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State Parks created by the Civilian Conservation Corps PowerPoint Presentation
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State Parks created by the Civilian Conservation Corps

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State Parks created by the Civilian Conservation Corps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State Parks created by the Civilian Conservation Corps . For information, click on a tree. State Park. Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC (Click for information). Sources:.

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State Parks created by the Civilian Conservation Corps

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State Parks created by the Civilian Conservation Corps

For information, click on a tree

State Park

Civilian Conservation Corps, CCC

(Click for information)


Matt Cook

civilian conservation corps
It was put into place by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the early 1930’s.

It was the time of the great depression where there was no work little money and hopes were dwindling for many families.

He was basically putting a fight on all environmental problems.

Through the years of the CCC 1933-1942 it is estimated that they planted three billion trees.

Roosevelt created cheap labor for the nation, and it worked, they helped build numerous projects, six state parks were established from the CCC.

In 1942 among war and few people applying for the CCC it was canceled by congress.

By that time it was ok, it helped us immensely to get out of the depression.

Civilian Conservation Corps


douthat state park
Douthat State Park
  • One of the first six state parks to open, June 15, 1936.
  • Borders Bath and Alleghany counties which are said to have some of Virginias best scenery.
  • Its size is 4,493 acres.
  • There are over forty miles of hiking trails that run throughout the state park.
  • Six hundred men working through the CCC built this park, lake and dam between 1933 and 1942. They lived there during that time to keep it up and maintain the park.


fairy stone state park
Fairy Stone State Park

These are the Fairy stones that are found at the park.

  • One of the original six state parks to open.
  • It totals 4,868 acres, the largest of the original six and still remains one of the largest today.
  • Its called fairy stone park because there are stones in the shape of crosses that are found only in this certain area.
  • Fourteen miles of trials, nine of them are all purpose trails.


first landing state park
First Landing State Park
  • One of the first six parks, built by the CCC.
  • It was built mainly by the African-american CCC in the early 1930s.
  • It totals 2,888 acres and a mile and a quarter beach area.
  • Virginia’s most popular state park, due to the proximity of highly tourist areas of Virginia beach.


staunton river state park
Staunton River State Park
  • One of the six original parks opened for the public in 1936.
  • It has 1,597 acres and has quite and extensive shoreline.
  • Its on the John H. Kerr reservoir otherwise known as Buggs island lake.
  • The reservoir is around 48,000 acres.
  • Became an ideal spot for trade in the old days, trading tobacco mainly.


hungry mother state park
Hungry-Mother State Park
  • One of the first six to open in June 1936.
  • Its acres total 2,215 with a 108 acre lake.
  • Twelve miles of trails open year round for hikers.
  • The name came from an old legend of a mother and child that were taken and then escaped there captures. The mother had fallen, while the child went to get help and could only mutter the words

“Hungry Mother” and brought help back to where her mother had fallen to only find her dead.


westmorland state park
Westmorland State Park
  • One of the first six built by the CCC during the great depression.
  • Has 1,299 acres with a mile and a half stretch of river front access to the Potomac River.
  • President George Washington and Robert E. Lee were also born on either sides of the park
  • Along the river front there are close to 150 foot cliffs, where you can find old fish fossils and many kinds of sharks teeth.


bear creek state park
Bear Creek State Park
  • One of the first six state parks to be recognized.
  • Total of 326.4 acres
  • 16,000 acre Cumberland state Forest surrounds the state park
  • It was built in Cumberland county, the rolling hills of Virginia.
  • Only one hundred men lived and worked this park from the CCC.
  • Fourteen miles worth of hiking trails at the park. Plenty of fishing in the lakes.


  • Images came from state park web sites listed above.
  • Two maps from map quest, others from state park sites.