finding work and going for interviews parkville campus l.
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Finding work and going for interviews Parkville campus PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding work and going for interviews Parkville campus

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Finding work and going for interviews Parkville campus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding work and going for interviews Parkville campus. Successful job seekers. Are work ready Have a job search plan Can write applications Confidently attend job interviews Take responsibility for their own career. How do people find work?. Mainstream Techniques On-line job databases

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Presentation Transcript
successful job seekers
Successful job seekers
  • Are work ready
  • Have a job search plan
  • Can write applications
  • Confidently attend job interviews
  • Take responsibility for their own career
how do people find work
How do people find work?

Mainstream Techniques

  • On-line job databases
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Employer websites
  • Professional associations
  • Recruitment agencies
how do people find work4
How do people find work?

The Hidden Job Market

  • Direct Canvas
  • Information Interview
  • Network
  • Referral
  • Self employment
resources for job searching
Resources for job searching
  • On-line databases and information
  • Newspapers
  • Recruitment Companies
    • (memberships directory)

How does it help in job searching?

  • Word of mouth
  • Referral
  • Being visible
  • Support your applications

It’s not about job matching

It is about sharing information

your network
Your network
  • Think about ways to expand your network
  • Identify your current network
  • Practice your introductions
  • How will you ask for a business card?
  • Yes, it can be challenging meeting new people
how can you build your network
How can you build your network?

Talk to people

Voluntary work

Do something different

Join a special interest group

Find a mentor

some tips

Follow up invitations quickly

Have a purpose for contacting people

Always thank people for their time

Build a reputation for professional behaviour

Sometimes the answer is no – deal with it


Overdo the number of calls

Expect other people to find you a job

Expect people can always meet your timeframes

Some tips
direct canvassing
Direct canvassing

It means contacting employers to ask for work

Why it is successful:

  • Your application is targeted
  • Competition is reduced
  • It is pro-active
how to direct canvas
How to direct canvas
  • Identify preferred employers
    • Membership listings of professional associations
    • Business directories
  • Introduce yourself briefly
    • Your name and title of course
    • Explain why you are calling
    • Getting past the gatekeepers
  • Follow up fast
    • Send a thank you e-mail
    • Send a resume if it is ok with them
  • Keep a record
    • Who did you talk to?
    • Do you know what to do next?
information interviewing
Information interviewing

What is it?

  • Finding out about jobs by talking to people who do the jobs you want to do

How do you do it?

  • Identify people in job roles that interest you
  • Check they have time to talk
  • Ask targeted questions
  • Always thank people for their assistance
what do you ask
What do you ask?
  • What are typical duties in this role?
  • How do employers in this industry recruit staff?
  • What skills do they look for?
  • What are good things about the job role? What are things that surprised you in the role?
  • What tips would you give someone wanting to find work like this?
  • Do my goals seem realistic from your experience?

Avoid personal questions

E.g. how much do you get paid?

interview success
Interview Success




you need to be able to
You need to be able to…

Clearly state your experience, knowledge,

skills and attributes

Provide evidence of how you developed your skills and how you applied them

Demonstrate interest in the job

be prepared
Be prepared
  • Review documents
  • Understand the process
the basics
The basics
  • Be punctual
  • Professional grooming and dress
  • Take requested documents with you
  • First impressions count
  • Communicate effectively
interview questions
Interview questions
  • Ice breakers
  • About your experience
  • About your career plans
  • Technical knowledge
  • Case scenarios
  • Self awareness?
sample questions
Sample questions


  • Why did you decide to study pharmacy?
  • Tell me about yourself
sample questions20
Sample questions


  • What marks did you receive in final year?
  • How many months did you work there?
sample questions21
Sample questions

Resume based

  • Tell me more about your placement at the hospital.
  • You mention involvement in a student ambassador program at university. Tell me more
sample questions22
Sample questions

Competency based

  • Tell me about a positive experience working in a team?
  • Provide an example of when you were able to provide excellent customer service
a helpful technique for competency based questions
A helpful technique for competency based questions
  • C.A.R – context, action, result
  • S.T.A.R – situation, task, action, result
sample questions24
Sample questions

Case Study

  • Describe an instance you provided information to a patient about taking prescribed medicine during an APE
sample questions25
Sample questions


  • What would you do if a customer complained about level of service?
  • How would you deal with a situation where a colleague was behaving inappropriately?
the one s you don t see coming
The one’s you don’t see coming
  • Sometimes questions don’t seem related to the job role
  • Why do employers ask them?
  • How can I respond in a good way?
what do you want to know
What do you want to know?
  • Your questions to the employer
    • Details of training and development
    • Expectations of new staff
    • Career development opportunities
    • How will your work be monitored?

Do I always have to ask a question?

how employers assess candidates
How employers assess candidates
  • Job specific knowledge and skills
  • General workplace skills
  • Values and career goals
  • Enthusiasm

Remember interviews are a two way street

where do people go wrong
Where do people go wrong?
  • Under-prepared/over-rehearsed
  • Not answering the question specifically
  • Not giving enough information
  • Showing discouragement or lack of self confidence
pearls of wisdom
Pearls of wisdom
  • You can always improve your skills
  • You need to look after yourself
  • Take advantage of support services
services and activities at parkville
Services and activities at Parkville

Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Careers Expo

Thursday April 23rd 2009

Employment and Career Development Services

  • Job seeker workshops/seminars
    • Individual advice and assistance
    • Resume feedback
    • Interview skills practice
    • Information and resources
  • Jobs database - Career Gateway
contact us
Contact us