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  • Uploaded on Title: Chernobyl is War. Artist: 14 year old Svetlana “I weep for my country. It is like a nuclear bomb is dropped on us, except there is no war.”. Title: Death of My Life. Artist: 14 year old Marina

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title chernobyl is war
Title: Chernobyl is War
  • Artist: 14 year old Svetlana
  • “I weep for my country. It is like a nuclear bomb is dropped on us, except there is no war.”

title death of my life
Title: Death of My Life
  • Artist: 14 year old Marina
  • “When I grow up I always wanted to be happy and get married. But now I think this will never happen because of radiation. In my painting, my wedding crown and veil hangs bleeding over a radiation symbol on that awful fence around my country. I am the face of the bride that will never be.”

death of innocence

Death of Innocence

Artist: 13 year old Nadia

“My little sister was not allowed to be born. My mother was told the baby was sick in her tummy and they took it away. We put roses on her grave and in each rose I see our baby’s face. I cry when I see the roses bleed.”

facts of chernobyl
Facts of Chernobyl
  • On April 26, 1986, the worst nuclear power accident in history occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine
  • Radioactive elements were released into the atmosphere, creating a 36-mile “dead zone” surrounding the reactors
  • 160,000 people were evacuated forever from their homeland

Colliers Encyclopedia, 1990 (p. 260)

facts con t
Facts, con’t.
  • A cloud of radiation spread to other countries in Europe
  • Vast tracts of agricultural land and bodies of water have been poisoned in the Ukraine, Belarus, western Russia and as far away as Poland, Norway and Sweden
  • Scientists estimate the number of people who will ultimately die from absorption of radioactive fallout is 5,000-40,000
title self portrait
Title; Self Portrait
  • Artist: 14 year old Natasha
  • “When I look in the mirror, I can forsee my own radiation death.”

s o s
  • “For God’s sake, help us get the childrenout!”
  • As a result of this fax to the Irish CND office, volunteer Adi Roche organized the first visit of children from Belarus and western Russia to Ireland for medical treatment.
  • Since 1991, Roche has organized the Chernobyl Children’s Project, which annually gets 2,500 children out of contaminated areas into other countries and homes, prolonging their lives by several years.
the homer connection
The Homer Connection
  • Homer Junior High School art teacher Cheri Sheridan traveled with her husband to Ireland, where she learned about Adi Roche’s Children of Chernobyl Project. Fund-raising efforts were taking place all over Ireland, including raffles.
  • This gave Mrs. Sheridan, whose grandparents were immigrants from the Ukraine, the idea of raising money with her students for the Project.
  • These examples are from the 1997 elective art students’ quilt project. The students earned $350 from raffling the quilt to send to the Children of Chernobyl Project.

“The pupils of Homer Junior High have truly shown themselves

to be citizens of the world, showing vision, compassion and

commitment by helping the young victims of the Chernobyl

disaster.” (thank you note from Adi Roche)


Produced by

Cheri Sheridan and Kathy Ballard

student quilt makers
Student quilt makers
  • Jessica Park Stacie Weddle
  • Sarah Cowles Kindra Catalano
  • Taryn Lott Devon Peterson
  • Nikki Burgdoff Cortney Heyer
  • Beckie Ballaron Amy Roelen
  • Anna Hill Rachel Yokum
  • Julia Kohn Kate Lyon
  • Laurel Homer Cheri Sheridan