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Association Internationale De Solidarite Solidary Foundatio PowerPoint Presentation
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Association Internationale De Solidarite Solidary Foundatio

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Association Internationale De Solidarite Solidary Foundatio
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Association Internationale De Solidarite Solidary Foundatio

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  1. Association Internationale De Solidarite "Solidary Foundation", Paul Chehade

  2. (1888PressRelease) Solidary Foundation is a charitable, worldwide organization cradled in the city of Miami, Florida that has, as a primary target, safeguarding the rights of people, contributing to give social, educative and sanitary attendance, providing nutritional aid to children, old and the needy; creating, generating and promoting the general wellbeing, with the purpose of helping all fellow citizens. Solidary Foundation, is a non-profit organization, dedicated to help children and the communities, where are trying, all over the world, to overcome different situation which are the origin of poverty. We help the people who are in need, not considering any motivation: religious, race, ethnic, etc..; like unconditional demonstration of God's love toward the people. Solidary Foundation, provide food and help in general everyone in the same time giving education to the community to fight the poverty. We need your help to work together in order to provide grants to organizations worldwide through programs such as agriculture, health, employment, housing, education, arts and culture. The purpose is to expose Worldwide Hunger, particularly Child Hunger, to the World. Have faith in Good People. Help make food shortages end in our lifetime, NOW! We invite you to visit our web page: Thank you, Together we are making a difference! Ethical Junction Making Choices Easy. Cordially yours, Paul Chehade:.

  3. Recent News: EVERY DAY, around 18,000 Children Die from Starvation! ♦ These Children don't know that we can help them, they just die! ♦ Once you have helped yourself in life, help others. In the 21st Century.... Some mothers choose what their children will eat... ...Others choose which children will eat and which will die! When the world economy is in crisis - around a $10,000 billion has been thrown at it - for arguable reasons - however it takes just perhaps $200 billion to save the dying part of HUMANITY. - 2% of this. - It has always just been the lack of will power. Imagine if your sister, brother, son, daughter, mother or father died from starvation. ....It's happening 24,000 times a day or 6.5 million children dying every year! ....Imagine helping them for free! - The 18,000 or so CHILDREN that DIED TODAY (and every day) of STARVATION or MALNUTRITION and - The 850,000,000 or so people who will go to bed tonight with EMPTY STOMACHS. World Food Price inflation, the 'perfect storm' for hunger is happening right now! Millions more are going hungry! Riots have happened! Food Prices are rising around the World. Fact: 6.5 million children die every year from hunger. Fact: 75 cents (3 meals) a day can save a child's life.

  4. Complacency with the downside of human existence can no longer be the way, as has been in the past. IT MUST and WILL STOP in our LIFETIME! Source: