the income meaning

there is no least possible revenue for the listed companies.

The Pink Sheet stocks and the OTCBB also do not have any asset requirement.

The Pink Sheet stocks require the company owners to get a professional

financial investigation before being listed and the same goes for OTCBB.

The survey needs to be done by a professional auditor for both the Pink Sheet

stocks and the OTCBB

They both need a company that has more than 36 shareholders.


Here are some of the differences between them

Organizations who exchange using Pink Sheets do not have to follow by the

Bill “Sarbanes-Oxley” while those exchanging on the OTCBB are required to

do so.

Organizations who are in the OTCBB, by and large, do as such on account of

the additional eminence while the individuals who list in the Pink Sheets, by

and large; do as such in view of the lesser expenses.

An organization recorded on the OTCBB is required to document a quarterly

money related report with the SEC, while organizations on Pink Sheet stocks

are not required to report monetary proclamations whatsoever.

It is difficult to calculate or find out about Pink Sheet Stocks as there are no

records but it is not that difficult in OTCBB.

OTCBB has been around since a long time since the last century whereas the

Pink Sheet stocks have not been around for such a long time and Pink Sheet

stocks got their name for being on pink colored papers and OTC got theirs from

being over the counter.

Since it is hard to analyze the progress in the Pink Sheet stocks, one must be

careful while purchasing.

Pink Sheet Stocks


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