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The Greatest Generation

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The Greatest Generation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Greatest Generation. Tom Brokaw. Thomas Broderick. Merchant Marine then joined Air force Blinded by jumping into Holland for Operation Market Garden Entered insurance business and had an impressive level of independenc. Charles O. Van Gorder. Surgeon Entered war in his early 20’s

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thomas broderick
Thomas Broderick
  • Merchant Marine then joined Air force
  • Blinded by jumping into Holland for Operation Market Garden
  • Entered insurance business and had an impressive level of independenc
charles o van gorder
Charles O. Van Gorder
  • Surgeon
  • Entered war in his early 20’s
  • Became friends with Dr. John Rodda and saved many lives
  • Came back to the US and opened a small hospital in Andrews, NC
  • Citizens didn’t trust him because he was so young but eventually he earned their trust
  • Eventually built a bigger hospital for the small town
wesley ko
Wesley Ko
  • Chinese born and raised in the US
  • Sense of responsibility and honesty
  • Only saw himself as American and went into Air force where he had many close calls
  • Started printing plant that eventually went under due to government regulations after war
james and dorothy dowling
James and Dorothy Dowling
  • James- POW
  • Started fishing business after war and was commissioned by the government to work on the Interstate.
  • Believed in giving back to the community and helped establish Little League in the community
rev harry reginald reg hammond
Rev. Harry Reginald “Reg” Hammond
  • Ordained priest in the Anglican Orthodox church
  • Awarded 5 battle stars and 1 bronze star
  • Elementary school teacher who received PhD after the war
lloyd kilmer
Lloyd Kilmer
  • Joined the Army Air Corps and became POW
  • When liberated, he gained an appreciation for the American Flag
  • Earned the Patrick Henry Award for Patriotism when putting up the “Boulevard of Flags” in his town
  • Pushes for an amendment to make it illegal to desecrate the American flag
gordon larsen
Gordon Larsen
  • Those willing to talk about combat didn’t experience it
  • Brother died in war
  • Tears when he hears Taps
  • Did electrical/heating after war
the romeo club
The ROMEO Club
  • “Retired old men eating out”
  • Group of neighbors from Kerry Corner who immigrated from Ireland
  • Bond lasted through war and lost only 6 members
  • Had meetings and started the club to talk about Pearl Harbor, their kids, memories, and how different the times have become
charles briscoe
Charles Briscoe
  • Worked for Boeing during the War after learning the sheet metal trade
    • Helped design the B-29 long range bomber
dorothy haener
Dorothy Haener
  • Worked at a Ford Motor Company
  • Became a Union Activist
  • Became a founding member of the National Organization for Women
  • Involved in labor movements because she felt cheated in wages
bob bush
Bob Bush
  • Medic in military: going into the service to help people, not kill them
  • Helped both American and other soldiers
  • Risked his life to save an American soldier: lost an eye
  • Valued work
joe foss
Joe Foss
  • US Marine Corps Pilot
  • Grew up on a farm in South Dakota
  • Had a take-it-or-leave it personality
  • Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Returned home and became state legislature and then governor
  • First commissioner of the American Football League
  • Starred in The American Sportsman
leonard bud lomell
Leonard “Bud” Lomell
  • Unit had most dangerous assignment on D-Day
  • Fairness and justice
  • Counts his long and happy marriage to his longevity
colonel mary hallaren
Colonel Mary Hallaren
  • Woman’s Army Auxiliary Corps member
  • Commanded 1st battalion of women and campaigned for women to be taken seriously in war
  • Became Colonel in the WAC: known as “Little Colonel” (1st woman to achieve this rank)
  • Director of Job Corps
  • Inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame
general jeanne holm
General Jeanne Holm
  • Became Captain for the WAC
    • Trained WAC troops
  • Worked on GI Bill and Women’s Armed Service Integration Act
  • Served in Germany during Berlin Airlift
  • Worked for the Job Corps
  • Eventually became director of women in the air force
  • Pushed for equal rights for women and fought against sexual harassment
marion rivers nittel
Marion Rivers Nittel
  • Helped make equipment for the war
  • Army and Navy gave them a ceremony and a flag
  • believed this was the last time patriotism was in every heart
claudine scottie lingelbach
Claudine “Scottie” Lingelbach
  • Navy
  • Administrative assistant who delivered highly classified papers to the basement of the White House
  • Stood for patriotism and respect for the presidency
  • Teacher, Real Estate, retired
alison ely campbell
Alison Ely Campbell
  • Job at ship yard but wasn’t taken seriously
  • Followed husband to training
  • Secretary
  • Learn to cope with life
margaret ray ringenberg
Margaret Ray Ringenberg
  • 2ed Division, trained in military aircraft
  • Tested and transported planes
  • No military honors for women who died
  • Role model for young women
mary louise roberts wilson
Mary Louise Roberts Wilson
  • Started courses in nursing in order to support her family
  • Operating room supervisor in Army
  • 1st woman to win the Silver Star
  • After war: Army reserves chief nurse and worked as the Veteran Administration Hospital’s operating room supervisor
martha settle putney
Martha Settle Putney
  • Ambitious, sneaky African American woman
  • Statistical clerk for the War Manpower Commission
  • Resigned from WAC due to racism
  • Fought against racism
  • Created first all women, all black band in the army
  • Taught black history and believed that all black US citizens should work hard to defeat discrimination
johnnie holmes
Johnnie Holmes
  • Grew up without racial discrimination
  • Faced racism in the military but stayed positive
  • Met Jackie Robinson and went to an all white neighborhood where he found one of his friends dead
  • Fighting two wars
  • Eventually became a landlord and married a white woman
  • Speaks about racism
luis armijo
Luis Armijo
  • Son of Spanish father and Native American Mother
  • Discriminated against
  • Couldn’t pilot, so became an aviation electronics specialists
  • Became a teacher after the war
norman mineta
Norman Mineta
  • Ten years old went to an internment camp, was wearing his cub scout uniform when a solider confiscated his baseball bat
  • California Congressman
  • 1st Asian to head a major city
  • Helped Mexican Americans because he knew what it felt like to be an “outsider”
  • Pushed for reparations for the Japanese Americans
  • Secretary of Transportation under Clinton and Bush
john and peggy assenzio
John and Peggy Assenzio
  • Married a month after Pearl Harbor
  • John- cleared mine fields, bronze star, horrified by atomic bombs
  • Peggy- school teacher, wrote to John everyday
  • Married 57 years- problem with couples today is that they don’t fight long enough to keep the marriage together
the dumbos
The Dumbos
  • Group of women who relied on each other, a support group
  • Women brought large portions of food and someone said “Dumbo Jumbos”
  • Men had to take women out to dinner
  • Community service projects, pushed for equal pay for women, pushed for girls sports
  • Moderation in spending, faithful marriages, well behaved children, and church
  • How marriages lasted: due to separation
jeanette gagne norton
Jeanette Gagne Norton
  • Married because of war
  • Husband died and left with a son
  • Moved in with mother
  • Remarried
  • Son visited father’s grave
  • Had to move on and find strengh
daphne cavin
Daphne Cavin
  • Met husband at Sunday school party, married within a year because of war
  • Beautician, wrote to Ray everyday
  • Ray was killed by an artillery shell
  • Remarried
  • “Two men was taking care of her”—two military pensions
  • “Lost Love Remembered”
george bush
George Bush
  • Son of wealthy and powerful parents
  • Volunteered-combat pilot
  • After war- oil fields
  • Didn’t talk about war, because it was his duty
ben bradlee
Ben Bradlee
  • Greek major at Harvard
  • Assigned to a destroyer in S. Pacific
  • Fight between US and Japanese Navy
  • Nothing can compare with the experience of war, separated people
  • Learned a lot, was a humbling experience
art buchwald
Art Buchwald
  • Writer
  • Entered war at 17 by persuading a street drunk to sign his father’s name
  • Loaded ammunition on Marine Corsairs
  • Returned home and enrolled in University of Southern California under GI bill even though he didn’t have a high school diploma
  • Became a writer for the International Herald Tribune
andy rooney
Andy Rooney
  • Drafted out of college
  • Hated convention and authority
  • Reporter
  • Saved life of a crew member
  • Day of Paris liberation, most impactful
  • “90% of soldiers didn’t go anywhere near the fighting so the country doesn’t owe them anything”—Rooney
  • Omaha Beach, five times since the war
julia child
Julia Child
  • Spy, OSS in Asia
  • Rejected from the WAVES because she was too tall, 6’ 2”
  • Wrote “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”
  • War liberated her “ I might have been an alcoholic”
gertrude belle trudy elion
Gertrude Belle “Trudy” Elion
  • Goal- find cure for cancer
  • Worked as a quality control officer
  • Research assistance
  • Department Leader in Science
  • Found things to help with kidney stones, leukemia, early AIDS treatment
  • Never married
  • Role Model for women
  • George and Trudy received Nobel prize in medicine
al neuharth
Al Neuharth
  • Grew up poor with his mother
  • Father died in farm accident
  • Enlisted in Army- intelligence and recon
  • Bronze Star
  • Founder of USA Today
  • Created a news think tank “The Freedom Forum”
  • Learned from failure
  • Personnel practices: Had more African Americans and women on the payroll than any other newspaper
robert dole
Robert Dole
  • Platoon leader in Italian Alps
  • Wounded arm
  • Senator, runs for president against Clinton
  • Pushed Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Pushed for funding for WWII memorial