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Insurance Companies & Fleet Safety

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Insurance Companies & Fleet Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Insurance Companies & Fleet Safety. What do Insurance Companies Look for when evaluating Fleets. Mike Landon, CSP. Let's Play Fleet Safety. JEOPARDY. Sample Question. Insurance Companies Consider what __ (#), and type of Vehicles to be a fleet? Any number and any type

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insurance companies fleet safety

Insurance Companies &Fleet Safety

What do Insurance Companies

Look for when evaluating Fleets

Mike Landon, CSP


Let's Play

Fleet Safety


sample question
Sample Question
  • Insurance Companies Consider what __ (#), and type of Vehicles to be a fleet?
  • Any number and any type
  • Any number vehicles which require drivers to have a CDL
  • More than 5 vehicles of any type including autos, service vehicle, pick up trucks, and large vehicles
sorry there s a better answer you do not earn any points click here to start the game
Sorry! There’s a Better Answer.You do not earn any points.Click here to start the game.
sorry there s a better answer you do not earn any points click here to choose another question
Sorry! There’s a Better Answer.You do not earn any points.Click here to choose another question.
insurance companies and fleet safety for 100
Insurance Companies and Fleet Safety for 100

How many vehicles constitutes a fleet ____ to an insurance Company.

A) 1B) 10

C) 5D)>10

insurance companies and fleet safety for 250
Insurance Companies and Fleet Safety for 250

What is a Loss Ratio?

  • Losses/Collected Premium
  • Losses/Written Premium
  • Collected Premium/Losses
  • Unimportant to me
insurance companies and fleet safety for 1000
Insurance Companies and Fleet Safety for 1000

Most Insurance Companies make a profit if the fleet loss ratio is at or below ___%


driver selection for 1 00
Driver Selection for 100

Insurance Companies will evaluate your drivers for your company

  • True
  • False
driver selection for 25 0
Driver Selection for 250

Companies are required by law to check driver motor vehicle records

  • Yes
  • Yes – if drivers possess a CDL
  • No – Companies are not required to check employee driving records
  • Both B & C are correct
driver selection for 1 000
Driver Selection for 1,000

Why Give a Road Test to a Licensed Driver

  • Road Tests are not Required (Except for CDL Drivers)
  • To Evaluate Driving Skills
  • C) To Evaluate Additional Training needs
  • D) All of the Above
driver monitoring for 1 00
Driver Monitoring for 100

Something as simple as having your organizations phone number on the rear and sides of the vehicle is driver monitoring

A) True

B) False

driver monitoring for 250
Driver Monitoring for 250

Re-Evaluating Drivers’ Motor Vehicle Records Annually is Driver Monitoring

  • True
  • False
driver monitoring for 1000
Driver Monitoring for 1000

Requiring the reporting of all traffic infractions is a form of driver monitoring

  • True
  • False
accident reviews for 1 00
Accident reviews for 100

Employers shouldn’t concern themselves with accident reviews because the insurance company will do them

  • True
  • False
accident reviews for 250
Accident Reviews for 250

What is the purpose of an Accident Review?

  • To identify trends and patterns to prevent reoccurrences
  • To develop controls on specific, previously, unidentified exposures
  • To identify additional training needs
  • All of the above
accident reviews for 1000
Accident Reviews for 1000

There are no consensus standards for determining whether a vehicle accident was preventable

  • True
  • False
that s correct add the points to your total amount
That’s Correct!Add the points to your total amount.
  • How did Your Team Do?
  • The Winning Team Receives:

Typically I would have large cash prizes, but your bad luck - I’m out of work

driver section
Driver Section
  • It has been said:

“ Our People are our most important ASSET”

  • It has also been said:

“You hire your PROBLEMS”

It is especially true with drivers

driver selection24
Driver Selection
  • According to American Trucking Resource Institute there are 5 future crash predictors:
    • Reckless Driving
    • Improper or erratic lane change
    • Failure to yield right of way
    • Improper turn
    • Failure to maintain proper lane
  • Commonly referred to as Aggressive Driving
driver selection25
Driver Selection

When a driver receives a conviction for one of these behaviors, the likelihood of a future crash increases between 91% and 100%.

Of all crash data analyzed, reckless driving violations prompt the highest likelihood of a future crash: 325%.

driver selection26
Driver Selection

Review Drivers’ MVR’s

Use Standard Criteria

Evaluate all employees who drive for work purposes including incidental drivers

driver selection27
Driver Selection

Have automatic disqualifiers DWI

Speed violations > 20 mph over posted speed limit

Speed violation in school zones

Felonies involving the use of a motor vehicle

Leaving the scene of an accident

Aggressive driving citations

driver selection28
Driver Selection

Road Tests

New employee drivers should do a road test

Determine their skills

Training needs

Driving habits

Should include all driving performances required of the job

driver selection29
Driver Selection

Should Include all driving performances required of job



City Streets



Finding locations

Use of communication devices

driver selection30
Driver Selection
  • So What do you do if an individual is qualified in all ways except driving?
    • Tight Labor Market – Take a chance and pray
    • Have a work partner drive
    • Put the individual through drivers training
driver selection31
Driver Selection

If you take a chance and pray

There is a possibility that in the event of an vehicle accident that your firm will be sued for negligent entrustment

You can be deemed guilty of permitting an incompetent person to operate your vehicle (Negligent Entrustment) if the following is true:

Your company carelessly permitted (entrusted) someone to use an instrument that could cause harm. (Automobiles are assumed to be dangerous.)

The incompetence of the person in a position of trust was the proximate (most immediate or direct) cause of damage, injury or death.

driver selection handout materials
Motor Vehicle Record Review Request Form

Employee MVR Request Form

Fleet Loss Control Assessment Document

4 Predictor of Accident Document

Sample Motor Vehicle Fleet Safety Program

Negligent Entrustment Document

Personal Use of Vehicle Document

Evaluation Point System

Electronic MVR review program with management report

Driver SelectionHandout Materials

I invite your questions

And I’ll be available after the meeting

contact information
Contact Information

Mike Landon

(206) 484 – 2142 ( C )

(425) 481 – 5797 ( H )