what s with the weather n.
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What’s with the weather? PowerPoint Presentation
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What’s with the weather?

What’s with the weather?

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What’s with the weather?

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  1. What’s with the weather?

  2. I am a winter person • From a “Winter Family”…. • My father was a speed skater • My brothers were all state skiers • My children are all skiers/snowboarders • My daughter was on the US Snowboard Tea • One brother was technical director for the ski and snowboard events at the SLC Olympics

  3. Cadillac is a winter town

  4. I grew up in Cadillac

  5. Remember the good ol’ days! • US 131 in 1929

  6. Caberfae mid 1940’s

  7. We were a leader in the early ski and snowmobile industries

  8. We have the machines

  9. We have the horses!

  10. We go into each winter as if it was going to snow every night and the sun will shine every day.

  11. Lake Effect Snow My favorite words

  12. Let it Snow! • The marketing plan is set • The advertising is in place • The website is ready • The e-blast lists are set up • The 800 phone line is updated • The events are ready to go

  13. And we wait for the snow! When it snows the hotels are full The restaurants are busy There are lines at the gas stations are party stores …..everyone is happy….

  14. October 26, 2001 Nice early start to the season…

  15. March 21, 2002 Nice late season blizzard…

  16. And very little in between No pictures Too depressing

  17. So what are we going to do? • Blame the weatherman! • Move to a different state? • Encourage non snow dependant activities, events and attractions.

  18. Do the WTCM Snowdance

  19. First Night Cadillac A 12 Hour Family Oriented Alcohol Free New Years Eve Celebration held in Downtown Cadillac, along the lakefront at the school campus.

  20. When it snows everyone goes to First Night!

  21. Encourage the Festivals • North American Snowmobile Festival attracts visitors even if there isn’t snow • Back up plans are always in place

  22. Encourage alternative events Oldsmobile Outdoor Club 900 GM-UAW Families Visit Cadillac in late February for an ice fishing winter carnival.

  23. Motorcycle Ice Racing

  24. Hockey Tournaments

  25. Snow Cross Racing City and County co-operation hauling snow to the fairgrounds for the Snowcross Racing

  26. Encourage new connecting trails New Yuma to Mesick to Copemish Trail will be in place by 2004 This will connect Cadillac to the Benzie Trail System If there is more snow in Benzie than Cadillac we can still house the snowmobilers

  27. New US 131 Bypass Trail Will link the White Pine Trail to this new trail and connect with Miss-Kal Trail, Grayling, Gaylord, Cheboygan and the Bridge. Someone is bound to have snow Continue to be involvement in trail development in the State of Michigan

  28. Finally You can’t buy snow!