suresafe alarms 40 the looms wirral ch64 n.
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Age UK Panic Button

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We have put together an easy to understand review of SureSafe’s 24/7 Connect service to compare with age concern panic button offerings. Peace of mind for you, safety and security for your loved ones. SureSafe alarms are the best personal alarms in the U.K. Search for more information about of services at

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Age UK Panic Button

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suresafe alarms 40 the looms wirral ch64

SureSafe Alarms

40 The Looms, Wirral, CH64 6RF

United Kingdom

0800 112 3201

personal alarm protecting you from danger

Personal Alarm: Protecting You From Danger

Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is a small electronic device that is usually held with the hands. The personal alarm has the ability to produce loud alarming sound like that of a siren whenever it is activated. It can be activated by tag or button. To set off the alarm, it needs to be pulled. Personal alarm is used for attracting the attention of people to scare off anyone trying to hurt the bearer. The alarm serves as means of crying for help and also notifying people around that a person is in danger and needs help immediately. The sound produced by the personal alarm also has discomforting effect and is able to surprise, disorient and distract an assailant. Click for more info about of services at

types of personal alarm

Types of Personal Alarm

SureSafe Alarm offers quick response emergency medical alert systems for elderly in UK. Our products are all UK compliant and carry the highest certifications available. Peace of mind for you, safety and security for your loved ones. SureSafe alarms are the best personal alarms in the U.K. Click at for more info and other benefits about of services.

telecare devices personalalarms org

Telecare Devices |

Telecare Equipment For The Elderly

Telecare Devices And Telecare Equipment

One of such is the use of Telecare Devices and Telecare Equipment. These devices and equipment have been designed by sure safe which is a company dedicated to seeing that the health and well of their clients are not toyed with. These devices are numerous and very effective. The first of such are the In –home 24/7 monitored alarm systems. These alarm systems work effectively to keep in toch with elderly people as they work around and move around the home. Some of this Telecare Equipment includes the fall detection alarm. This alarm works in a unique manner and is installed in the house in such a way that if the elderly person suffers a fall the relevant people get notified and can come to the aid of such a person.