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Floatation Therapy Centre in Denver

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Floatation Therapy Centre in Denver is carried out by allowing one to float in a float tank which is filled with warm salt water. This therapy has a lot physical and mental benefits for people from all backgrounds and age-groups. Research has demonstrated that one’s mood can be positively enhanced with floatation therapy.

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sensory deprivation denver

Sensory Deprivation Denver

 It is very important to us that float is available to anyone looking to reduce stress and find a more balanced lifestyle. We are super excited to be bringing float back to Denver and back to Old South Pearl. Hope to see you soon!

Flotation has made a massive resurgence in recent years and we were excited to find out that Easy Float is actually returning flotation to Old South Pearl decades after a sensory deprivation center existed back in the 1970’s. Formerly referred to as sensory deprivation, floating is an amazing way to experience nothing at all. By spending 90 peaceful minutes in a tank, you allow your mind and body to reset and recharge. We have everything you need to relax and ride the theta wave. A lot of folks have heard of sensory deprivation, but we like to refer to float as sensory reduction. It’s kind of like a little vacation without having too go too far.

If you have any questions about floating that you cannot find answers for in our FAQ’s, please do not hesitate to reach out, we love to talk about floating, the benefits of flotation, Epsom salt, people who float, and…pretty much anything float related. Easy Float is for everyone; with open float cabins, we make flotation approachable and accessible to anyone interested in checking it out.

Sensory Deprivation Denver

what is floating

What is Floating ?

Floating combines 10 inches of water saturated with over 1,000lbs of Epsom salt, heated to the body’s temperature in a float tank or float pod or float room to create an environment where the user can basically experience nothing at all.

Floating has been around for a long time and is often referred to as isolation tanks, sensory deprivation, floatation therapy, R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy),  hippie bullshit, and many other things too. But thanks to the pioneering spirit of those in the float industry and the general public’s eagerness to improve and embrace mindfulness, floating is making a tremendous resurgence back to the mainstream.

It reducing all external stimuli, the act of floating allows the mind and body to rest, recover, and re-energize in a genuinely meditative state.

Floatation Therapy Centre in Denver

easy float custom float rooms make it super easy

Easy Float custom float rooms make it super easy to get in and out, and provide enough room to stand all the way up inside, very roomy without losing the important rest attributes of floating.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Denver

sensory deprivation denver 1

Sensory Deprivation Denver

At Easy Float, the base float time is 90-minutes. The 90-minute float ensures incredible benefits that last. It can take little bit to turn off and unwind before the effects of floating begin to take place. You by no means have to float for the full 90 minutes though.

Easy Float

physical benefits of floating increased blood


Increased Blood Circulation While Floating

When the body is floating you are relieved of gravity in the weightless environment of a float tank, then blood flow is increased and can more easily facilitate the recovery of strained muscle tissue and effectively relieve chronic pain.

Improved Healing Abilities

When the body isn’t tasked with having to function on all levels to perform in the real world of work, school, and all other responsibilities, then it is able to concentrate energy on healing.

Faster Recovery Times For Athletes

This particular benefit could also be listed in the mental benefit section too. Many high performance athletes are utilizing floating to recover between work outs and games to allow their bodies to rest and effectively recover.

pain management by totally reducing the feeling

Pain Management

By totally reducing the feeling of gravity on muscles, internal organs, and the musculoskeletal system, your body can be relieved of chronic pain by simply being suspended in weightlessness. You will often hear the sound of your joints and muscles relaxing.

Fatigue Reduction

During your float your brain will begin to create theta waves and suspend alpha waves. We experience theta state every night before falling completely asleep, but only briefly. While floating, theta waves exist in the brain for an extended time providing you with the best rest you’ll ever experience.

Epsom Salt

After your float your skin feels smooth and replenished thanks to the magnesium based Epsom salt.

mental benefits reduce stress in our current


Reduce Stress

In our current culture we are often overwhelmed by constant stimuli. Simply by putting all of the phones and tablets out of reach for 90 minutes you are able to unplug to recharge. Floatation provides a calming and peaceful state of mind that can free you from stress.

Psychological Wellbeing

Many nonfigurative mental issues, such as depression or PTSD, are often treated with meds that essentially shift the brain’s chemistry, but the use of floatation has also provided results for alleviating these conditions by naturally employing brain chemistry.

Improved Sleep

Just like in fatigue reduction, those wonderful theta waves are more apt to return and last as you fall asleep at night after floating, and the next night after that.


During and probably even more afterwards, you enjoy overwhelming feelings of positivity. It’s amazing what a break from the world can do for your mood.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Denver

contact us

Contact US

Easy Float

1855 S Pearl St B1, Denver, CO 80210

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Phone - (303) 505 - 7689