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Things that landlord s must know


It’s a very lucrative or profitable decision to convert your property into a rental property, but there are

some perils when you are going to use it as rental property. So, there are some points that you must

know about when you are going to convert your personal property into a rental property.


If you have an extra space, you cannot use it for renters or allow anyone to move in as a renter. Or if you

build a space for renting purpose without informing to your municipality, it may cause a big problem

because some municipalities will not give permission for secondary suites and in that case when you

found with rental property (without permission from Municipal) you may treat as guilty and you should

pay the penalty or dismantle the rental property. A landlord must verify their secondary unit that meets

the minimum requirements, from municipalities so that they can apply for insurance. Insurance will help

to recover your rental property from any damage, for example: if you should have two exits and enough

height of ceilings, etc. you may got the permit from municipal and able to get insurance, but if you don’t

follow the rules and your insurance company didn’t aware about the second unit then will not pay the

insurance for the second unit, and you will suffer from the heavy loss.


As a landlord, you must know about the taxes of your home for rent. You should issue the receipt for the

monthly rent to your renters, they claim it for deduction on income tax. If your renter will not claim for

deduction than your monthly rent may be declared as monthly income and pay tax accordingly. Apart

from rent, there are several charges that landlords have to pay like painting, fixing, repairing,

maintenance, etc.

Things that landlord s must know


Several times when owner and renters are living in a single property, then they have to share the space,

and obviously after a time it’s become irritated by sharing the common space with unknown person. So

to avoid these situations you have to make it separate so that you can save your privacy and have your

own private space for yourself. You should increase the size or separate it for renters of your water tank,

otherwise both will suffer from water issues, upgrade the electric capacity (100 amp to 200 amps) with

new fittings for renters, etc.


As a landlord it should be better to know about the Residential Tenancies Act, because it is very to get a

renter but too hard to get rented out. In all, over the country government rules and regulations are the

same, all renters are protected by the provincial legislation and governing bodies so it is very difficult get

renters out from the rental property, you need a very good reason for eviction process. As a landlord

you can add your conditions in the lease agreement, but it should be valid. If your renter will leave your

rental home before expiring agreement, you should ask to stay more if they want. When your renter

move out you need to inspect about the damages and repair that should be done and wait for the new

appropriate candidate.


It is very tough task to find a right and perfect tenant, if you are just starting renting then you should

take help from real estate agents. They will provide you right renters, according to your decided rent,

but will cost you. If you are going to find it yourself then it may take time and may you get the wrong

candidate. You have to help form social & print media, family, colleagues & friends, old renters, if you

are going to find them yourself.


Landlords will use Interior Decorating To Their Rental property to increase the rent, but the landlord

will not raise rent more then decided rent according to the location. So it is good to provide a better

home for rent not add more amenities. If landlords really want to raise rents then you should buy a new

property with high amenities in the best location.