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Namaz For Forgiveness Of Sins 91-9929558806

Prayer is a Muslim’s Mairaj, or message with Allah. Prayer cleanses & cleans your brain five times a day, & dish up to transport calm to your life.<br><br>Contact us:<br>----------------<br>Syed Molana Ji <br>Contact no : 91-9929558806 <br>Email : syedmolanaji@gmail.com<br><br>http://www.ruhaniilm.com/namaz-for-forgiveness-of-sins/

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Namaz For Forgiveness Of Sins 91-9929558806

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  1. WelcomeSyedMolana Ji  Contact no : +91-9929558806 Email : syedmolanaji@gmail.com http://www.ruhaniilm.com/namaz-for-forgiveness-of-sins/

  2. Our Services NafilNamaz For Forgiveness Namaz For Ladies With Pictures Namaz For Getting Job

  3. Namaz For Forgiveness Of Sins Namaz is two Rakat. In every Rakat subsequent to Sarah, Had recites Sarah Quadra on one occasion & then speak Astaghfirullaah 15 times. Then go into the ruckus & subsequent to the recitation of the ruckus say Astaghfirullah 10 period. Rise up from the Roku & once more say it 10 times.

  4. Contact us SyedMolana Ji Contact no : +91-9929558806 Email : syedmolanaji@gmail.com http://www.ruhaniilm.com/namaz-for-forgiveness-of-sins/

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