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Troubled Skies Troubled Waters PowerPoint Presentation
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Troubled Skies Troubled Waters

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Troubled Skies Troubled Waters
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Troubled Skies Troubled Waters

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    1. Troubled Skies Troubled Waters What are the effects of acid rain in the metropolitan New York areaNew York City, Brooklyn, and Ridgefield, Connecticut? How does the rain in each area have an impact on the health of a lake (marine ecosystem)?

    3. Eco Thought

    4. Winds Carry Gases 105 Miles from the power plant.

    5. Sulfur and nitrogen oxide enter the atmosphere and team up with H2O to produce: sulfuric and nitric acid

    6. Acid Rain falls on these lakes:

    8. Is Acid Rain Only Wet?

    9. The IMPACT OF ..


    11. Procedure

    12. Procedure.(cont.) With access to 3 lakes New York City, Brooklyn, and Ridgefield, Connecticut Collect 3 (1 liter) samples from each lakeusing a closable container to scoop the water from the surface Repeat the procedure in each lakekeeping the collection process consistent Cap each collection sample and label Return with samples to home lab

    13. Procedure(cont.) Set up the plankton collection net Pour water out of each 1 liter container using the 3 samples collected for each lake Establish the pH of each lake Completing the collection process, after the water from Lake 1 is processed, (collection tube is filled with plankton) distribute the contents into 3 (100ml) beakerstop off with distilled water if needed to reach top of beaker Repeat process on water from Lake 2 & 3

    14. Procedure (cont.) There are now 9 samples of plankton filled water ( 3 from each lake) Using a pipette to put a .1 ml drop of each sample on a slide after gently stirring the watercover with cover slipand put Under a compound microscope Using a plankton identification guide Count and score each algae identified using the Palmer Pollution Index

    15. Procedure

    16. Needed for Plankton Identification

    17. Palmer Pollution Index

    19. Palmer Scores Palmer, C. Mervin. 1969. A composite rating of algae tolerating organic pollution. Journal of Phycology. 5 (1): 78-82

    21. Precipitation Samples & pH Levels

    22. 3 Lakes.3 pH Levels

    29. If I were to do this experiment again:

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