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Education and Evangelism PowerPoint Presentation
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Education and Evangelism

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Education and Evangelism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Education and Evangelism

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  1. Education and Evangelism The age is gone when evangelism was out there and education was in here.

  2. Education and Evangelism The postmodern world requires education and evangelism to be united in vision and ministry.

  3. Education and Evangelism Part of the rational, professional, and institutional nature of the modern church of the past century was the compartmentalization of ministries.

  4. Education and Evangelism The 20 Century New Testament scholar C. H. Dodds, made an impact in 1936 with a widely adopted attempt to show that the early church made a definite distinction between preaching and teaching, that the act of proclamation was a distinct act within the early church and that teaching followed preaching. The general acceptance of his writing helped to reinforce a distinction between education and evangelism.

  5. Education and Evangelism Today’s world much like the age of the early church calls for a more permeable boundary, if any distinction between evangelism and education

  6. Education and Evangelism The Logic of Evangelism William Abraham Evangelistic Love of God and Neighbor:A Theology of Witness and Discipleship Scott Jones

  7. Education and Evangelism “Evangelism is that set of loving, intentional activities governed by the goal of initiating persons into Christian discipleship in response to the reign of God.”

  8. Education and Evangelism In The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West . . . Again, George Hunter writes about the difference between what he describes as the evangelism approach in Roman and Celtic Christianity.

  9. Education and Evangelism Roman Model Celtic Model Presentation Fellowship Decision Ministry and Conversation Fellowship Belief, Invitation to Commitment

  10. Education and Evangelism Christianity is more caught than taught! As Professor Robin Gill observes, belonging comes before believing. For this reason, evangelism is now about helping people to belong so that they can believe.

  11. Education and Evangelism The celtic model of evangelism is central to the growth of the emergent church movement in our postmodern world.

  12. Education and Evangelism Brian McLaren – More Ready Than You Think, “Post modern evangelism is relational. In essence, Christians are converted first in authentic spiritual friendship Good evangelists are People who engage others in good conversation about faith, values, hope, meaning, purpose, goodness, beauty, truth, life after death. Life before death and God. “

  13. Education and Evangelism “Good evangelism is the process of being friendly without discrimination and influencing all of one’s friends toward better living, through good deeds and good conversations. Engaging in spiritual friendship will not only help others become Christians, it will help us become better Christians, who love God more than ever.”

  14. Education and Evangelism The post modern world calls evangelists and educators to co-join our work and disciplines to reach a world that is hungering for spiritual relationship, conversation and community.

  15. Education and Evangelism Three ways for education and evangelism to work together 1. Equiping ourselves and others to be conversational about faith.

  16. Education and Evangelism

  17. Education and Evangelism Three ways for education and evangelism to work together 2. Go forth into the world….the ‘virtual’ world.

  18. V I T A L I T Y

  19. V I T A L I T Y

  20. V I T A L I T Y

  21. Education and Evangelism Three ways for education and evangelism to work together 3. Nurture UCC Discipleship Formation

  22. What Matters to You?

  23. We Thank God By Working for a just and loving World

  24. Matters To A UCC Congregation

  25. Matters To A UCC Member

  26. Our History Matters

  27. Prayer Matters

  28. Education and Evangelism Today’s world calls evangelism and education to an expanded vision that puts aside our differences and distinctions to rediscover Jesus’ Great Commission which is both evangelical and educational. …to go forth into the world, make disciples and teach them.