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DVB-T Introduction

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DVB-T Introduction. By X-Micro. About DVB-T.

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DVB-T Introduction

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about dvb t
About DVB-T
  • Since its conception in 1993, the DVB Project has established beyond doubt the value and viability of pre-competitive cooperation in the development of open digital television standards. DVB’s open standards guarantee fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions with regard to Intellectual Property Rights, allowing them to be freely adopted and utilized worldwide. At present a membership of more than 260 companies and organizations contributes to on-going work in the various modules, refining and improving the existing standards and developing new ones that address the needs of an ever-changing broadcasting landscape.
  • DVB-T allows service providers to match, and even improve on, analogue coverage - at a fraction of the power. It extends the scope of digital terrestrial television into the mobile field, which was simply not possible before, or with other digital systems. As such, it is future proof.
worldwide adoption
Worldwide Adoption
  • DVB-T is the most popular digital terrestrial television system in the world, adopted in more countries than any other. It has been successfully deployed in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia. DVB-T trials are on-going in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Croatia, South Africa and others.
  • More and more countries are finding that DVB standards offer the best solution for making the transition to digital terrestrial television.
dvb t worldwide information
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • 920,000 free to view digital tv receivers sold to June 2005 in Australia
  • As at 30 June 2005 the estimated number of digital television set top box receivers and integrated digital TV sets sold to retailers and installers was 920,000 - an increase of 143,000 units for the quarter.
  • The estimate is based on sales reported by DBA member companies supplying product to retailers and installers.
  • Source:DBA
dvb t worldwide information6
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • Mobile DVB-T on the Buses of Taiwan- 02/02/2005
  • January 19th saw the launch of a digital television service on the public transport system in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. DIMO TV, standing for "Digital Mobile Television", uses DVB-T to broadcast to 165 buses and 6 harbour ferries. This service follows the success of similar services in Singapore (TVMobile) and Shanghai (Oriental Pearl Mobile TV).
  • DIMO TV is unusual in that it has been set up on a non-commercial, public service broadcast basis – the programming is free of advertising. Content consists of news and weather, traffic news, documentaries, language lessons, entertainment news and so on. To keep discomfort for passengers to a minimum, sound levels are low and all programmes are subtitled.
  • Covering the whole metropolitan area ofKaohsiungis a main transmitter of 5kw with one filler site on the 85th floor of the Grand Formosa. Each bus is equipped with a DVB-T receiver and a 19" LCD screen. The project was initiated by the Taiwan Public Television Service.
  • Source: http://www.dvb.org/
dvb t worldwide information7
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • Malaysia announces DVB-T for its digital terrestrial TV trial
  • At the third Asean Digital Broadcasting (ADB) meeting, held on the 29th August in Brunei, Radio Television Malaysia announced that it had chosen DVB-T as the transmission standard for its forthcoming trial.
  • The main thrust of the meeting was to share knowledge and experience and also plan the transition to a common digital terrestrial television standard in the Asean region. More than 50 delegates from seven Asean countries attended the meeting namely Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines.
  • Source: Borneo Bulletin
dvb t worldwide information8
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • 500,000 DVB-T Receivers Sold in France
  • -11/08/2005
  • Just three months after the launch of digital terrestrial television services in France, the company managing the platform has announced, over half a million receivers have been sold, with that number expected to double by the end of December.
  • According to www.tnt-gratuite.fr, a website aimed at informing the French public about the free-for-all service available, signals will be available to 50% of the population by September 2005 with 65% to be reached in the first quarter of next year. By the end of 2007 the whole country should be covered. Further information regarding DTT in France and elsewhere is available in the DVB Worldwide section of this site.
  • Source: http://www.dvb.org/
dvb t worldwide information9
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • DVB-T start date for the Middle of Germany
  • DVB-T services are planned to start in the Halle/Leipzig and Erfurt/Weimar areas of Germany on December 5th 2005.This launch is in line with the plan to launch DVB-T services all over Germany.The first launch was in the Berlin/Brandenburg area during 2002 and further launches have taken place since in Northern Germany, North Rhine Westphalia, the Rhine Mainz area and most recently at the end of May 2005 in the Munich/Nurenburg area.Introduction in the Kassel and Schwerin areas should  be announced soon.The introduction in Mannheim and Stuttgart areas is at an earlier planning stage.Source: http://www.ueberallfernsehen.de
dvb t worldwide information10
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • Scarlet to offer DVB-T programs in Netherlands
  • Telecom provider Scarlet is reported to be launching a digital TV subscription service. The DVB-T service uses the existing Digitenne network was planned to start on the 16th April 2005.
  • Source: http://www.telecompaper.comSee also: http://www.digitenne.nl
dvb t worldwide information11
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • Portuguese regulator approves DVB-T, DVB-H, MPEG-4 trials
  • The National Communication Authority in Portugal (Anacom) has authorised Siemens, SGC Telecom and Group Media Capital to carry out technical trials of digital terrestrial television using DVB-T according to Digital Media Europe.
  • The trial will test out reception of DVB-H on mobile terminals and will use MPEG-4 compression technology.
  • Source: Digital Media Europe
dvb t worldwide information12
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • In Poland
  • DVB-T field trials have been taking place in Warszawa since November 2001 and Lodz and Wroclaw since March and June 2003. Tests are also planned to begin in Rzeszów and Sucha Góra in early 2004 made possible by recent frequency agreements with Slovakia and Bratislava. It is also reported that permission has been given to "Info" based in Zamosc to start DVB-T trials this year.
  • Source: http://www.dvb.org/
dvb t worldwide information13
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • In Italy
  • Italy officially launched DVB-T services on the 1st January 2004, initially providing some services to 50% of the population. By the end of 2004, 5 multiplexes should be in operation, 2Mux's from RAI with 9-10 programmes, 1 Mux from Mediaset with 5 programmes, 1 Mux from Telecom/TV International with 2 programmes and 1 Mux operated by "Holland Co-ordinator and Services" on frequencies released by the former Tele+.The coverage will be extended to 70% of provincial capitals during 2005.
  • Source: http://www.dvb.org/
dvb t worldwide information14
DVB-T Worldwide Information
  • SRG starts digital TV in the Geneva Lake region/ Switzerland
  • On 1st June 2005 Schweizerische Radio-und Fernsehgesellschaft (SRG) will start digital terrestrial TV transmissions in the Geneva Lake Léman region.DVB-T services are already available in the Engadin and Tessin areas and should be available in the whole of Switzerland by 2009.
  • Source:http://www.werbewoche.ch/