using vinegar to clean carpets things you must n.
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Using Vinegar to Clean Carpets? Things you Must Know! PowerPoint Presentation
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Using Vinegar to Clean Carpets? Things you Must Know!

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Using Vinegar to Clean Carpets? Things you Must Know! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you spill vinegar on the carpet, it can create a spot and leave behind a strong smell which will be unflattering for your carpet. Vinegar is good when combined with water and some other household items to create a cleaning solution. Have a look at things you must know before cleaning carpet using vinegar.\nSource:

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benefits of vinegar

Benefits of Vinegar

1. It is a eco-friendly solution2. Use a brightener, an all purpose cleaner, & also for cooking

3. It’s Pet and Baby4. used for carpet cleaning

3 factors to check before using vinegar

3 Factors to Check Before Using Vinegar

  •  Type of Stain
  • Carpet Material
  • Cleaning Technique
1 type of stains

1. Type Of Stains

Alkalineor Acid

Need to neutralize the impact of the substance’s pH

Avoid using vinegar on acidic stains

2 carpet material

Carpets made of natural fibers and wool, or silk

  • They are delicate
  • Vinegar damage your carpetfibers permanently.
2. Carpet Material
3 cleaning technique

Method will greatly impact your carpet

1. In case of wet stains

2. In case of dry stains

3. Cleaning Technique


Rubbing will damage the fibers. So don’t rub

2 as a carpet deodorizer

Vinegar used to deodorize carpets

  • Make a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and warm water
2. As A Carpet Deodorizer
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