Consciousness and the two track mind
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Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind. Waking Consciousness. Consciousness our awareness of ourselves and our environments. Waking Consciousness. Selective Attention focusing of consciousness on a particular stimulus

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Waking consciousness l.jpg
Waking Consciousness

  • Consciousness

    • our awareness of ourselves and our environments

Waking consciousness3 l.jpg
Waking Consciousness

  • Selective Attention

    • focusing of consciousness on a particular stimulus

    • as in the cocktail party effect (the ability to attend selectively to only one voice among many).

  • At the level of conscious awareness, whatever has your attention pretty much has your undivided attention.

  • Note the “change blindness” experiment on page 205 – most people did not notice when the person giving them directions changed to another person.

Forms of consciousness l.jpg
Forms of Consciousness

Consciousness, modern psychologists believe, is an awareness of ourselves and our environment.

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Christine Brune

Inattentional blindness l.jpg
Inattentional Blindness

Inattentional blindness refers to the inability to see an object or a person in our midst. Simons & Chabris (1999) showed that half of the observers failed to see the gorilla-suited assistant in a ball passing game.

Daniel Simons, University of Illinois

Change blindness l.jpg
Change Blindness

Change blindness is a form of inattentional blindness in which two-thirds of individuals giving directions failed to notice a change in the individual asking for directions.

© 1998 Psychonomic Society Inc. Image provided courtesy of Daniel J. Simmons.

Sleep and dreams l.jpg
Sleep and Dreams

  • Biological Rhythms

    • periodic physiological fluctuations

  • Circadian Rhythm

    • the biological clock

    • regular bodily rhythms, such as of wakefulness and body temperature, that occur on a 24-hour cycle

    • Bright light helps reset our biological clocks