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Visit Online Pet Store Singapore

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Buy delicious & high nutritional food for your pet. Solid Gold provides the best quality of pet food at affordable prices. For more:

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tel 65 6742 2911

Tel: (+65) 6742 2911


We are committed to sourcing the food that your dogs and cats will enjoy, while also providing the nutrition that enhances their health and well-being.

We provide your pet with excellent nutrition for optimum health. The highest quality ingredients are blended together to make a great tasting formula your pet will love.

factors to consider when buying pet food

Factors To Consider When Buying Pet Food

Here is a list of those factors while buying Pet Food in Singapore:

Age: How old is your pet? It is the most important factor to consider while planning diet and selecting food for them. There are three life stages of every pet- baby/ puppy/ kitten, adult and senior. You cannot feed the same portion or kind of food to your pet in all stages; each stage has different food requirements.

Activity level: Whether your pet is super active, active or lazy, this determines your pet’s diet. If your pet’s only activity is going out for a walk, then it would need fewer calories in food and if it is super active and plays with its fellow mates and you as well then calorie requirement would be more.

Ingredients: Last but not the least. This is the most important factor in selecting Pet Food. Is it organic? Does it have animal-based protein? Does it have ingredients that are used for the immune system? All these questions need to be considered while purchasing Pet food.

secrets to choosing a safe healthy pet food

Secrets To Choosing A Safe, Healthy Pet Food

Trusting the brands:

If you are choosing a well- known brand, then all your worries become automatically less. Good and reputed brands, although could be expensive there are some good ones that are not. So finding the right brand and price is the ultimate secret for pet owners. 

Human food is not pet food

An important secret to know is that human food is for humans. Humans and animals have different dietary requirements. What is best for you, could be allergic to your pet. You keep feeding on your pet whatever you eat- grapes, raisins, biscuits, gums, chocolates, toffees etc. 

If you are going to BuyPetFood Singapore, then he best option is to buy pet food online with a range of varieties of dog and cat food. 

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Solid Gold

Head Office:- 56 Tannery Lane,

Singapore 347801

Telephone No: (+65) 6742 2911

Email ID:-