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thermapureheat to be featured thursday (4/29) on abc nightli PowerPoint Presentation
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thermapureheat to be featured thursday (4/29) on abc nightli

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thermapureheat to be featured thursday (4/29) on abc nightli
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thermapureheat to be featured thursday (4/29) on abc nightli

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  1. ThermaPureHeat to be Featured Thursday (4/29) on ABC Nightline Segment on Bed Bug Epidemic

  2. (1888PressRelease) The bed bug epidemic continues to expand across the United States. The one technology that continues to be viewed by many experts as the best solution for eliminating bed bugs is heat: ThermaPureHeat. On Thursday, 4/29/10 (subject to any breaking news coverage pre-emption) ABC's Nightline will air a segment on bed bugs and treatment options. ThermaPureHeat will be featured as a solution. VENTURA, CA -- The bed bug epidemic in North America continues to escalate, as does the national media coverage of the troublesome pests. ABC's Nightline* is scheduled to air a segment on controlling bed bugs this Thursday, April 29. Included in the segment will be what is considered by many as the most effective technology available: ThermaPureHeat®. ThermaPureHeat is a patented**, green, non-pesticide pest control technology. It utilizes clean, dry, odorless heat instead of chemicals to kill bed bugs, termites, mold and bacteria while improving the indoor air quality of a structure. ThermaPureHeat, which is also a registered technology with the California Environmental Protection Agency (Department of Pesticide Regulation) has proven highly effective for localized or area treatments, such as infestations confined to a single structure, a multi-family unit or apartment complex, or in single or multiple hotel rooms.

  3. "ThermaPureHeat is fast becoming the Integrated Pest Management method of choice, and the only method that has been university and field tested and proven to be effective in killing bed bugs and their eggs nearly always in a single treatment," says Dr. Michael Linford, one of the world's top experts on bed bug control. There are currently more than 40 ThermaPure licensees in the United States and Canada who have performed many thousands of jobs to kill bed bugs with heat. Individuals wanting to obtain additional information or to find a local ThermaPure licensee can log onto "We have spent many years and millions of dollars refining this important green technology, which has been awarded a number of U.S. patents1 including the use of heat for the eradication of bed bugs," says David Hedman, CEO of ThermaPure. * The Nightline segment on bed bugs is scheduled for April 29, but is subject to being pre-empted in the event of breaking major news coverage. ** For the patented aspects of the ThermaPureHeat® process, see the following US Patents. Issued Patents: (1) US 6,892,491 B2 - System and Method for Removing Harmful Biological and Organic Substances from an Enclosure - May 17, 2005, Hedman (2) US 6,327,812 B1 - Method of Killing Organisms and Removal of Toxins in Enclosures - December 11, 2001 - Hedman, et al (3) US 7,690,148 - Method of Treating for Pests - April 6, 2010, Hedman

  4. The ThermaPureHeat process also utilizes trade secrets. For Additional Information: News Media Contact: Alan Elias ThermaPure (925) 785-2650 aelias ( @ ) thermapure dot com To Become a ThermaPure Licensee: Marty Venturini (800) 375-7786 ThermaPure CCSMV ( @ ) aol dot com Source: