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STARs (STudent Academic Representatives)

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STARs (STudent Academic Representatives). The University takes student representation seriously and are keen to get students involved in their own learning and university experience. We want to hear what you have to say! Types of STAR:

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stars student academic representatives
STARs(STudent Academic Representatives)

The University takes student representation seriously and are keen to get students involved in their own learning and university experience. We want to hear what you have to say!

Types of STAR:

  • Course STARs – We aim to recruit between 2-4% of our students to provide feedback on their course. Recruitment is undertaken within each year group of each course. Any student on a scheme or course is entitled to propose that they act as a Course STAR.
  • Research STARs – Two students from each faculty are required to attend a University‐wide Research Students Forum, which will meet at least two times a year. Only research students are eligible to express an interest in this role.
  • Faculty STARS – Any student in a Faculty can propose that they undertake the role of Faculty STAR. There are four places available in each Faculty, but one of these is reserved for a part‐time student and one for a postgraduate.
  • There are recruitment targets for all STAR positions. Should there be an oversupply of volunteers, an election will be held within the third week of teaching.
the role of stars
The role of STARs


  • Provide student views which inform the University’s decision making process
  • Help to enhance the student experience
  • Meet a variety of staff and lots of other students
  • Even if you don’t want to be a STAR, we need your support and involvement. Please raise issues with your Course STARs
  • Provide students with collective influence upon decisions made about their education
  • Develop skills that will be valued by future employers
what can the role involve
What can the role involve?
  • Communicating and consulting with students regarding current issues
  • Liaising with staff – including course tutors, module/level leaders, Subject Group heads , the School Representation Co-ordinator, the Dean of Faculty or even the Vice Chancellor
  • Providing a link between staff and students
  • Preparing for and attending meetings – including Focus Groups, Annual Course Reviews and Contact Carnegie (aka Student Union’s Academic Senate)
  • Campaigning on relevant issues
  • Initiating change – generating ideas and suggestions for improvement or development
  • Representing opinions and concerns – summarising the ideas of others, even if different from personal views
  • Providing feedback regarding University activities to other students
  • Conducting informal meetings with other students and STARs
  • Networking with other reps and the Students Union

For more details of the role visit

attributes benefits
Attributes & Benefits

The attributes of a STAR can include:

  • Committed & passionate
  • Reliable, responsible & trustworthy
  • Approachable
  • Creative, flexible & innovative
  • Understanding/empathic & impartial

The skills you can develop and enhance through being a STAR can include:

  • Communication and negotiation skills
  • Professionalism
  • Meeting skills
  • Liaison & consultation
  • Team skills
  • Negotiation skills and Diplomacy
  • Public speaking
  • Personal organisation and time management
  • Networking
  • Leadership

If you already possess some of these skills/qualities then you could make a great rep!

how to get involved
How to get involved

If you wish to undertake any of these roles you must submit a signed expression of interest form to one of your faculty’s STAR Coordinators by no later than 9th October 2009.

Forms and contact details for coordinators are available at

For further details speak to your course leader, pop into the Students’ Union or visit