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Meinl Capital Advisors AG

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Meinl Capital Advisors AG. 1. Who We Are 2. Selected MCA Transactions 3. Key Personnel. Who We Are.

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1. Who We Are

  • 2. Selected MCA Transactions
  • 3. Key Personnel
Meinl Capital Advisors AG is the investment banking and corporate finance advisory arm of Meinl Bank AG, Austria’s leading private merchant bank, with strong experience in privatization, financial restructuring and investment projects in Central and Eastern Europe.

Meinl Capital Advisors AG assists Governments as financial advisor in privatizations and restructuring of state-owned enterprises and assists corporate clients in identifying and implementing mergers and acquisitions, preparing feasibility studies for new investments, and in raising funds through international capital markets.

A principal area of the firm’s activity is energy (e.g. electric power sector) and infrastructure (e.g. airports), as well as heavy industry (engineering, metallurgy), light industry, food and beverage industry and the financial services sector.

The Meinl Capital Advisors AG and its management team have carried out numerous successful M&A transactions and privatizations and restructurings in Central and Eastern Europe.

Meinl Capital Advisors AG has its headquarters in Vienna, with regional offices in Belgrade and Skopje.

Meinl Capital Advisors AG


Products and Services


M&A advisory mandates for International Companies in Central and Eastern Europe

Privatisation advisory mandates for Governments

Investment of proprietary (Meinl Bank) funds in industrial projects in Central and Eastern Europe

Advisory assignments for Supra-national Organisations - Donor Funded Projects

Corporate, financial and organizational restructuring of enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe



Direct Investment

Donor and IFI-Financed Projects

Corporate Restructuring


Advisory Services to Governments

Privatisation Advisory Services

  • preparation and implementation of tenders, negotiated sales of enterprises and auctions
  • due diligence and valuation services
  • closure and completion of transactions

Industrial Restructuring Services

  • corporate reorganisation of industrial groups
  • financial restructuring of companies
  • organisational restructuring / social plans

Debt Restructuring Services

  • forfaiting, factoring, trading of sovereign and corporate debt

M&A Advisory Services

Market research

Target identification

  • Establishing and arranging necessary contacts and connections relationship management and lobbying

Information and data gathering

Structuring of transactions

  • Bidding strategy
  • Local legal and regulatory framework
  • Professional support in all stages of the transaction
  • Expertise in settlement and tax optimisation of the transaction
  • Arranging international project and acquisition financing (debt & equity)
  • Financial structuring

Support in negotiations and closing

Post-merger support


Key Personnel (1)

Peter E. Gumpel

Chairman of the Management Board, Meinl Capital Advisors AG

Mr. Peter Gumpel has carried out numerous privatization projects for governments in Central and Eastern Europe, including Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine, as well as M&A projects for foreign investors in this Southeast Europe and the ex-Soviet Union. Before joining the Meinl Bank Group in 2001, Mr. Gumpel was member of the management board of Raiffeisen Investment AG.

Ferenc Berecz

Member of the Management Board, Meinl Capital Advisors AG

Mr. Berecz is a senior investment banker with many years’ experience in the electricity and oil and gas sectors of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and South-East Europe. Before joining Meinl Capital Advisors AG as Director in 2004, Mr. Berecz has worked for 10 years with Commerzbank, Frankfurt as well as with NM Rothschild in London.


Key Personnel (2)

Rolf Theuer

Director, Meinl Capital Advisors AG, Vienna

Mr. Rolf Theuer joined Meinl Capital Advisors AG in April 2007. His responsibilities include the management of investments in various industries such as F&B, consumer goods and infrastructure. Prior to that, Mr. Theuer was the CEO of Raiffeisen CEE Private Equity Fund, acted as managing director of Raiffeisen Ost-Invest, Chief Analyst at Raiffeisen Investment AG and Senior Manager of the Capital Markets Group, Raiffeisen Zentralbank.

Elena Kirtcheva

Senior Advisor, Meinl Capital Advisors AG, Vienna

Ms. Kirtcheva, the former Bulgarian Ambassador to Austria, Switzerland and Finland and General Secretary of the Vienna Economic Forum, has many years’ experience in CEE investment banking and in diplomacy. She is active in new business origination for MCA in Southeast Europe and ex-Yugoslavia.

Zlatko Cerepnalkoski

Representative, Meinl Capital Advisors AG, Skopje

Mr. Cerepnalkoski is an experienced energy sector specialist. He is the local team leader of the Meinl Bank Consortium responsible for the restructuring and privatization of the Macedonian electricity sector. He has many years´ experience in the CEE energy sector.

Gorica Obucina

Representative, Meinl Capital Advisors, Belgrade

Ms. Obucina is responsible for the activities of our firm in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina. She has implemented various important transactions in the region including the restructuring of GOSA Smederevska Palanka and the privatization of Fabrika Vagona Kraljevo and other key companies.


Our Value Added

Committed team with

mixture of relevant industry

and Merger & Acquisition


Enhance value for

Investor as


Experience in valuation

methods for relevant



International team

Proven track record of

successful transactions

in the region

Pragmatic and results

oriented team


Meinl Capital Advisors AG

Johannesgasse 20, A-1010 Wien

+43 1 531 88 750