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Academic and Career Essentials

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Academic and Career Essentials - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic and Career Essentials. Information Systems. Agenda. Overview of Information Systems Career essentials in Information Systems Academic essentials in Information Systems Core, additional, and breadth requirements Major requirements/course sequence Studying abroad Summer courses

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Presentation Transcript
  • Overview of Information Systems
  • Career essentials in Information Systems
  • Academic essentials in Information Systems
    • Core, additional, and breadth requirements
    • Major requirements/course sequence
    • Studying abroad
    • Summer courses
    • Double majors
  • Action steps for success in Information Systems
    • Leadership & involvement
    • WSoB resources
  • Student perspective
  • Q & A
information systems overview
Information Systems Overview
  • Combination of hardware, software, infrastructure and trained personnel organized to facilitate planning, control, coordination and decision-making
  • Systems concerned with the collection, storage, and analysis of information and data for decision-making purposes
career options in information systems
Career Options in Information Systems

Tip: To learn more about career options in a particular industry, be sure to check out the Vault and Wet Feet Guides available on the home page of BuckyNet!

business analyst
Business Analyst
  • Examine business processes, requirements, problems and opportunities in order to design improved products/services
  • Review system capabilities, workflow, scheduling limitations to determine if requested information services are possible within existing system

Select Employers

  • General Electric
  • Deloitte
  • Cisco Systems

Essential Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Communication & interpersonal
  • Problem-solving
  • Technical knowledge
  • Holistic view of business
  • Similar to Business Analyst but works under contract to other organizations
  • Examine business processes, requirements, problems and opportunities to design improved products/services
  • Help clients utilize technology to manage information, data and operations more efficiently

Select Employers

  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte

Essential Skills

  • Communication & interpersonal
  • Analytical
  • Adaptability
  • Willingness to travel (possible)
systems analysis design
Systems Analysis & Design
  • Plans, develops, test and documents computer programs
  • Applies programming techniques
  • Evaluates new or modified programs to determine feasibility, costs, time requirements, compatibility with current system(s), computer capabilities
  • Combination of business analyst and developer positions

Select Employers

  • General Electric
  • General Mills
  • OpenBI LLC
  • CUNA Mutual Group
  • Kohler Company

Essential Skills

  • Technical knowledge
  • Communication & interpersonal
  • Analytical
  • Creativity
project lead manager
Project Lead/Manager
  • Manages projects simultaneously
  • Plays active role in business analysis and requirements definition phases
  • Coordinates efforts from inception to rollout
  • Sets goals, prioritizes tasks and measures progress

Select Employers

  • Any of the employers listed previously

Essential Skills

  • Leadership
  • Holistic understanding of business
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Technical knowledge
  • Time and goal management
academic essentials in information systems
Academic Essentials in Information Systems

NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

Core, Additional, and Breadth Requirements

  • Business core courses
    • Acct I S 211, Principles of Managerial Accounting, 3 cr.
    • Finance 300, Introduction to Finance, 3 cr.
    • Marketing 300, Marketing Management, 3 cr.
    • MHR 300, Organizational Behavior, 3 cr.
    • OTM 300, Management of Service and Manufacturing Operations, 3 cr.

NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

Additional Business Requirements

  • General Business 300, Professional Communication, 3 cr.
  • General Business 301, Business Law, 3 cr.
  • General Business 303, Business Statistics, 3 cr.

OR equivalent course


Business Breadth Requirements

  • For single major:
    • One course in two business school departments other than Information Systems
    • Total of 6 credits
    • No core courses or courses required by or cross-listed with IS

For double major, or single major with Supply Chain

Specialization, only one 3-credit course in one department other than Information Systems is required.


NOTE: Course descriptions and pre-requisites can be found at COURSE GUIDE

  • COMP SCI 302 (3 credits), Introduction to Programming (JAVA programming)
  • INFO SYS 365 (3 credits), Contemporary Topics
  • INFO SYS 371 (3 credits), Technology of Computer-based Business Systems
  • INFO SYS 422 (3 credits), Computer-based Data Management
  • INFO SYS 424 (3 credits), Analysis and Design of Computer-based Systems

Major Requirements : Course Sequence

studying abroad
Studying Abroad
  • Plan well ahead, working with advisor
  • Studying abroad during last semester is strongly discouraged
  • Meet with IP staff, 3121 Grainger, Judy Symon Hanson,
  • Begin researching programs/course offerings
  • Core and breadth courses
  • Intro course in major must be taken at UW
summer courses
Summer Courses
  • WSoB prefers that you take business courses on campus
  • For UW-system schools, including technical colleges, use Transfer Information System (TIS):
  • For out-of-state institutions or private colleges in WI, use Summer Course Equivalency Service (SCES) through UW Admissions:
  • Concurrent enrollment policy:
  • For selected state community colleges in IL & MN, use the Transfer Equivalency Database (TED):

Double Majors

  • Business or College of Letters & Science
  • No “recommended” second major
  • 75-credit rule: Undergraduates may not take more than 75 credits of business courses (this includes courses cross-listed with other departments)
double majors with information systems
Double Majors with Information Systems

Computer Science

Computer Science




elective courses in information systems
Elective Courses in Information Systems

Business Analysis

Recommended Electives

-Comp Sci 354, Machine Organization and Planning

-Comp Sci 364, Intro to Data Base Mgmt. Systems

Comp Sci 537, Intro to Operating Systems

-Comp Sci 547, Computer Systems Modeling Fundamentals

-Comp Sci 564, Database Mgmt Systems: Design and Implementation

-Comp Sci 640, Intro to Computer Networks

-OTM 410, Operations Research I

-OTM 451, Service Operations Mgmt.

-OTM 547, Facilities Location Models

-OTM 640, Transportation and Business Logistics

  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Recommended Electives
  • Civ Engr 357, Intro to Geographic Info Systems
  • -Comp Sci 540, Intro to Artificial Intelligence
  • -Gen Bus 304, Intermed. Business Stats
  • -ISyE 349, Intro to Human Factors
  • -ISyE 575, Intro to Quality Engineering
  • -ISyE 619, Analysis of Decision Support Systems
  • -ISyE 642, Simulation Modeling and Analysis of Industrial Engineering Systems
  • -Mkt 310, Marketing Research
  • -OTM 411, Operations Research II
  • -OTM 654, Production and Planning Control
  • Consulting
  • Recommended Electives
  • Similar to Business Analysis electives
  • -MHR courses
  • Project Lead/Manager
  • Recommended Electives
  • -Acct 310, Cost Management Systems
  • Acct 340, Accounting Systems
  • -Acct 631, Information Technology, Risk and Assurance Services
  • -Comp Sci 550, Computers and Society
  • -MHR 420, Organization and Mgmt Processes
  • -MHR 421, Mgmt: Decisions, Implementation and Control
  • -MHR 422, Small Business Mgmt/Entrepreneurship
  • OTM 451, Service Operations Mgmt

* Check Class Search for available courses as they may vary by semester

action items involvement leadership
Action Items: Involvement & Leadership
  • Student Organizations
      • Association of Information System Professionals
      • National Organization of Business and Engineering
      • Other Orgs – Leadership Roles related to Information Systems or technology
  • Accenture Leadership Center Events
  • BCC Seminars and Sophomore Shadow Program
  • DoIT Workshops
wisconsin school of business resources
Wisconsin School of Business Resources
  • Information Systems academic & career advising
      • Business Career Center (BCC) – 3290 Grainger
      • Undergraduate Academic Services – 3150 Grainger
  • Business Learning Center(BLC): Academic tutoring in key courses – 2240 Grainger, Judy Cary,
    • Acct I S 100, 211, 300
    • Econ 101, 102
    • Finance 300
    • General Business 303, 304
    • Math 210
  • Grainger Library Resources

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