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AFP Consortium update

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AFP Consortium update. May 2009. AFP Consortium Incorporation. Organizational Actions. CORE MEMBERS IBM InfoPrint Solutions Isis MPI Tech Océ Streamserve Kodak Xerox PARTICIPATING MEMBERS Asssentis CDP Cincom Compart Crawford. CRE-DO DocPath Elixir GMC Lexmark Metavante

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AFP Consortium update

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afp consortium members february 2009 23 26


InfoPrint Solutions


MPI Tech

























AFP Consortium Members February 2009 23 (26)

Board of Directors

Six Core Members were nominated for 5 open director positions. The following directors were elected to serve a 1 year term through December 2009.

  • Roberto Anzola(ISIS - Board Director and R&D Manager)
  • Paul Gerelle (MPI Tech - Director)
  • Dennis Ladd (StreamServe - President and CEO)
  • Michele Pracchi (Océ - Senior Vice President Corporate Software Development)
  • James Porell(IBM - Distinguished Engineer; System z Business Development)
  • InfoPrint Solutions appointed the Founding Director
  • Jeffrey Paterra(InfoPrint Solutions - Sr. Vice President & General Manager, Technology & Solutions Development)


The Board of Directors appointed the following AFPC Officers

  • President - Harry Lewis (InfoPrint Solutions)
  • Secretary - Harry Lewis (InfoPrint Solutions) w/support from
  • José La Rosa Ducato (Océ)
  • Treasurer - Paul Gerelle (MPI Tech)

Architecture Architects

Main architects from InfoPrint Solutions Company.

  • Reinhard Hohensee: Overall AFP; MO:DCA, PTOCA, GOCA
  • Harry Lewis: phasing into Reinhard's work 
  • Dave Stone: IPDS, BCOCA, FOCA
  • Dennis Carney: phasing into Dave's IPDS work
  • Nenad Rijavec: IOCA
  • Roger Buis: AFP Line Data
  • Tim Towns (replaced Jean Aschenbrenner): CMOCA
afpc interchange set definitions1
AFPC Interchange Set Definitions


Why do all this work?

– The most important value proposition of an open AFP standard for customers is interoperability of products

– The last time we tried to bring products up to a well-defined level of AFP compliance was with the MO:DCA IS/1 and IS/2 interchange set definitions in 1991!!

afpc interchange set definitions2
AFPC Interchange Set Definitions

Current architecture activity

• MO:DCA ACR 139 – AFPC Interchange Set: MO:DCA IS/3

• IPDS ACR 439 – IPDS Support for MO:DCA Interchange Set IS/3

• GOCA ACR 018: New Function Set Definition (GRS3)

• PTOCA ACR 018: New Function Set Definition (PT4)

• BCOCA ACR 060: BCD2 Subset

***All ACRs currently at “Active” status***

afpc interchange set definitions3
AFPC Interchange Set Definitions

- Should be IN the interchange set

  • Image Container objects
  • GOCA clockwise arcs
  • CMOCA (!?)

- Should be OUT of the interchange set

  • Functions that have limited scope, e.g. “saved pages”, UP3i
  • Container objects that have limited use, e.g. PCX, PCL
  • Container objects that require expensive RIP, e.g. PS/PDF
  • (see unresolved)

- Unresolved

  • IOCA FS11 (proposal to exclude, concern that the lack of grayscale will leave IS/3 in a poor position relative to PDF)
  • CID-keyed fonts (proposal to remove did not reach consensus, requires revisit)
bcoca architecture status1
BCOCA Architecture - Status
  • Current specification -- BCOCA Reference (S544-3766-06), July 2006
    • All BCOCA ACRs are written against this document
  • BCOCA Frequently Asked Questions document
    • Published on
  • Unpublished Final status architecture
    • Retired items will be identified in next edition
    • Small USPS Four-State bar code (BCOCA ACR 52)
    • Small Fixed-Size Bar Codes (BCOCA ACR 53)
    • Default Parameter-Value Recommendations (BCOCA ACR 54)
    • Desired Symbol Width Parameter (BCOCA ACR 55)
    • Miscellaneous Editorial Changes (BCOCA ACR 56)
  • ACRs at Verified Status – none
  • ACRs at Consensus Status – 3
  • Architecture in process 2
    • BCD2 Subset ACR
    • Royal Mail RED TAG Bar Code ACR
bcoca architecture futures
BCOCA Architecture - Futures

Potential new work

  • USPS Intelligent Mail Container Bar Code

The United States Postal Service has defined a category called “Full Service”

that requires use of three USPS-defined bar code types:

    • Intelligent Mail Barcode – already in BCOCA
    • Container Labels (uses Code 128-subset B and C) – ACR needed?(for use on mailer-generated pallet, container, or rolling-stock labels)
    • Tray Labels (uses Interleaved 2-of-5 and Code 128 subset C) – not needed
  • Potential ACR solution summary:
    • Define a new modifier value for the Code 128 bar code typeX’05’ – Intelligent Mail Container Barcode
    • BCOCA receiver must meet USPS symbology specifications (stay in subset b and c, x dimension between 15.8 and 19.5 mils, width less than 5 inches, etc.)
    • “USPS SCAN REQUIRED” printed above the symbol
    • Identification bars above and below symbol
    • HRI with two blank spaces between each field
  • Example on next slide

2009 meeting schedule

  • February 25 – 27 Boulder, Colorado hosted by InfoPrint Solutions
  • June 1 – 3 Toronto, Canada hosted by CDP
  • Week of September 28Poing, Germany hosted by Océ
thank you for listening
Thank you for listening
  • Hvad kan vi / AFP Konsortiet gøre for dig?
    • Lytte til dine erfaringer og problemer med AFP/IPDS.
    • Opsamle og viderebringe dine gode idéer til nye tiltagomkring AFP/IPDS.
    • Oplyse dig om nye og kommende funktioner i AFP/IPDS arkitekturen.
  • Spørgsmål – idéer:
    • Sig frem her og nu.
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