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Zooming Out for a Global View Global Issues Conference PowerPoint Presentation
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Zooming Out for a Global View Global Issues Conference

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Zooming Out for a Global View Global Issues Conference
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Zooming Out for a Global View Global Issues Conference

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  1. Zooming Out for a Global View Global Issues Conference 2010 Information And Guidelines Sponsored by the Office of International Outreach, The European Union Center, The Education Department of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and The Academy for Future International Leaders at Texas A&M University

  2. Conference Information Place: Annenberg Presidential Conference Center, Texas A&M University Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010 Time: 8:00-9:00 am Registration & Poster Session set-up 9:00 Keynote Address 10:00 “Zoom In” Small Group Discussions moderated by AFIL students 11:00 “Zoom In” Group Challenge” Solving Global Issues 11:30 Lunch provided by the Office of International Outreach 12:00 to 12:45 Poster Session 1:00 pm Awards Ceremony and featured student presentations 2:00 Tour of the George Bush Presidential Library 5:00 The Bush Museum closes Space: Spots will be given to the first 250 students to submit projects * Note: To be eligible to register, the student(s) must submit a global project either individually or in teams of no more than 4 students.

  3. Why Attend? Gain Knowledge about Global Issues! Interact directly with Texas A&M students, professors, and peers from across Texas. Excellent way to enhance future scholarship applications. Opportunity to visit one of the nation’s premier public schools and learn about Texas A&M traditions. Opportunity to engage in an issue facing the world today. Grasp concepts that world leaders are being faced with internationally. Tour the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

  4. Tentative Conference Events Exciting keynote guest speaker Project Display and Presentation (Poster Session) Breakout sessions with Texas A&M students on important global issues Awards Ceremony Tour of the Bush Presidential Library and introduction to Texas A&M traditions (A more detailed schedule will be provided when finalized.)

  5. Project Requirements Must pertain to a global issue that falls within one of the categories listed on the following slide. Must include a written component: Several paragraph summary explaining the project’s relevance to a global issue. Must include an original visual aid: Poster Board Drawing Video Photography *4. Must be mailed according to the “Submitting Project” slide

  6. Global Issues Categories Environmental Sustainability Alternative Resources, Depletion of Resources, Air/ Water Pollution, etc. Population Growth and Transition Human Rights, Urbanization vs. Industrialization, etc. Economic Development World Banks, Import/Exports, Capitalism vs. Communism, Trade, etc. Health and Human Development Pandemics, Child Labor, Human Trafficking, Health Care, etc. Media and Technology Privacy Controls, Cyber Attacks, Global Competition, etc.

  7. Online Resources For more project ideas visit: Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World National Intelligence Council http://www.dni.gov/nic/NIC_2025_project.html Global Issues website http://www.globalissues.org/ Globalizing Pre-Service Teachers Educationhttp://illinois.edu/goto/globalizing_education Showing Rising Powers: The New Global Reality http://www.stanleyfoundation.org/now-showingrising-powers -the-new-global-reality.cfm The Cyber Schoolbus: United Nations http://cyberschoolbus.un.org/

  8. Submitting Projects Written submission includes 3 parts: 1. Registration Forms (one per student) 2. Project Submission Forms (one per group) 3. Summary of Project * Those with a multimedia visual aid must submit their presentation along with their written summary. These forms can be found on the World Room website at: http://worldroom.tamu.edu

  9. Submitting Projects Cont’d All projects must be received by Wednesday, April 21st. Written projects should be printed before they are sent, and multimedia projects should be burned to a disk and must function when received. Projects must be submitted to: Global Issues Conference Project SubmissionAnnenberg Presidential Conference CenterOffice of International Outreach 1245 Texas A&M University College Station, TX 77843-1245

  10. Poster Session During the Conference, students will display their projects through a display board (along with any other visual aid that their project includes). Display Boards: Science Fair Style Bullet points and large fonts are better than large paragraphs. Boards should look neat and professional. Information should be organized like a newspaper so the flow of the project is easy to follow. The title should be big and easy to read from across the room. A picture speaks a thousand words! *Recommended to use a tri-fold display board that unfolds to be approximately 36 inches tall and 46 inches wide.

  11. Students will be expected to provide insight about their projects similar to that of a Science Fair. Poster Session Examples

  12. Project Judging Guidelines The projects will be judged by a panel of qualified Texas A&M students and faculty based on: Creativity/ Originality Global Insight *Relevance to an important Global Issue Overall Quality A note on plagiarism: We take plagiarism seriously. Make sure to give credit to all resources you use in creating your project. Any plagiarism found will result in disqualification of the project and students involved will not be allowed to attend.

  13. Judging Rubric The 5 Criteria The project ties to a specific global issue based on the paragraph provided by the author(s). The project demonstrates creativity and originality. Quality of data in terms of research and presentation of data. Quality of project in terms of presentation and organization. Quality of project in terms of grammar, language use, and neatness. Each criteria is given a score on a scale from 1-5 All judging takes place before the conference

  14. Contact Information For most information and forms, visit: http://worldroom.tamu.edu For questions specifically related to projects or conference events, please direct emails to AFIL Student Coordinator Enriqueta “Katie” Perez: zoomingoutconference@gmail.com For all other questions relating to the Zooming Out for a Global View Conference, contact International Outreach Program Coordinator Martha Green: mgreen@ipomail.tamu.edu