search engine strategies new york 2009 l.
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Search Engine Strategies New York 2009

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Search Engine Strategies New York 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Search Engine Strategies New York 2009. Syndication and Duplicate Content. Syndication & Link Juice. Global Crisis. The crisis continues t. Global Crisis. and policymakers met. The discussions have l. Links. Some say that the imp. The crisis continues t. But if resolution does n.

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search engine strategies new york 2009

Search Engine StrategiesNew York 2009

Syndication and Duplicate Content

syndication link juice
Syndication & Link Juice

Global Crisis

The crisis continues t

Global Crisis

and policymakers met

The discussions have l


Some say that the imp

The crisis continues t

But if resolution does n

and policymakers met

It would be reasonable

The discussions have l

The consequences of w

Some say that the imp


Web Site

syndicating exact copies bad
Syndicating Exact Copies = BAD

the good

Great way to get links

Great way to get visibility

Lots of web sites starved for quality content

Establish yourself as an expert

the bad and the ugly
The Bad and the Ugly
  • The BAD:
    • Search engines see duplicate content
    • Search Engines only want to show one copy
  • The UGLY:
    • They USUALLY show the original author
    • BUT, not ALWAYS
    • Don’t want to syndicate your content and then not rank for it!
scenario 1 summary
Scenario 1 Summary
  • Syndicate a Synopsis
    • Not the whole article
  • Works only if your content is authoritative
  • Other sites add value though context
    • Social elements
    • Compilations with other content
content syndication example
Content Syndication Example
  • Syndicated tens of thousands of pages
  • Exact copies of content for a major media site
  • To a PageRank 9 site
  • Sounds like major trouble, no?
    • NoIndex the syndicated pages
    • Prevents dupe content problem
    • Still passes link juice

NoIndex Illustrated


Link 1


Link 2


SE Robot

Link 3



SE Index

content development team
Content Development Team

Content For

Your Web Site

content development team s
Content Development Team(s)



Your Site


For Other


what does the syndication team do
What Does The Syndication Team Do?
  • Creates New Original Content
  • Based on Your Existing Knowledge and Expertise
  • Adapts it for use on the site receiving it
  • Content MUST bring real added value
    • If you try to distribute crap, quality sites won’t take it
scenario 3 summary
Scenario 3 Summary

Divide your writing efforts

Create new original articles

Publish some of them on your own site

Syndicate the rest to third parties

And, watch the link juice flow!

  • 3 Major Options
    • Synopsize
    • NoIndex
    • Create New Original Content
  • Don’t spew duplicate content all over the web
  • Won’t help you
  • But these 3 options will
contact information
Contact Information

Eric Enge


(508) 485-7751