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LCD Monitor

LCD Monitor

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LCD Monitor

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  1. LCD Monitor -What is LCD Monitor? -How LCD Monitors work? -Why LCD Monitors? -Comparing with CRT Monitors -So, CRT or LCD

  2. What is LCD Monitor? LCD Monitor is a kind of monitor using Liquid Crystal to glow red, green and blue. Liquid Crystal was found in 1888, but the people at that time don’t know how to use them to form a monitor, and they don’t have computer at that time. A typical LCD monitor

  3. How LCD Monitors Work? They are simple, simply one liquid crystal between two polarized panels. When there is electricity go through the liquid crystal, the crystal will change the Properties of the light wave, such as from horizontal to vertical.

  4. How LCD Monitors Work? Page 2 When LCDs are connected to Electricity, the light waves are Able to get through the polarized panels. (shown above) The picture in the left is the close up (60x) of The LCD monitor.

  5. Why LCD? Why LCD? Why don’t we use the traditional CRT Monitors? We use LCD monitor because it is completely conserve of space. -It is flat and thin. -LCD monitor images wont get blur after years because it don’t need focus. -With LCD monitor, you can put a 21 inch monitor in your room! Because it is thin.

  6. Comparing with CRT Vs. LCD CRT Advantage -Light -Thin -No focusing problem -Conserve Space -Cyber look -Less radiation problem -Highest resolution Usually: 1600*1200 or higher -Cheap -Mature -Sufficient brightness -High refresh frequency usually: 200Hz Disadvantage -Highest Resolution Usually: 1280*1024 -Expensive -Not mature yet -Not bright enough compare with CRT -Low refresh frequency usually: 75Hz -Heavy -Thick (related to the monitor size) -There is focus problem if aged -Waste Space -Old looking -Radiation problem

  7. So, CRT or LCD? Your decision….

  8. The End Thanks for looking..