sharepoint et exchange online administration et int gration l.
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SharePoint et Exchange Online Administration et intégration PowerPoint Presentation
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SharePoint et Exchange Online Administration et intégration

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SharePoint et Exchange Online Administration et intégration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SharePoint et Exchange Online Administration et intégration. Level 200. Valerie Alonso blue-infinity (Switzerland) S.A. in brief + 250 employees headquartered in Geneva founded in 1995 international culture

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SharePoint et Exchange Online Administration et intégration

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sharepoint et exchange online administration et int gration
SharePoint et Exchange OnlineAdministration et intégration

Level 200

Valerie Alonso

blue-infinity (Switzerland) S.A.

branding technology integration
  • in brief
  • + 250 employees
  • headquartered in Geneva
  • founded in 1995
  • international culture
  • multi-national clients
  • integrated solutions
  • Microsoft Online Services introduction
  • Microsoft Online Administration
    • First sign in
    • Microsoft Online Administration Center
    • Creating and managing users
    • Configuring services
    • Adding custom domains
    • Dirsync
    • Using support & MOSDAL
    • Powershell
    • Exchange migration console
  • SharePoint online integration
  • MAP, IPD guides, Migration toolkit (docs), Costcomparison and estimator


Enterprise class software delivered via subscription services hosted by Microsoft and sold with partners

Business Productivity Online Suite

standard and dedicated versions



  • Single customer per architecture
  • 5,000 seats minimum
  • Optimize for 20,000+
  • Customer needs most server features
  • Multiple customers, one architecture
  • Customer needs rapid deployment
  • 5 seats minimum
  • Cost efficiency a key focus


Data Center location will be based on ship-to address during the purchase process

Data will reside in 2 Data Centers to provide geo-redundancy

All Data Centers are Cyber Trust and SAS-70 certified

  • Virginia with backup in Washington
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Brazil with backup in Chile
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • Colombia
  • Dublin with backup in Amsterdam
    • Austria
    •  Belgium
    • Czech Republic
    •  Denmark
    •  Finland
    •  France
    •  Germany
    • Greece
    • Hungary
    • Ireland
    • Italy
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  •  Norway
  •  Poland
  • Portugal
  •  Romania
  • Spain
  •  Sweden
  •  Switzerland
  •  UK
  • Singapore with backup in Hong Kong
    • Australia
    • China
    • Hong Kong
    • India
    • Japan
    • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

$2.3 billion investment building data centers

Currently 20 global data centers

ha secured datacenters
  • Delivering highly secure, private, and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices
  • Key Features
    • Geo-redundant datacenters
    • N+1 architecture
    • 9 layers data security
    • Secure access via SSL
    • ITIL/MOF operational practices
    • 24x7x365 support
    • Backed by 99.9% uptime SLA

Filtering Routers


Intrusion Detection System

System Level Security

Application Authentication

Application Level Counter-measures

Virus Scanning

Separate Data Networks

Authorization to Data

retail usl pricing bpos standard

Exchange Online Standard

CHF 7.04

Business Productivity Online Suite


Exchange Standard

SharePoint Standard

Office Communications

Live Meeting Standard

CHF 14.08

Office SharePointOnline StandardCHF 7.39

Office Communications Online (IM und Presence)CHF 2.82

Office Live Meeting StandardCHF 6.33

Exchange OnlineDesklessWorker CHF 2.81

Deskless Worker Suite

CHF 4.22

SharePoint OnlineDesklessWorker CHF 2.81

BPOS Dedicated requires additional Service Subscription License (SSL) including first 5000 seats

Pricing above does not include volume discounts and Step Up discount


first sign in to microsoft online
Apply for a buy or try

Register your domain

Receive a mail from Microsoft Online Services Team

Contains username and password to log on

First sign in to Microsoft Online
the microsoft online administration center
The Microsoft Online AdministrationCenter
  • Simple, unified administration for users and services
    • create and manage users
    • view and allocate licenses and storage
    • configure service specific settings
    • migrate from on-premises to online
    • view the health of your services
    • log and track support incidents
creating new users

Users require an account to access services

Single user account per user for all services

Users can be created by

the new user wizard

directory synchronization

bulk import user wizard

User account can be

enabled - user can log in and access services

disabled - user cannot log in nor access services

User can be set as a service administrator

Create views for users

Creating new users
managing user passwords

Password strength requirements

7 character minimum with 3 of the following

upper case letter

lower case letter


special character (e.g. $, #)

cannot be one of the previous 3 passwords

initial password generated on user creation

simple: consist of 4 letters and 3 numbers

optionally send login information to any email address

user must change password at first login

change passwords

users via the sign in client or company portal

Administrators via the Administration Center

Managing user passwords
managing user licenses

All users require a license except the first admin

Types of licenses

BPO Suite

SharePoint only

Exchange only

Live meeting only

Office Communications only

Must assign license when creating user

Synchronized users must be activated before login

License usage shown on the users overview page

Managing user licenses
import users from file

Wizard to assist with bulk creation of users

Useful when AD is not involved

Use provided .CSV file

Must assign license during import

Max 250 users at a time

Import usersfrom file
configuring online services

Configure services via MOAC – Service Settings

Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Live Meeting, Office Communications Online

Configuring Exchange Online

Distribution lists


Safe senders / Blocked senders

Conference rooms

Configuring SharePoint Online

Site Collections

Site Collection Owners

Configuring Online services
m icrosoftonline com d omain

All accounts are initially provisioned with a “” domain


Admin requests “”

MSO issues “” or “”…

Provides immediate access to email and services

As soon as users are licensed, they can use services

Users can log in to provided domain


Avoid delay, misuse, or duplicate domain names

Number automatically incremented if domain name is submitted by more than one account Domain
user d omain

Service administrators can add company’s domain

Domain MUST be verified before use

Domain verified by adding a DNS entry

Control of DNS proves ownership of the domain

User domains

Can be used with or without Exchange Services

Provide simplified login becomes

Send/receive email with user domain

Cannot be used with SharePoint sites

Multiple user domains can be added

User Domain

Directory synchronization between your on-premises environment to online

Allows sync up to 20.000 objects

Enable dirsync online


! Do not update online AD

Gives access to powershellcmdlets

Install dirsync tool on a server (on-premise)

Windows 2003 server or +

Not a DC but joined in the domain

With access to objects to be sync’ed

Check your dirsync time (100 objects 1 min ~ network)

Force dirsync as required

using mso support

Integrated support ticketing

Provides direct support from Microsoft

Phone support also available

Managed tracking of communications

All issues are fully captured

Issues awaiting replies from you

Track incident resolution

Only administrators can open support tickets

KB search available in the portal

Using MSO support

Microsoft Online Services Diagnostics and Logging

Performs and collects, for service-based products

network diagnostics

system configuration

network configuration

logging information

Use logs generated to troubleshoot service-related issues

Can be run by admin and non-admin

Run it from computer having issue

Configure config.xml in MOSDAL install folder

Data collected sent to Microsoft

sharepoint online integration

SharePoint online is SharePoint

Integrate SharePoint online with Office

Outlook -> Tasks, calendar, contacts, documents

Access -> Link to SharePoint list

…Office Suite

Silverlight applications

Consume web services

SharePoint Designer


SharePoint online integration
documents and tools

Service description documents


IPD guides

Cost estimator

Project plans

Migration documents

Documents and tools
thank you for your attention
Thank you for your Attention!
  • For more Information please contact
  • Valerie Alonso
    • Lead consultant
    • +41 58 307 70 58
    • +41 79 628 07 88
    • blue-infinity
    • 35, route des Jeunes
    • 1227 Genève