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The Case of the Missing Millionaire

The Case of the Missing Millionaire. What really happened…. Introduction to the Crime.

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The Case of the Missing Millionaire

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  1. The Case of the Missing Millionaire What really happened…

  2. Introduction to the Crime

  3. The victim in this case is Felix Navidad. Felix grew up with a lot of expensive things, but not very much love. He dropped out of college in his freshman year, and never kept a job for more than a month at a time. Felix was not very well-liked because he continually criticized everyone and everything around him. He was not a very happy person. To make matters even worse, less than a year ago, Felix’s parents were killed in a freak bungee-jumping accident. As a result of this tragedy, however, Felix inherited a considerable amount of money.

  4. Felix had just recently bought a new place. It was a two-bedroom one-bath beach house located in a very expensive neighborhood. He was still in the process of remodeling his cottage when he decided to throw a housewarming party for four of his closest friends. Although Felix considered these people to be his best friends, none of them liked him very much, and they probably only accepted the invitation because he had recently announced that they were all named equally in his will.

  5. All four of Felix’s house guests are suspects in the case. Alfredo, one of the suspects, says he found Felix’s body at 3:00 in the afternoon, and then called for the others to come. When the police arrived, they found no external injuries, and no blood on the victim’s body. The body disappeared on the way to the morgue, before an autopsy could be performed to figure out how he died. We not only know who killed Felix, if it was a murder, but we don’t even know how he died! There is even some speculation that Felix is not dead, but staged the crime for his own reasons. Reports that he has been seen at the local bus station have not been confirmed.

  6. The Suspect List

  7. Suspect #1: Gene Poule • Gene has a faithful blind dog, Sasha, that always follows him, and no one else. • Gene was wearing beach sandals and a white wool sweater. • He had a brown felt pen in his pocket. • He has a pierced ear. • He has a girlfriend he calls Kris. • MOTIVE: $$$

  8. Gene’s Statement “My name is Gene and I am an office manager. I took my dog Sasha down to the beach for a walk at noon. After taking off my sandals, I fell asleep with Sasha lying next to me. When Alfredo called out at about 3:00p.m., I woke up, and brought Sasha up right away. I never let Sasha come inside or on the patio.”

  9. Suspect #2: Kendra Goode • Kendra has white powder on her shoes. • She has pierced ears. • MOTIVE: $$$

  10. Kendra’s Statement “My name is Kendra and I am an artist. I went upstairs to take a shower in the bathroom at about 2:30 p.m. I think that I heard a woman’s voice downstairs. I came downstairs as soon as Alfredo called out at about 3:00.”

  11. Suspect #3: Vera Cruise • A white powder was found on Vera’s tennis shoe. • Vera was wearing a white wool sweater. • She loves candies with brown coating. • She has pierced ears. • Motive: $$$

  12. Vera’s Statement “My name is Vera and I am a chemist. I went for a walk at about 2:00p.m. in the hills behind the house. I came back to the house when I heard Alfredo call for help at about 3:00.”

  13. Suspect #4: Alfredo Fettuccine • Alfredo has a cut on his left hand. • He had a brown felt pen in his pocket. • He plays guitar • He was wearing tennis shoes and a blue sweater. • Motive: $$$

  14. Alfredo’s Statement “My name is Alfredo and I am a computer programmer. I saw Felix sitting on the patio, so I joined him at about 2:00p.m. We each had a can of cola, but we poured them into cups to drink. I set down my cup of cola and went to the bathroom at about 2:45p.m. When I came back 10 minutes later, I found Felix lying dead on the floor, so I called out to the others at about 3:00.”

  15. Kristal Chandlier • Never named a suspect by the police. • Felix’s girlfriend of approx. 6 months, she was under the impression that Felix was going to propose. • Claims she spotted Felix at the bus station after his death. • Was working the weekend of the get-together, so she was unable to attend. • Was aware, and angry, that she wasn’t mentioned in the will. • Owns a black German Sheppard. • Works as a waitress at a country club called “Rellik” (Hmmm… what’s Rellik backwards?) • MOTIVE: ???

  16. Felix Navidad Could he have faked his own death? It seems unlikely, because what would the motive be? What would he gain? Nothing.

  17. The Evidence

  18. Brown Stain • We performed a chromatography test on the brown stain to determine if it was made by a brown felt pen or by chocolate. • The brown stain was made by chocolate. • Likely suspect? Vera because she likes chocolate. • Shaky evidence… just because there is a chocolate stain at the crime scene doesn’t mean Vera committed the crime.

  19. Coca Cola/Ice Cube Tray • We conducted a Ph test to determine the acidity of the coca cola. • Next, we compared the acidity with the coca cola in both cups and the liquid in the ice-cube tray. • We discovered that the substance in the ice cube tray (poison?) was also in Felix’s cup. • Likely suspect? Vera because she is a chemist and has access to chemicals. • Shaky evidence… from our test we could not make a direct connection between Vera and the substance found in the ice tray and coca cola.

  20. Cologne • We conducted a smells test to determine whose cologne was on the washcloth. • We discovered that the cologne on the washcloth was the same as the empty cologne bottle. • Likely suspect? The cologne was Gene’s. • Shaky evidence… although it seems suspicious, why would Gene empty his cologne bottle on a washcloth? Unless someone else was trying to smell like Gene for some reason and used his cologne to trick “someone” into following him/her…?

  21. Fiber • We conducted a flame test to determine what kind of fiber was left at the scene of the crime. • We discovered that the fiber left was cotton. • Likely suspect? Both Kendra and Vera were wearing wool sweaters, and Alfredo was wearing a blue sweater. (The fiber was white.) • Shaky evidence… Perhaps the white cotton fiber didn’t come from the sweater, maybe it came from the white cotton washcloth. Who would have torn up that washcloth?

  22. Comb • We conducted a DNA test to determine whose hair was in the comb. • We determined that Felix’s hair was in the comb. • Unimportant clue… it’s Felix’s house, it isn’t mysterious that he would have a comb with his hair on it.

  23. Footprints • There were two sets of shoe prints, and one set of dog prints at the scene of the crime. • The shoe prints belong to Felix and Gene. • The dog prints belong to Sasha. • Likely suspect? Gene? Would he really be so sloppy as to kill Felix and then leave his footprint at the crime scene? • Shaky evidence… It appears that Felix (or whoever was wearing Felix’s shoes) walked through the paint before he died. Gene (or whoever was wearing Gene’s shoes) and Sasha also walked through the paint. They spent some time in the area above Felix’s head and then exited out the opposite direction.

  24. Paint and Paintbrush • Likely Suspect? We know that Kendra is an artist. However, Felix was re-doing his house so there is a good chance there would be paint on the patio. • Shaky evidence… It seems unlikely that the murderer would walk right through the paint and leave his/her footprints there. Unless, of course, it is a set-up.

  25. Fake Blood • We conducted a chemical reaction test to determine what kind of powder was used to make the fake blood. We compared that powder to the powder found on Kendra’s and Vera’s shoes. • We determined that the white powder used to make the blood was the same white powder found on Vera’s shoes. • Likely suspect? Vera, who is a chemist, would have at her disposal substances that she could use to make fake blood. • Shaky evidence… the powder found on Vera’s shoes and in the fake blood cannot be directly linked to Vera. What would the purpose of the fake blood be? To trick people into thinking Felix died from a wound instead of from being poisoned?

  26. Cups/Fingerprints • We used Krazy-Glue and magnifying glasses to determine whose fingerprints were on the cups. • We determined that Alfredo’s fingerprints were on his cup, and Vera and Felix’s fingerprints were on Felix’s cup. • Likely Suspect? Vera! • Strong evidence… At some point Vera touched Felix’s cup – fingerprints cannot be “faked.” However, Alfredo didn’t say anything about Vera being in the room with them.

  27. Earring • The earring found at the scene of the crime was a clip-on earring. • Gene, Vera, Kendra, and Kristal all have pierced ears, so it’s unlikely that any of left the earring. • The earring was definitely female jewelry, so that rules out Felix and Alfredo. • Likely suspect? Who knows. Was another woman involved somewhere? • Shaky evidence… the earring doesn’t point to any of our current suspects.

  28. Clock • The clock stopped at 2:57. • It seems likely that Felix knocked the clock down as he fell, breaking it, and recording the time of his death. • Likely suspect? At 2:47, all of the suspects have alibis. However, each suspect was alone. Hmmm….

  29. Garbage Can: Ripped Towel with Cologne. • The towel belonged to Kendra (her initials) and had Gene’s cologne on it. • In addition the towel was ripped up, and we (think) we found pieces of the towel at the crime scene. • Likely suspect? Sasha. • Shaky evidence… although it appears that Sasha was the one who ripped up the towel, we don’t know who was holding the towel. In addition, we don’t know why Gene’s cologne was on the towel.

  30. Garbage Can: Cologne Bottle • The cologne bottle found belonged to Gene and it had Vera’s and Gene’s fingerprints on it. • Likely suspect? Vera and Gene • Strong evidence… At some point Vera and Gene touched Gene’s cologne bottle. It makes sense that Gene would touch his own bottle… but why Vera?

  31. Garbage Can: Chocolate Candy Wrapper • A chocolate candy wrapper was found in the garbage can… similar to the chocolate stain found on the paper towel. • Likely suspect? We know Vera likes chocolate…but that doesn’t mean no on else does. • Shaky evidence… even if Vera did eat the chocolate, leave a stain, and through the wrapper away, that doesn’t prove she killed Felix.

  32. Note • The impression of a note was left at the scene of the crime. • We used a graphite rub method to determine that the note read: “Dear Martha, The deed is done. Felix is dead and I’ll be rich soon. Love, Vera” • Next we compared handwriting samples and determined that Kendra wrote the note. • Likely suspect? Did Kendra write the note trying to frame Vera? Did Vera forage Kendra’s handwriting to frame Kendra? • Shaky evidence… who really wrote the note, and who is Martha? (Is it Vera’s sister?)

  33. Tacks • Unimportant evidence… Considering Felix was redoing his house, it is not strange that he would have carpet tacks at his house..

  34. Guitar Pick • Unimportant evidence… Alfredo could have played his guitar at any time and dropped his guitar pick.

  35. Sweater #1 • A woman’s blue wool sweater was found under the patio with dog hair on it… Kristal’s dog’s hair. • Likely suspect? Kristal • Shaky evidence… we know Kristal and Felix were dating. It is possible she had a dog over there an earlier time and forgot her sweater.

  36. Sweater #2 • A green wool sweater was found in the woods on the path to the beach with dog hair on it… Sasha’s hair. • Likely suspect? Gene… if the only person Sasha follows is Gene, then Gene’s clothing would have her hair on it. • Shaky evidence… all suspects and Felix had spent time with Sasha, so it is possible Sasha’s dog hair got on the their clothing as well.

  37. Sweater #3 • A gray wool sweater was found in the upstairs hallway with blond hair on it. • Likely suspect? Kristal, she’s the only one with blonde hair. • Shaky evidence… Kristal spends time with Felix at his beach house, she could have left the sweater a previous time.

  38. Sunglasses • Sunglasses were found at the scene of the crime with some kind of brown substance on them. Chocolate? • Likely suspect? Vera eats chocolate, and Gene was spending time at the beach. • Shaky evidence… we don’t know when the sunglasses were left on the patio. It does not link directly to a suspect.

  39. Dog Prints • They belong to Sasha… • Likely suspect: Gene, unless someone tricked Sasha into following him/her. • Hard evidence: It’s hard to fake dog prints. Sasha was definitely on the patio.

  40. What Happened??

  41. Vera killed Felix Navidad

  42. Why? Vera was Felix’s “sweetheart” from highschool. They broke up, but Vera was optimistic when she saw Felix at his parent’s funeral. He was very affectionate and said that he missed her. When Felix invited Vera to the cottage, she thought that Felix was interested in getting back together with her… then she found out about Kristal Chandleir…

  43. Vera was furious. However, she decided to “keep her cool” when she realized that she was in the will, but Kristal was not. Felix, not realizing that Vera was still in love with him, told her about Kristal a couple of days before the housewarming. He admitted that he loved Kristal and was planning on marrying her. Vera was in a jealous rage. Not only would Kristal get Felix… but she knew that once they were married, Felix would change his will, and Kristal would get the money as well!!! Vera vowed never to allow that to happen.

  44. How did she do it? Vera decided to murder Felix at a time she knew everyone would be relaxing. Gene and his dog always took a nap in the afternoon, Alfredo liked to strum on his guitar, and Kendra usually spent one hour getting ready to shower, one hour in the shower, and one hour getting ready once out of the shower. It was the perfect time to plan a crime.

  45. Vera concocted the fake blood and poisoned the ice in advance. She knew that Felix liked to spend time alone on the patio in the afternoon with a can of coke, and she planned to poison him at that time, framing Gene for the murder.

  46. Gene always took a bottle of water to the beach with him for an afternoon stroll with Sasha. Vera crushed sleeping pills and put them in Gene’s water while he was getting ready, then followed him to the beach. Once he was asleep, she took out Gene’s cologne that she stole the night before; poured it on washcloth she found in the bathroom (Kendra’s) and tricked Sasha into following her. She took Gene’s shoes that he had taken off, grabbed his sunglasses, and led Sasha to the patio.

  47. However, she was not expecting Alfredo to be on the patio with Felix, and panicked when she realized she could not complete her plan if Alfredo was around. In her panic, she dropped Gene’s sunglasses into a puddle of mud as she was waiting in the woods, and was too distracted to wipe them of. Luckily (for Alfredo and Vera), before drinking his cola, Alfredo left to use the restroom, leaving Felix alone.

  48. Vera watched Felix drink about half of his coca cola, when Sasha started barking. Felix stood up to investigate, and found Vera “playing” tug-a-war with Sasha with a white washcloth. He invited them onto the patio and proceeded to play with Sasha (leaving cotton fibers on the floor) while Vera stood by eating a chocolate candy bar. When Felix’s back was turned, she set the chocolate bar down on a piece of paper towel (brown stain), and picked up Felix’s glass to ensure he had placed ice in it.

  49. The poison took effect almost immediately after, and Felix fell to the ground knocking over his clock on his way down. Vera then set her plan into motion to frame Gene. She placed Gene’s sunglasses on the ground, planted the impression of the note, (she figured that it would look suspicious if NONE of the evidence pointed to her -- but she was sure to forage Kendra’s handwriting so it would appear as if Kendra wrote the note.) dumped a bucket of paint on the patio, took off Felix’s shoes and made prints through the paint before putting them back on him. Next she put one Gene’s sandals and walked Sasha through the paint. When she got to Felix, she poured the fake blood around his body.

  50. She planned on replacing the contaminated ice cube tray with a different tray so Felix’s murder could not be traced to the poison. But then she heard Alfredo coming back. Once again, Vera panicked. She threw her candy wrapper, Gene’s cologne, and the washcloth into the garbage can and took off with Sasha.

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