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N-TEN New York Regional Conference 2003 Training Accidental Techies by Ozzie Sutcliffe call4tech

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N-TEN New York Regional Conference 2003 Training Accidental Techies by Ozzie Sutcliffe call4tech - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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N-TEN New York Regional Conference 2003 Training Accidental Techies by Ozzie Sutcliffe Training Accidental Techies. OK so now you are the GURU ! IT Person. What does IT mean ? Your IT Your I n T rouble And you thought it meant I nformation T echnology We can help.

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Presentation Transcript

N-TEN New York Regional Conference 2003Training Accidental Techies byOzzie

training accidental techies
Training Accidental Techies

OK so now you are the GURU !

  • IT Person.
    • What does ITmean ?
    • Your IT
    • Your In Trouble
    • And you thought it meant Information Technology
    • We can help.

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies3
Training Accidental Techies

I search therefore I Google

  • If it’s not found on Google
    • You did not define the question correctly.
    • You have discovered an undocumented feature, better known as a bug.
    • You are REALLY In Trouble.
    • Solutions ???????

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies4
Training Accidental Techies
  • Solutions
  • Websites
  • Listservers ( mail lists )
  • Consultants
  • Peers
  • Prayer

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies5
Training Accidental Techies

Web sites

  • Start with the product website FIRST
  • Microsoft .com is the best starting point for a Microsoft issue.
    • KB article KB is Knowledge Base
    • Don’t usethe, is, not, from, this ,I if, and, its, to, too, my
    • Do use keywords
    • kbhowto
  • Gains
  • Support from larger organization which can provide a full service consultancy and provides a staff redundancy.
  • Onsite desktop support is available 5 full days a week.
  • Trainee provides role model for students at workplace.
  • Onsite Trainee provides help desk training for students.
  • Trainee understands the needs of NPO and works within the confines of the NPO’s equipment and budget.

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies6
Training Accidental Techies

Keyword Subcategory

ntstart Boot Process and Startup

ntdomain Domain Administration

ntmac Macintosh Connectivity

ntras Remote Access Service (RAS)

ntsecurity Security

ntstop STOP Message/Blue Screen

ntsp Service Packs

ntdirlist Disk Directory Listing

smallbiz Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server (primarily 4.0, 4.0a)

sbs Microsoft BackOffice Small Business Server 4.5

Sbs2000 Microsoft Small Business Server 2000

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies7
Training Accidental Techies


  • Look for reliable sources
  • Use the cached feature
  • Use advanced features
  • Create a folder for the bookmarks

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies8
Training Accidental Techies
  • Product websites
  • Enable cookies
  • Sign up and use email alias
  • [email protected]
  • Bookmark the patches / updates page

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies9
Training Accidental Techies
  • Consultants
  • Find a consultant first
  • A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part
  • Use the consultant for the tough stuff
  • Fast good cheap ? Pick two

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies10
Training Accidental Techies
  • Peers
  • Conferences
  • List servers
  • Consultants
  • Chat rooms

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies11
Training Accidental Techies
  • PUSH
  • Physical
  • Users
  • Software
  • Hardware

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies12
Training Accidental Techies
  • Physical
  • P for power Plugged in Pushed in
  • Over 70 % of your problems
  • User tend to overlook and be careful as you may think like a user too.
  • Mark the cables P-Touch is great tool for this

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies13
Training Accidental Techies
  • Users
  • What did the user do.
  • What the user did not do.
  • What the user did not tell they did
  • What the user did not tell they did not do

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies14
Training Accidental Techies
  • Software
  • Bugs
  • Patches
  • Poor product and or wrong product
  • Lack of training can make software look bad

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies15
Training Accidental Techies
  • Hardware
  • Very rare
  • Component based
  • Swap known good for unknown status
  • Last resort
  • Correct DRIVERS

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies16
Training Accidental Techies
  • Tired of putting out fires ?
  • Why is this the case ?
  • Too many issues , not enough time // resources // money ?
  • Using trainee’s , you can have the fire breaks cut by the volunteers, The brush fires put out by the trainee’s.
  • Your valuable time can be redeployed, managing the fire and providing a long term fire protection strategy.

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies17
Training Accidental Techies


  • You need source for students/ trainee’s
  • Local training centers and schools are a good source.
  • Work fare type programs are helpful also

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies18
Training Accidental Techies
  • Some resources
  • (outlook)
  • (excel)
  • (MS stuff)

(general NPO tech stuff)

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies19
Training Accidental Techies
  • You need to

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies20
Training Accidental Techies
  • Learn
  • Investigate
  • Simplify
  • Transform
  • Educate
  • Notate

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies21
Training Accidental Techies

Power geek stuff

  • Logo keyDisplay or hide the Start menu
  • logo key+LLock the computerows
  • logo key+BREAK Display the System Properties dialog box
  • logo key+DShow the desktop
  • logo key+MMinimize all windows
  • logo key+SHIFT+MRestore minimized windows
  • logo key+EOpen My Computer
  • logo key+FSearch for a file or folderCTRL+
  • logo key+FSearch for computers
  • logo key+F1Display Windows Help
  • logo key+ROpen the Run dialog box
  • logo key+UOpen Utility ManagerApplication keyDisplay the Shortcut menu for the selected item

Ozzie Sutcliffe

training accidental techies22
Training Accidental Techies

Thank You

Ozzie Sutcliffe

Ozzie Sutcliffe