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Starlab. A Portable Planetarium for the Baltimore County Public Schools.

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A Portable Planetarium for the Baltimore County Public Schools

Office of Science PreK-12


STARLAB is much more than an inflatable planetarium!" Versatility and portability make it a unique piece of educational equipment that can be used in all areas of the curriculum and with all grade levels. STARLAB can be used with students in kindergarten through college and with adults. "The sky is never the limit with STARLAB!"

Office of Science PreK-12

Students marvel at being able to see stars, constellations, and planets without ever leaving their school.

Office of Science PreK-12


Frequently Asked Questions

About Starlab

How many people can fit into

the Starlab dome?

About 25-30 elementary students will fit in the Standard 10.5 feet high by 16.0 feet in diameter STARLAB dome.

Office of Science PreK-12

What kind of room do I need to set Starlab up?

For the Standard-size dome you will need a 12.0 foot ceiling height in the center with no sharp objects (like sprinklers) coming in contact with the dome. The floor space should be about 25 feet on a side.

Office of Science PreK-12

How do I get in? Do I have to crawl?

You enter through the larger of the two tubes connected to the dome. The kids love to crawl in but anyone can get in by merely bending over and walking through the entrance tunnel.

Office of Science PreK-12

“Inside the dome, a cylinder projector is not only able to show us the night sky devoid of any light pollution, it can also take us on a journey from the South Pole to the Equator and on to the North Pole. We can see the sky as it looks right now in Maryland as well as at the far end of the Australian outback.”

Office of Science PreK-12

The STARLAB Portable Planetarium creates a unique learning environment for virtually every level of education.

A satisfied Starlab customer

Office of Science PreK-12


Students Review!“I like STARLAB, it is fun and interesting. It is cool. It is like sitting in your backyard looking at the stars, but it’s better because you are closer up to the stars.” 

Office of Science PreK-12