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  1. Top Interior Decorating Ideas Getting bored with old style home, you have to take some steps to make your home look attractive. As renters, they need homes for short term, but they also love to maintain home same as owners. As an owner, you have to decorate home yourself if you don’t allow your renter to decorate. As a renter, if you want to decorate home yourself, you should ask or take the permission from landlord, if they agree you will get a chance to show your creativity. You can take help from professionals, they can cost but they will make home, according to you without any chance of mistake. There are some decorating tips which may helpful to you: SHELVES &RACKS Shelves are very helpful to save your space in your home, if the home size is not bigger you should use shelves on the wall or ground. And if you have lots of spaces, then you may also use because shelves will allow to store several things on a sun deck. In market there several types of shelves are available like wooden, steel, plastic, etc. with several rows which can reduce or increase according to your need.

  2. FLOORS &COVERING Flooring is making your room, homes for rent, etc. are more attractive and also show that how much you love cleanliness. Tiles and marbles are used to make your floor attractive, but after some it may break or damage by moving or putting heavy things on it, you can, be careful while moving or putting heaver material on the floor is gentle. You can also use carpets which will cover your floor if you don’t have tile or marble on the floor, especially in the bedroom. Today in the market, there are 3D painters which will your floor more attractive, they will draw whatever you want and do feel like real with use of 3D art. ENTERTAINMENT Television is the best source of entertainment, and will allow your family to spend time with each other while they all watching movies, sports, etc. While you are decorating your home, you should hang your LED, LCD, Plasma, TV on the wall with the help of wall fittings & make sure about focus view that every member should easily get image on TV without any interruption from light, reflection, etc.. If you have some extra cash you should use a home theater system which will good sound quality with surround effect. FURNITURE If you have the older type, of heavy furniture and they are damaged then you should get new one or repair by carpenters. If Homes for rent are come with furniture, then as a landlord you should try to repair it with a new look, you should replace the cover cloth with new one the re-polish, you don’t need to do it yourself you can hire professional person. If you are going to buy new furniture, then you should go to market and search for cheap and best thing according to your need and budget. BATHROOMS The bathroom is that single place where every part of the floor is covered with water and sometime walls too. As a renters bathroom walls are getting scared and patchy after repaint on the wall, and start complaining about it. You should try wallpaper which is waterproof; it will act as water resistant and cover or avoid your wall with effects of water.

  3. FILL YOUR WALL Home rentals and homes for rent are no always come with amenities, you should do it yourself. If your landlord was recently working on their rental property, then you have lots of opportunity to work on it, you can make it according to your need. Need always hang a wall clock to fill your wall, although you can use wallpapers, your family pictures, pet’s pictures, etc., whatever you want. It will make your wall fill and looks the goods. You may also use some texture which draws by professionals and look very beautiful and filled.