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Combine Yield Monitors

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Combine Yield Monitors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Combine Yield Monitors. Impulse Yield Sensors. Micro Trak. John Deere Case Ag Leader. Impulse Flow Meter Force Vectors. Dynamincs of an Impulse Flow Meter. Non-Impulse Yield Sensors. Nuclear - Massey Ferguson - Europe High Frequency Radio Waves New Holland - Not marketed.

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Combine Yield Monitors

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impulse yield sensors
Impulse Yield Sensors

Micro Trak

John Deere


Ag Leader

non impulse yield sensors
Non-Impulse Yield Sensors

Nuclear -

Massey Ferguson - Europe

High Frequency Radio Waves

New Holland - Not marketed

capacitance moisture sensors
Capacitance Moisture Sensors

Micro Track

John Deere

Ag Leader


sources of yield map error
Sources of Yield Map Error
  • Unknown swath width
  • Time lag of grain through combine
  • GPS error
  • Multiple paths through combine
  • Surging of grain through combine
  • Grain losses
  • Sensor Calibration
sources of impulse yield sensor error
Sources of Impulse Yield Sensor Error
  • Grain Moisture
  • Grain Test Weight
  • Grain Temperature
  • Grain Cultivar
  • Grain Species
  • Contamination
    • Dirt
    • Plant oils, sap, etc.
effect of lag time on combine yield measurements
Effect of Lag Time on Combine Yield Measurements

Crop Yield Along Swath

Actual Grain Yield






Yield Monitor Measured Grain Yield



corn yield surface with krieging
Corn Yield Surface with Krieging

Oklahoma Panhandle, 1997

corn yield surface with krieging25
Corn Yield Surface with Krieging

Oklahoma Panhandle, 1998

manning iowa corn field
Manning Iowa Corn Field

Northwest Corner

2 Fields Merged

current yield monitors
Current Yield Monitors
  • Mass-flow sensor
  • Volumetric-flow sensor
  • Conveyor belt load sensor
  • Trailer load sensor
  • Torque transducer
basics of yield monitoring
Basics of Yield Monitoring
  • Possible Crops to Monitor
    • Wheat and other grains
    • Cotton
    • Potato and Sugar Beets
    • Beans
    • Rice
    • Specialty Crops
      • Grapes, Tomatoes, Carrots, etc.
yield mapping trailer
Yield Mapping Trailer
  • Measures change in weight in the trailer while allowing for comparison at different times.
  • Can be used for any crop that is loaded into a trailer continuously while harvested.
corn silage
Corn Silage
  • The drive shaft of the base unit powering the cutterhead, feedrolls, and front attachment, are instrumented with strain gauge torque transducers.
  • Cutting power is linearly related to material feedrate.
  • Material flow can be expressed as:
    • Fr(t)=Yi(t)Sp(t)W