Corry middle school blue ribbon plan 2007 2008
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Corry Middle School Blue Ribbon Plan 2007-2008. 2230 Corry Road Memphis, Tennessee. Guiding Principles. Students, the quality of work provided to students, and the needs of students will be the central concerns in all decisions made in the school district.

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Corry middle school blue ribbon plan 2007 2008 l.jpg

Corry Middle SchoolBlue Ribbon Plan2007-2008

2230 Corry Road

Memphis, Tennessee

Guiding principles l.jpg
Guiding Principles

  • Students, the quality of work provided to students, and the needs of students will be the central concerns in all decisions made in the school district.

  • Fairness, honesty, responsiveness,and openness are core values in the district

  • Decisions should be made as close to the point of implementation

  • The schools belong to a community’s opinions and partnership are essential to effectively meet the needs of the students

  • As a part of the total educational process, students will be expected to demonstrate a belief in their own capability by activity participating in the teaching and learning process and making their own academic achievement a top priority.

Vision l.jpg

Corry Middle School envisions our students becoming productive citizens and workers in the 21st century, while focusing on every child’s unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

Corry Middle School is... “A Place Where Hope Begins and Dreams Come True”

Mission l.jpg

  • The staff, students, parents, and community of Corry Middle School promote respect, integrity, responsibility, and high academic achievement that will ensure life long learners and productive citizens of the 21st century.

Philosophy statements l.jpg
Philosophy Statements

  • We believe ALL children can and will achieve at a higher level.

  • We believe that with the use of appropriate technology, higher level thinking skills, problem solving, advanced reading and writing skills, our students will become outstanding citizens of the 21st century.

  • We believe that each student is an individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs.

  • We believe that student learning will be enhanced by providing a safe educational environment.

Philosophy statements6 l.jpg
Philosophy Statements

  • We believe that children learn by using a variety of instructional strategies that adhere to their various learning styles.

  • We believe that a positive self image promotes higher achievement.

  • We believe that by working together as a three-faceted team, which includes parents, teachers, and the community, our children will achieve their highest potential.

  • We believe that an awareness of cultural diversity encourages understanding and appreciation of all lifestyles and cultures

Goals and objectives l.jpg
Goals and Objectives

  • Decrease fights by 20%

  • Monitor tardiness throughout school

  • Increase communication networks (mail, calendar, flyers, phone contact) by 10%

  • Increase # of proficient and advanced students on TCAP 15%

  • Increase parental involvement by 25%

School procedures l.jpg
School Procedures

Entering the school

  • Teachers must be actively monitoring during morning duty.

  • Students must first line-up and should be in single file line,enter in the front door and greeted by the administration

  • Remain to the right of the hall and greeted by the teachers, who are at designated post.

  • Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria at 8:15 a.m. and they should line up in a single file line to class.

  • If it is metal detection day, all students should enter into the front door and report to their homeroom

  • Students are to enter in designated doors for 6th , 7th , & 8th grade.

School procedures9 l.jpg
School Procedures

Ending school

  • Allow students to go to their lockers before last period

  • Teachers are to walk their students out of the building

  • All students should exit the building at 3:15. If students are in any after school programs, they should report to gym (through the lobby door) or designated area for their after school activity. If students are not on time, teachers are to treat as a tardy and students will be disciplined accordingly.

    Passing Classes

  • Stay to the right of the hall (single file)

  • Use a quiet tone when talking (define voice levels)

  • No running in the hall

School procedures10 l.jpg
School Procedures


  • Students should sit by home rooms sections and talk quietly

  • Students will be given an opportunity to sit freely the first 6wks of Friday Free Seat Day.

  • The cafeteria monitor will dismiss you by rows to throw away trash and line up to be dismissed to class.


  • Students should enter quietly, sit row by row and in homeroom sections.

  • Students will exit row by row with instruction from administration & teacher.

  • If classes are not on time then, teacher is to keep their class in the room and have instruction.

  • All teachers will remain with students and monitor behavior throughout entire program.

School procedures11 l.jpg
School Procedures


  • Step 1 – Student/Teacher ConferenceDocument in behavior log

  • Step 2 – Phone Call to ParentsDocument in phone log & Copy of student written letter to parent explaining behavior issue

  • Step 3 – Student/Team Conference

  • Step 4 – Guidance Referral/Guidance Intervention

  • Step 5 – Parent/Teacher/Support Team Conference

  • Step 6 – Office Referral

School procedures12 l.jpg
School Procedures


  • There will be set classroom breaks

    • 6th grade

    • 7th grade

    • 8th grade

    • before and after lunch

  • Before and after lunch

    Class cutting

  • Overnight pending suspension

  • Request teachers adhere to procedures for holding students to eliminate misidentification of cutting

School rules l.jpg
School Rules

  • Eagles Respect KNOWLEDGE

  • Eagles Respect SELF

  • Eagles Respect PROPERTY

  • Eagles Respect OTHERS

  • Eagles Respect TIME

School rules14 l.jpg
School Rules


  • Students should wear white shirts only unless they wear a red shirt with a Corry Logo.

  • Students should wear navy, black, or khaki pants with a belt. Pants should be worn at the waist.

    Homework Schedule

  • Each student will complete homework according to a homework schedule.

    Monday & Wednesday –

    Tuesday & Thursday –

    **Each student will read and complete log for 15 minutes of Reading DAILY!

Program elements we need you l.jpg
Program Elements – WE NEED YOU

Watchdogs – Coordinator, Ms. Payne

  • This is a program that allow fathers of our students to be involved in the school

    Fight Free Schools - Coordinator, Dr. Henderson

  • This program is deigned to implement a fight free school

    Corry’s Classy Young Ladies (Need a name) - Coordinator, Ms. Franklin

  • Group specifically for the young women at Corry

    Corry’s Dignified Young Men (Need a name) – Coordinator, Mr. Johnson

  • Group specifically for the young men at Corry

Classroom procedures l.jpg
Classroom Procedures

  • Sponge or Warm-Up Activity

  • State the objectives for the day

  • Teach the rules and procedures of your class continuously at the beginning of the year. Reinforce DAILY!

  • Use cell phones with complete discretion. Refrain from use in presence of students and keep on silent during instructional hours.

  • Classroom telephones are for teacher use only. Remember protocol for contacting parents during class.

How we teach the rules and procedures l.jpg
How we teach the rules and procedures

  • Beginning of the year assembly for parents and students

  • Teachers will have students to recite and write the rules and procedures

  • Teachers can provide incentives for students

Character education l.jpg
Character Education

Character education will be incorporated in health classes

School safety plan l.jpg
School Safety Plan

  • 10 – 10 Rule: Students are not allowed in the hall without a hall pass.

  • No more than one student needs to be out of a teacher’s room at a time.

  • Students are to use the restroom between periods.

  • All teachers should monitor hallways during the passing of classes.

  • Teachers should not leave students unattended. If you are not there, dismiss students.

  • All male teachers are to be in their assigned areas during the morning and afternoons.

  • Female teachers have been assigned an area in the building.

School safety plan20 l.jpg
School Safety Plan

  • Students are not to leave the cafeteria without permission of the teacher(s) on duty during breakfast or lunch. No more than one student should leave without an adult.

  • Use discretion when calling parents during class time.

  • All visitors should report to the office before visiting any classroom. A driver’s license or other identification must be left in the office.

  • Unannounced random metal detection at various times during the day

Monitoring process l.jpg
Monitoring Process

  • Surveys from the staff, students, and parents

  • Analysis data from the office and Blue Ribbon website (referrals and suspensions)

Prevention model l.jpg
Prevention Model

  • Character Education

  • Fight Free School

  • R.A.K.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen Club

In school suspension plan l.jpg
In-School Suspension Plan

Students must be referred by administration to ISS for

  • minor infractions before out of school suspensions.

  • There should be a point system. Students maintain or may regain points before being dismissed from ISS.

    Students will:

  • Complete class assignments during assigned time (teachers are responsible for sending classwork daily)

  • Develop a plan for their behavior (why, interventions)

  • Use a programs such as Read 180 and Plato.

  • Stay with ISS group and eat lunch.

In school suspension plan24 l.jpg
In-School Suspension Plan

Point System

  • To be developed over the 1st six weeks

Discipline plan l.jpg
Discipline Plan

  • Students’ will be given a copy of the Memphis City Schools’ Code of Conduct at Corry Middle.

  • A consistent classroom discipline plan will be developed by each team. The plan will include progressive methods to reinforce positive behavior

  • A student hand book will be given to each student at the beginning of the year.

  • Corry Middle School will maintain compliance with 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and discipline guidelines for exceptional children.

  • Opportunities for individual and/or group training to improve discipline and classroom management will be provided throughout the year.

Discipline plan26 l.jpg
Discipline Plan

Blue Ribbon Discipline Committee conducts on-going assessments of the school’s discipline plan and make suggestions and recommendations concerning improvement in safety and school climate matters.

Consequences for inappropriate behavior l.jpg
Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

  • In-school suspension procedures

  • Administrative Conference

  • Team Conferences

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Exclusion from school activities

  • Detention (Lunch in a separate room)

  • After School Detention

  • Community Service

School safety officer l.jpg
School Safety Officer

  • Level 2 fights will be referred to MPD (injury or weapon)

  • Pro-active with the S-team

  • Provide outside resources: setting up speakers from the gang task force, orientation with parents, and orientation with students

  • More Parental Contact (Meet with at risk students parents)

  • Walk-throughs on each hall

  • Stations for visibility and monitoring

  • Monitoring the halls during lunch

Parental involvement l.jpg
Parental Involvement

  • Parent Nights

  • Parents will be able to pick-up report cards on Tuesday before report card

  • Booktalk

  • PTO

  • Parent volunteers (approved)

  • Watch D.O.G.S.

Parent community involvement l.jpg
Parent/Community Involvement

  • Honors programs (monthly)

  • Parent Teacher Organization

  • Parent Meetings/Orientation – Open House

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Newsletters/Calendars/Flyers

  • Parent Volunteers (must be approved through the office)

Action steps l.jpg
Action Steps


  • Monthly meeting with students to teach policy

  • Students will receive ISS after 5 tardies to school

    • after 6th tardy student will be assigned another day of ISS

    • after 7th tardy student will be assigned another day of ISS

    • any tardiness after this point will be home suspension

  • Procedure

    • Teacher notifies office of students that have been tardy to school three times.

    • Class Tardiness

      • warning (1st tardy)

      • notify parents (2nd tardy)

      • After school detention (5 min for every tardy) (3rd)

        • Notification that parents refused detention (consequences will be for those who do not meet for after school detention)

      • Meet with parent with team (4th)

      • Referral to office (5th)

Action steps32 l.jpg
Action Steps

Increasing Student/teacher Communication

  • Team meetings

  • Lemon Squeeze (this a time to allow students to talk with team and discuss issues)

  • Snack & Rap ( designated students will eat with a teacher)

    Increasing Parent/teacher communication

  • Team parent meetings once during 1, 3, & 5th six weeks with parents

  • Newsletter for the team

  • Parent conference logs

  • School calendar (back includes blue ribbon updates)

Celebrations l.jpg

Eagle Frequent Flyer Miles – Merit system where students will accumulate points to earn weekly or monthly awards for various positive behavior.

Students of the Month/Teacher of the Month

  • Teacher & Students from 6, 7, & 8th grades will be chosen (based on criteria). Each will have picture on bulletin board and will receive various prizes


  • Random Acts of Kindess Awards for various positive behaviors.

    Eagle Bucks

  • Students will be rewarded with monetary awards for various positive behaviors

Celebrations34 l.jpg

Fast Food Lunch

  • Parent volunteer will purchase food from local restaurants and eat lunch with 2 of their friends (behavior must be good ) during school hours

    Incentives for Fight Free Days

  • Students will be given a survey to determine incentives and will approved by principal.

    Donations from local restaurants, entertainment, and movie places will be given to students

    Movie/Blockbuster Certificates

Evaluation l.jpg

  • Analysis of data

  • Feedback from all stakeholders

  • Results from monitoring of goals and objectives

  • Improved PIPE survey results

Interventions l.jpg

  • Conflict Resolutions (guidance)

  • Encourage participation in school clubs and engaging in school activities

  • After school programs (music programs )

Results l.jpg

Will be monitored and reported every six weeks after each six weeks grading period

Conclusion l.jpg

  • The Blue Ribbon Plan focuses on needs assessment, behavioral strategies, evaluation, and outcomes.

  • Continuity and true implementation is needed in order to be a successful plan at Corry Middle School.