dining etiquette is good business n.
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  1. DINING ETIQUETTEis GOOD BUSINESS (And it can be fun if you know what you’re doing)!

  2. Dining Etiquette • Where to sit • Posture Perfect • Where do those hands, elbows and feet go? • What do you do with the extras? • Purses, backpacks • Cell phones, pagers • The table……yikes! • Napkins • Silverware everywhere • Which glass is mine? • Stemware (glasses, glasses and more glasses) • Plates, plates and more plates • When do we eat?

  3. Dining Etiquette

  4. Dining Etiquette • FIRST COURSE Soup • Posture is important • It’s tooooo hot! • Spoon use and resting place • Slurping from the bowl……oh no! • Seasoning to your preference

  5. Dining Etiquette • SECOND COURSE….American Style Salad - Pass the dressing please - Which fork and knife??? - Hidden disasters (the cherry tomato and crispy croutons) - Pat of butter on the plate - Bread by the bite…one piece at a time

  6. Dining Etiquette • MAIN COURSE….Finally to the meat of the topic! • Slicing and dicing, 2-3 bites at a time • Hard to eat foods……Pasta, peas and other fun stuff! • Dinner conversation….your two minute commercial • Universal signal for when you are done

  7. Dining Etiquette FORK OR FINGER FOODS???????? Asparagus Fork if sauce is poured over asparagus, fingers if offered with dipping sauce Bacon Fingers if crispy French Fries Fingers Strawberries (Whole and dipped in chocolate please)! Fingers

  8. Dining Etiquette FORK OR FINGER FOODS CONT…??????? Tacos, Burritos, Tortillas Fingers Enchiladas Fork Muffins/Pastries Fingers (tear off bite size pieces) Pizza Fingers (once cooled)

  9. Dining Etiquette FORK OR FINGER FOOD CONT…????? Fried Chicken (with bone) Fingers Buffalo/Chicken Wings Fingers Ribs Fingers with bones, fork of unboned Artichoke Fingers (The heart should be cut with a knife and pieces eaten with a fork)

  10. Dining Etiquette • HARD TO EAT FOODS (What you don’t want to order if you are trying to impress someone)! • French Onion Soup • Fish with bones • Ribs (of any kind) • Fried Chicken • Lobster in the shell • Crab in the shell • Shrimp in the shell • Extra large juicy burgers • Pasta such as linguini, fettuccini or spaghetti • Artichokes • Buffalo / Chicken wings • Pizza • Corn on the cob

  11. Dining Etiquette • DESSERT AT LAST!!! • Don’t forget that last crumb • Coffee and Tea please • Universal coffee cup message • Dropping utensils

  12. Dining Etiquette • Event Invitations • RSVP (Respond if you please). • Only the people named on the invitation envelope are invited to attend the event • Note the dress recommendation • Respond to the person noted on the invitation by the deadline given on the invitation

  13. Dining Etiquette • DINING TABOOS - 13 ways to make the wrong impression • Slouching • Complaining • Arguing over the bill • Smacking and crunching • Improper chewing • Reaching • Sopping and plate pushing • Showing Off • Overindulging • Talking over others • Grooming • Picking your teeth • Cell phones and pagers ringing

  14. Dining Etiquette Now you’re the host! • Pick a restaurant you have eaten at before and found pleasing • Pick a restaurant with a wide variety of choices • Call or email the person the day before the lunch to remind them of the luncheon • Wait at least fifteen minutes after your designated meeting time before you call to find out where they are • Give your guest the good seat with the best view • Let you guest know about good items on the menu (helpful suggestions for ordering) • Pay by credit card to make it easy and get the receipt you need • Do not order alcohol during any lunch meeting • Talk about business only after you have given your orders to the wait staff and after you have had sufficient small talk

  15. Business Etiquette Dress/Appearance • Error on the side of conservative • No wrinkled clothing, unshaven, etc. • Impeccable grooming • Nametags-right or left?

  16. Business Etiquette Meetings/Client Relations • Arrive 10-15 minutes early • Be courteous to others • Avoid interruptions • Keep notes on people (outlook contacts, etc) • Pass along credit, where credit is due • Be thoughtful (send cards, flowers, etc.)

  17. Business Etiquette As the Meeting Planner • Be considerate of everyone’s time and plan well • Communicate beforehand: objective, duration and agenda • Following the meeting, provide minutes with action items • Acknowledge those who contributed • Action items for those not in attendance

  18. Business Etiquette The Phone • Always return calls in a timely fashion • If out, have message state when they can expect a call back • If you get the secretary-state nature of your call • Receiving call: Identify self and department • Answer with enthusiasm! • Make sure your voice mail is working properly

  19. Business Etiquette E-mail • Make subject line specific • Don’t forward messages with pages of “memo” • When replying to a question—copy the question into your response and answer, not just a “yes” • Address and sign your emails • NO CAPS—TOO INTENSE AND LAZY!

  20. Business Etiquette Guests/New Employees/Consultants • Make sure they have the resources and information available to them • Give them the same type of workspace • Appoint a buddy to them

  21. Business Etiquette Social Settings/Parties • Arrive at stated time or up to 30 minutes late • Carry business cards • Greet with a firm handshake • Talk and visit with people • If you forget a name: Introduce the person you know first, or just admit your mind block  • Thank the host or hostess

  22. Congratulations! Now you’re ready to enter the world of work with a competitive edge!