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(1888PressRelease)Maxwell Turner & Associates extensive underwriting expertise and analytical valuation methods allow them to quickly and accurately disseminate portfolio characteristics.

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(1888PressRelease)Maxwell Turner & Associates extensive underwriting expertise and analytical valuation methods allow them to quickly and accurately disseminate portfolio characteristics.

Fresno, CA - Maxwell, Turner & Associates in Fresno CA announces its entry into the world of debt buying.

Not to be confused with its award winning, NO COLLECTION NO COST standard collection(non litigation) programs, Maxwell, Turner & Associates now affords its clients the ability to sell underperforming debt portfolios.

The sale of underperforming debt portfolios has evolved into an effective and strategic management tool for financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. Given the economy today, creditors in all industries are reaping the benefits of selling their debts in order to minimize risk and maximize return. By selling charged-off accounts to Maxwell, Turner & Associates, Inc,, clients can convert delinquent debt into a dependable, predictable stream of cash, while simultaneously enjoying the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a reputable firm that will treat customers and clients with respect.


Maxwell, Turner & Associates helps organizations recover from delinquent consumer debt. Selling your charged-off accounts immediately impacts your bottom line by offering you cash for almost all nonproductive accounts.

Liquidating distressed and dormant accounts:

* Boosts your bottom line

* Reduces administrative costs

* Limits potential liability

A debt sale is a step in the recovery process when other traditional avenues have been exhausted. Alternately, you can sell distressed debt "fresh" at the point of charge-off in order to eliminate costs associated with your in-house collection management.

Options to consider when pursuing a debt sale:

* Sell once or occasionally, as needed.

* Sell on a forward-flow basis. This is when a commitment is made to a series of scheduled sales at defined intervals throughout the year, enabling a predictable cash flow to you.


The rate you will receive will depend on a few important factors.

*The age of the accounts

*The dollar amount of the accounts

* The volume of the accounts

Turn your debt into dollars!!

If you are considering a portfolio disposition or would like to simply discuss the opportunity further, please visit Maxwell, Turner & Associates, Inc. on the web at and utilize the CONTACT US page today!