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how to pick up women and get phone numbers consistently PowerPoint Presentation
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how to pick up women and get phone numbers consistently

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how to pick up women and get phone numbers consistently - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Picking up women isn’t exactly rocket science – any guy can learn how to do it well if they just put in some effort and develop their game. However, it’s important to know what you need to work on and what is holding you back.

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How to Pick up Women and Get Phone Numbers ConsistentlyLearning how to pick up women or at least get their phone numbers can be easier than you suspect. Most of the time, we make meeting women difficult when in reality they are very interested in meeting us, too.There are a few key elements to picking up women with greater ease. Three of the important ingredients include:AppearanceConfidenceSituational RapportEach of these 3 areas can be mastered or improved upon by every man. Appearance – Cleaning Up Your Act for Greater SuccessYou do not need to look like Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey, or George Clooney. What you do need is to appear well groomed and clean. Make sure you wear nice clothing, whether casual or dress, anytime you intend to meet women. Visit the places you see the most beautiful women in your area and notice what the men they hang out with are wearing. You should wear similar styles of clothing which fit properly. As far as grooming, keep your hair trimmed and make a decision about facial hair. There are only three options with facial hair:Clean shavenThe Five o’clock Shadow LookFully grown in moustache or beardDo not play in-between with your facial hair. If it looks ragged you will decrease your chances of success.


Confidence – The Biggest Element to SuccessYou can overcome almost any situation with confidence. You can stumble, bumble, and not look perfect, but with confidence you can still acquire the phone number. Women enjoy a man who is comfortable in his own skin and with being around them. Relax when you talk to women. It you stumble over your words, just explain you are overwhelmed by their beauty and keep trying. They will love your effort.Situational Rapport – Pickup Lines Must Meet the EnvironmentShould you use pickup lines as part of your efforts to pickup women? Absolutely! What you should not do is rely on ridiculous pickup lines. Learn simple lines which express your thoughts and feelings with ease. As couple of examples would be:“You’re cute. I’m heading out to a meeting but could not resist saying hello to you. Could I get your phone number so I can get to know you?”“Wow, you seem really confident when you talk. I love that in women. I’d really enjoy getting your phone number so I can learn more about you. I wish I had time to chat now, but I am on my way to meet friends.”In both situations you are asking for a phone number with almost zero pressure on either yourself or the woman. You have complimented either their appearance or personality. Your simple quick compliment tied with a request to get to know them better will help you get phone numbers with greater ease. Do not be shocked when women text or call you first. They enjoy men who exhibit this simple confident approach.These techniques are ideal for meeting women on the street, in grocery stores, malls, or other public places. When you want to know how to pickup women with greater ease your best bet is to leave the bars behind and begin meeting women in real life situations.