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OneNote 2007 in the Classroom:. A Hands on Approach Presented by Gary Koeppe and Sarah Montgomery A Special Thanks to Microsoft Bloggers for providing excellent information in various places to frame this presentation. Introduction: OneNote 2007 . Who makes it?

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onenote 2007 in the classroom

OneNote 2007 in the Classroom:

A Hands on Approach

Presented by

Gary Koeppe and Sarah Montgomery

A Special Thanks to Microsoft Bloggers for providing excellent information in various places to frame this presentation.

introduction onenote 2007
Introduction: OneNote 2007
  • Who makes it?
    • Microsoft as part of Office 2007* or as a stand alone program
  • What is it?
    • Digital notebook
    • Information search tool
    • Information Integration (Notes, files, pictures, video, audio)
    • A place to share nice!
  • What can it do for me and/or my students?
    • Organize, Gather, and Provide repository for information
    • Provide multiple methods of input for all types of user/learners.
    • Provide means for collaboration of staff/students, staff/staff, student/student
  • How did I live without it?
    • Less efficiently!
part 1 onenote basics
Part 1: OneNote Basics
  • Toolbars and toolbar sets
  • Notebooks and their parts
  • Multiple Methods of Input
  • Side Notes—”OneNote lite”
  • Office Integration
  • Lesson 1: Toolbars
    • Under the View menu > Toolbars…or
    • Right Click on Toolbars
    • Under Toolbars, click customize. Can drag options to/from this area to customize your look
    • Get back to your roots . . . .
      • Toolbars > Customize > Options Tab > Reset Toolbars  
notebooks and their parts
Notebooks and Their Parts
  • Lesson 2: Notebooks—What are they, how do I create one, and what are their parts?
  • Digital 3-Ring Binder
    • Trapper Keeper on Steroids
  • Sections and Section Groupings
    • Groupings of one or more pages or sections
  • Pages
    • Can apply templates to single or multiple pages
  • Subpages
    • Offset below page which serves as visual cue
  • Note Containers
    • Gives a sense of belonging to items on your pages
methods of input
Methods of Input
  • Lesson 3: Get it in there- we don’t care how!
    • Typewritten
    • Digital Inking with Tablet PC or add on digitizing tablet pen
    • Recorded audio/video
    • Link to existing files
    • File Printouts
    • Screen Clippings [ + S] and other snippet tools
side notes
Side Notes
  • Lesson 4: Speed up life with Side Notes
    • Quick launch Icon in Taskbar or +N
    • Useful when time is at a premium
    • Side notes filed in Unfiled Notes section
    • Input now, organize later
integrate with ms office
Integrate with MS Office
  • Lesson 5: Using OneNote with Other Apps
    • Outlook 2003 or 2007
    • Word 2003 or 2007
    • Excel 2003 or 2007
    • PowerPoint 2003 or 2007
    • Others
part ii useful tools for students staff
Part II: Useful Tools for Students & Staff
  • Notebook/Page Templates - Don’t recreate the template if you don’t have to!
  • Tags
  • Tables and Calculator
  • Recording a lecture or voice notes
  • TTS using Microsoft Language Bar or other
  • Built in OCR for graphics and text
  • Hyperlinks for notebooks, pages, paragraphs, files, websites, etc.
  • Sharing
  • Add-ins
useful tools templates
Useful Tools -- Templates
  • Lesson 6 : Apply a template to standardize appearance and teach organization and note-taking
    • Built in Templates
    • Downloads from Web
      • Cornell Note-taking Method
    • Custom Created Templates
useful tools tags
Useful Tools -- Tags
  • Lesson 7: Use Tags for organization and quick access to information
    • Built in tag symbols
    • Search by tags
    • Extract tags
useful tools tables
Useful Tools—Tables
  • Lesson 8: Insert tables to quickly organize information
    • Tab key to quickly create columns
    • Return key to create rows
    • Addin to sum table columns
useful tools record a lecture or use voice notes
Useful Tools—Record a Lecture or use Voice Notes
  • Lesson 9: Use Record function to provide reference to lectures, assignments, etc.
    • Provide opportunity to return later to fill in missing information
    • Cues student to previous discussion, topic, mnemonic, etc.
    • Offer alternative to fine motor input
    • Insert voice notes in place of written notes quickly
useful tools built in ocr
Useful Tools -- Built in OCR
  • Lesson 10: Use OCR to make images, files, and scanned documents searchable
    • Scanned documents, images searchable
    • Screen Clippings searchable
    • Searched text is automatically highlighted
    • Copy text from picture to extract
useful tools hyperlinking
Useful Tools -- Hyperlinking
  • Lesson 11: Use hyperlinks to tie info together
    • Hyperlinks to web info
    • Hyperlinks to files on computer
    • Hyperlinks to sections, pages, specific items
part iii conclusion
Part III. Conclusion
  • Add ins
  • Collaboration
  • Blogs
  • OneNote Mobile
  • Alternatives to OneNote 2007
things to do
  • Review Sites included in Resource File
  • Try OneNote 2007 Online in Browser
  • Download Trialif interested in further exploration
  • Purchase License [Prices vary - check your district for volume license pricing, academic software suppliers, etc.
  • Save for a Tablet PC for extended features
thank you
Thank You!

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