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Introduction to Agnes Chau ( Computer Centre Updated September 3, 2007 Agenda What is HKU Portal? Benefits and Highlights How to use HKU Portal Demonstration Putting services on HKU Portal Q & A What is HKU Portal?

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introduction to

Introduction to

Agnes Chau


Computer Centre

Updated September 3, 2007

  • What is HKU Portal?
  • Benefits and Highlights
  • How to use HKU Portal
  • Demonstration
  • Putting services on HKU Portal
  • Q & A
what is hku portal
What is HKU Portal?
  • Web-based and user-customizable service that allows users to access HKU electronic services with single sign-on.
  • Through the HKU Portal, you can access email services, online course materials, library resources and other online services provided by various departments.
  • Launched in January 2003.
what is hku portal4
What is HKU Portal?
  • Accessible from the Internet at using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above
why do we need hku portal
Why do we need HKU Portal?
  • Need to meet challenges in campus informatization
    • Explosion of online information services
    • Growing no. of different services providers
    • Heterogeneous system platforms
    • Inconsistent and unfriendly means of user access
current outcome
Current Outcome
  • Reliable, resilient and scalable portal system.
  • Deliver e-services in a better manageable way.
  • Resourceful – hosting a wide range of information and services for staff and students.
  • Well received by staff and students.
current outcome7
Current Outcome
  • High access rate among staff and students
benefits of hku portal
Benefits of HKU Portal

In the past: services were scattered

One location

for email

benefits of hku portal9
Benefits of HKU Portal

In the past : services were scattered



for faculty

benefits of hku portal10
Benefits of HKU Portal

Portal : single web interface for various services and information

benefits of hku portal11
Benefits of HKU Portal

In the past: multiple Sign-on’s

User needs to

login to each


benefits of hku portal12
Benefits of HKU Portal

Portal : no more login is needed for email and other services after entering HKU Portal

benefits of hku portal13
Benefits of HKU Portal

In the past: users were given all kinds of information

benefits of hku portal14
Benefits of HKU Portal

Portal : users can select which services to see

benefits of hku portal15
Benefits of HKU Portal

Portal : different users can have different portals

benefits of hku portal16
Benefits of HKU Portal
  • Portal : different users can have different portals
benefits of hku portal17
Benefits of HKU Portal
  • Portal : users are given relevant information
    • MyLibrary, My Department, My WebCT courses
current services
Current Services
  • HKU Today’s Events and U-Notices
  • Webmail
  • WebCT
  • MyLibrary
  • My Faculty and Department
  • Student Connect or staff UIS
  • My Bookmarks of online services
current services19
Current Services
  • Selectable services
    • 40 online services provided by Computer Centre, Office of Student Affairs, Institute of Human Performance, HKU Museum, etc.
  • Selectable HKU web sites
    • HKU News
    • HKU Departments
    • Student Societies
    • Halls and Accommodation
current services20
Current Services
  • MyUIS for staff
    • 40 services provided by Human Resources, FEO, Estates Office, Academic Services, Research Services Section
  • Student Connect for students
    • 8 services provided by Academic Services, FEO, OSA
  • Local Weather and Traffic
technical highlights
Technical Highlights
  • Server
    • SUN Enterprise v480 + 2 x Dell PE1850 + IBM OpenPower 710
    • 2 CPU, 8G RAM with SAN storage
    • Sun Solaris v8
    • Allow access from HKU Intranet initially
  • Database
    • Oracle 9i and MS SQL Server
technical highlights22
Technical Highlights
  • Open source applications
    • Portal platform : uPortal v2
    • Web server : Tomcat v4
    • Single sign-on : Central Authentication Service (CAS)
    • Repository of user accounts : Open LDAP
    • Email : IMP Webmail
technical highlights23
Technical Highlights
  • Self developed utilities
    • MyLinks : intuitive interface to select services in HKU Portal
    • CASEnabler : enable single sign-on CASLogout : provides single logout for all CAS-enabled applications
using hku portal
Using HKU Portal
  • Browser
    • IE v7 or v6 or v5.5 preferred
  • Visit
  • User Identification / Personal Identification No. (UID / PIN)
    • Staff : UID/PIN = HKUCC/HKUSUA account/pwd
    • Student : UID/PIN = HKUSUC/HKUSUA account/pwd
using hku portal25
Using HKU Portal

New ‘HKU Portal’ icon in Staff / Student Intranet

using hku portal26
Using HKU Portal

Single login step at

using hku portal27
Using HKU Portal

Presented with default services (template)

Some services are

displayed directly

using hku portal28
Using HKU Portal

Can navigate among tabs to select service






using hku portal29
Using HKU Portal

Select information / services of interest

using hku portal30
Using HKU Portal

Can also customize appearance of portal

using hku portal31
Using HKU Portal

Logout HKU Portal (will also logout all other services) when finished

using hku portal32
Using HKU Portal

Close your browsers

staff portal
Staff Portal

For HKU Staff

accessing uis on hku portal
Accessing UIS on HKU Portal
  • 2 authentication choices for MyUIS
    • Second login with UIS password
      • Added security protection
    • Direct access from HKU Portal
      • Convenience
student portal
Student Portal

For HKU Students

putting services on hku portal
Putting Services on HKU Portal

Develop an

online service

enable the

online service

for single sign-on

(with help of CC)




Register service

on HKU Portal

with CC

Users can choose

this service from

their HKU Portal

putting services on hku portal38
Putting Services on HKU Portal
  • A service can be
    • Mandatory, Default, Optional
future possibilities
Future Possibilities
  • More services provided by different departments
  • More specialized user profiles