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KC 3 Book Award

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KC 3 Book Award. Kris Baughman Kc3 Chair Lacie griffin Kc3 past-chair Raytown c-2 schools. Purpose of the KC3 Program. To promote reading by providing a list of quality books for 3 rd graders (and SPED students) at this reading level.

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kc 3 book award

KC 3 Book Award

Kris Baughman

Kc3 Chair

Lacie griffin

Kc3 past-chair

Raytown c-2 schools

purpose of the kc3 program
Purpose of the KC3 Program
  • To promote reading by providing a list of quality books for 3rd graders (and SPED students) at this reading level.
  • The list that represents both EVERYBODY and CHAPTER BOOKS.
  • Students who have read, or have had read to them, at least four (4) titles from the master list will vote for his/her favorite.  Ballots will be prepared for school librarians to distribute and collect from participating classrooms in March.  The author of the winning title will receive special recognition.
  • Last year, 51 schools participated for a total of 2,316 voters.
  • This year, 47 schools participated for a total of 1,891 voters.
  • School librarians from Kansas City area
    • serve 3-year terms. 
  • One representative from Kansas City Public Library
    • Standing member
  • One representative from Mid-Continent Public Library
    • Standing member

The members read large numbers of books searching for those that meet the criteria for the KC3 Award; they attend several meetings to create a Reading List of 30 books which is narrowed down to 10. 

committee members
Committee Members
  • Kris Baughman, Chair   Raytown
  • Sandi Cole, Vice Chair   Liberty
  • Susie Ference, Treasurer   Raytown
  • Corliss Moore, Secretary   Park Hill
  • Anitra Steele   Mid-Continent Public Library
  • Helma Hawkins   Kansas City Public Library
  • Vicki Hansen   Park Hill
  • Renee Joy   Blue Springs
  • Linda Lepper   Center
  • Jane Pettman   KCMO
  • Lacie Griffin, Past Chair   Raytown
  • 2011-12 Suggestions via GKC website/email by

August 20th

  • 1st meeting: Top 30 selection August 21st
  • Reading: August 21st -November 28th
  • 2nd meeting: Top 10 selection November 29th
  • Online voting for 2010-11 KC3 winner February 1st-March 10th
  • Banquet: Beginning of May
  • Books shall be of copyright date two years prior to the date of acquisition by librarians.
  • Books must have been written by United States authors who are living at the time of the final selection by the committee.
  • Books should be evaluated according to reading/interest levels, potential popularity with the intended students, and literary quality.
  • New adaptations of old classics or folk tales shall not be eligible for consideration except for American folklore.
  • KC3 Reader Selectors can be any librarian (public or school) or teacher (public or private) that works with 3rd grade students.
  • We need as many readers as possible to attain a list that meets a diverse student population.
  • All input is reviewed and accepted.
list of 30
List of 30
  • 2010-2011 Top 30 Reading List
  • Each title is read and rated by committee members and volunteer readers.
kc 3 nominees for 2010 2011
KC 3 Nominees for 2010-2011
  • 2010-2011 Top 10 Nominees
  • Finally, the committee oversees selecting of the top 10 rated books and creates the next year’s nominee list.


  • Student Ballot: Printable sheet for student voting
  • Classroom Tally Sheet: Teachers gather total votes before using the online voting link
  • Online voting for the 2010-2011 Nominees
  • Survey Monkey collects demographic data from each school participating and the total number of votes for each title.
  • Analyzing the data is an easy feature to break down total number of schools participating and votes per book.
mary amato s thank you to kc3
Mary Amato’s Thank You to KC3
  • Drooling and Dangerous The Riot Brothers Return
activities kris
Activities Kris
  • Bethany Hamilton Follow Your Dreams
  • Biographies
  • Elements of Non-Fiction
  • Gathering Information from graphs, charts, maps
  • Oh Brother!
  • Elements of Poetry
  • Characterization
  • Nikki Grimes has great resources for teachers/librarians.
  • Readings by Nikki Grimes
activities lacie part 1
Activities- Lacie Part 1
  • Mary Amato’s Website:
    • http://www.maryamato.com/
      • Wonderful teaching ideas and a 3 min video on the writing process

Shout Out to Missouri

Stinky and Successful: The Riot Brothers Never Stop just won the KC3 Reading Award for 2009-2010 sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Association of School Librarians. Thanks to all you wild and crazy kids and librarians in Kansas City.

activities lacie part 2
Activities- Lacie Part 2
  • Paper Bag Book Report