Creepy Makeup Looks For Halloween
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Creepy Makeup Looks For Halloween - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There’s no shortage of creepy Halloween makeup looks online. Here we have defined some looks. For more you can go online and create something interesting and unique without much effort.

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Creepy Makeup Looks For Halloween

Pale Corpse Bride/Groom

This is one of the easiest looks to pull off and you can be as adventurous or restrained as you

want to be. For example, you can be a corpse that’s just a few hours old or something that’s been

decomposing for days. The former is easier to pull off while the latter requires some skill and

makeup items. Here are some tips:

Find a pale foundation color with a cool undertone. You need to look bloodless and

lifeless but still have that flesh-like hue on your skin. Apply thE foundation evenly all

over your skin, including your eyelids, ears, neck, and lips. You need to cancel out every

hint of warmth and color from your complexion.

Use ashy grey or brown tones to carefully contour your face and add dimension to it. The

foundation would make your skin look flat and blank, which isn’t realistic. Contouring

under the cheekbones, under the jawline, and around the temples will add the dimension

back to your face.

Add eye bags or dark circles to your face. You can use the same contouring shade to add

subtle dark circles. Make sure the edges are blended and there are no harsh lines to ensure

it looks natural.

You can add a few faded blue, green, or black veins to your skin. Try to place them

where veins are naturally more prominent like the neck, cheeks, jaw, etc.

Wear formal clothes while a white suit or a bridal gown to complete the look.

Skeleton Mouth

This look requires a little more skill but it’s very creepy and a little different from the standard

Halloween fare. You don’t need to turn your face into a skull, but just a section of the mouth. It

would look like the skin and flesh were torn from the surface and only the bones remained. The

rest of your face can be perfect and you can even add glam makeup to it with eye shadow,

foundation, eyeliner, etc.

Prepare the base first, so apply foundation and any other makeup you want on the rest of

your face. If you intend to do full glam makeup, finish that before you move onto the


Once the base is ready, mark out a section of your mouth with an eyebrow pencil. You

don’t need to create a precise line because you want to create a torn-off or melted-off skin


Blank out the canvas with white foundation or makeup to cancel all flesh-toned color.

Once the foundation is set, use the dark brow pencil to create the teeth and the skeletal

structure around the mouth. You can use a picture as a reference to create realistic-

looking teeth and bones.

After you’ve sketched the design, use face paint or matte black liner over the brow pencil

lines. Be sure the recreate the shadows and contours of the teeth and bones to create a

realistic effect.

Add a little dark blood-red color near the torn-off edges and spray small droplets around

the mouth. You can use fake blood to create the illusion that your torn-off mouth is

bleeding. Let the fake blood drip down from the mouth to your neck and into your shirt

and clothes.

There’s no shortage of creepy Halloween makeup looks online. You can create something

interesting and unique without much effort.

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