richard g lugar center for renewable energy l.
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Richard g lugar center for renewable energy

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Richard g lugar center for renewable energy. Challenges faced by renewable energy. Economical: Cost Technical: Reliability Social: Acceptance Political: Government Policies.

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challenges faced by renewable energy
Challenges faced by renewable energy
  • Economical: Cost
  • Technical: Reliability
  • Social: Acceptance
  • Political: Government Policies
mission statement
The Richard G. Lugar Center for Renewable Energy (LCRE) is established to address the societal need for clean, affordable and renewable energy sources


education and outreach

technology transfer

sound public policy

Mission Statement
participating campuses and schools
IUPUI, IU Bloomington, IU South Bend

School of Engineering & Technology (IUPUI)

School of Science (IUPUI, IUB, IUSB)

School of Public and Environmental Affairs (IUPUI, IUB)

School of Medicine (IUPUI)

Participating Campuses and Schools
Center Director: Dr. Andrew Hsu, Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Associate Director: Dr. Alan Jones, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Associate Director: Ken Richards, Associate Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, IU Bloomington.

disciplines involved
Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Medicine, Yeast and Enzyme



Computer modeling and multi-scale simulation

Biology: energy generating plants

Public and Environmental Affairs

Disciplines Involved
areas of current research
Bio-fuel production and applications

Environmentally benign usage of renewable/bio-fuels

Renewable energy through fuel cell technology

Renewable hydrogen (Solar, Reformers)

Advanced battery technologies, HEV and PHEV

Solar photovoltaic

Policy and societal issues

Areas of Current Research

Plant biology and biofuels

  • Find the plants best suited for energy production
  • Study the differences in resource input and environmental impact
  • for different energy plants
  • Genetically change the plants so that they can be produced in harsh conditions
  • that will not compete for resources with food production
renewable hydrogen generation ethanol reformer
Renewable Hydrogen Generation - Ethanol Reformer


Sun Light


Fuel Cell



Corn Ethanol


ethanol to gasoline conversion
Ethanol to Gasoline Conversion


Sun Light




Corn Ethanol


clean combustion of renewable synthetic fuels
Clean Combustion of Renewable/Synthetic Fuels

Future hydrogen-rich renewable and synthetic fuels enable super-efficient combustion engines for power and transport.

The Center conducts research on fuel conversion and utilization from non-petroleum sources, and novel clean combustion and pulsed compressor technologies for aircraft, automobile, and power-generation engines.

direct methanol ethanol fuel cell

Sun Light






Direct Methanol/Ethanol Fuel Cell
  • Renewable
  • Zero emission
  • High efficiency
  • Key technologies:
  • Catalyst
  • Membranes
highlights in fuel cell research
Fundamental Research of Catalysts and Membranes

Theoretical Modeling

Catalysts and Membrane Synthesis

Molecular Scale Characterization

Electrochemical Characterizations

Fuel Cell Fabrication and Testing

Electrode and Membrane Fabrication

Performance, Durability and Impendence Testing


Portable Electronics

Commercial and Residential

Regenerative Fuel Cell System (RFCS)

Highlights in Fuel Cell Research
self healing polymer technology for fuel cell applications
Self-Healing Polymer Technologyfor Fuel Cell Applications



White et al. Nature, 2001


  • Independent initiation of healing
  • Automatically continues to completion
  • Localized healing (only at damage)



  • Compatible Chemistries
  • Retains conductivity
  • Resists
  • humidity
  • temperature

Demonstrated life extension

in model polymers


Solar Energy

Thermovoltaic Effect

Maher Rizkalla Matt Rubin

Thermovoltaic cells use multiple thermal phonons (heat waves) with non-discrete energy levels to generate electric carriers from all phonons, allowing them to convert waste heat into energy.

Calculations support power density of 0.6W/cm2 at 300K for bi-layer device (shown left). Could reach 60%-80% efficiency

policy integration
Policy Integration
  • Integration of renewable energy in larger policy context
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Lifecycle analysis of energy and environmental impacts
  • Forest and agricultural land use analysis
vision for the center
Vision for the Center
  • The Richard G. Lugar Center will be a premier research center in the US
  • World leader in selected research areas
  • Prominent influence in the nation attained through both research activities and out reach activities such as organizing and hosting public forums, workshops, and conferences
current members
Hydrogen Generation and Bio-Gasoline

Andrew Hsu, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Zhiwei Yang, Visiting Professor, Instrumentation

Lihong Huang, Postdoctoral Fellow, Catalysis

Current Members
current members24
Photovotaic Solar Energy

Maher Rizkala, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Mathew Rubin, IURTC

Current Members
current members25
Distributed Power Generation and Hybrid Vehicles

Yaobin Chen, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Power grid coupling, HEV

Steve Rovnyak, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Power grid coupling

Sarah Koskie, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Power grid coupling

Anwar Sohel, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. HEV and PHEV

Current Members
current members26

Razi Nalim, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Clean combustion

Siva Krishnan, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Clean combustion

Current Members
current members27

Mark Goebl, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Medicine. Enzyme and yeast for cellulosic ethanol production

Stephen Randall, Professor Biology, Biofuel production

Xianzhong Wang, Assistant Professor of Biology. Energy generating plants;

Current Members
current members28
Policy and Economics

David McSwane, Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indianapolis. Policies

Ken Richards, Associate Professor, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Bloomington. Policy and economics of energy and CO2 sequestration.

Patricia Fox, Assistant Professor, Engineering and Technology, policy, economics, and Sustainability

Current Members
renewable hydrogen generation photovoltaic
Renewable Hydrogen Generation - Photovoltaic

Sun Light



Fuel Cell


  • Basic structure for the Center has been set up
  • Good faculty participation
  • Research activities show promising results
  • Outreach programs off to a good start
  • Work remains to be done to reach our goal but we are confident that we will realize our vision
strategies for realizing the vision
Strategies for realizing the Vision
  • Increase activities in research and outreach
  • Increase manpower:
    • attract world’s leading researchers in selected research areas to the center
  • Establish a physical presence:
    • cluster of state of the art labs (near term)
    • new building (mid to long term)
current members32
Fuel Cell and Batteries

Andrew Hsu, Professor of ME, Fuel Cell Systems (1999)

Rongrong Chen, Associate Professor of MET. Electrochemistry, catalysis, fuel cells, batteries (2004)

Guofeng Wang, Assistant Professor of ME, Materials (2007)

Jian Xie, Assistant Professor of ME, electrochemistry, fuel cell and batteries (2007)

Guigui Wang, Assistant Research Professor, polymer membrane synthesis (2007)

Dong Xie, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Polymer synthesis

Kelsey M. Forsythe, Director of Computational Molecular Science Facility; Quantum and molecular simulation of fuel cell catalysis

Jeffery Zaleski, Professor of Chemistry. IUB. Macrocycle Catalysts synthesis

Hasan Akay, Chancellor’s Professor of Mechanical Engineering. Computer modeling

Alan Jones, Assistant Professor of ME, Membrane Durability

Current Members