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Country Report-Bangladesh In The Regional Workshop on ‘Knowledge Program in Nuclear Safety’ in Daejon, Korea, 10 ~ 14 November, 2003 (RAS/9/028) MD. MONZURUL HAQUE, PE & RS MR. ALAMGIR SARKER, PSO. Introduction.

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Country Report-Bangladesh In The Regional Workshop on ‘Knowledge Program in Nuclear Safety’ in Daejon, Korea, 10 ~ 14 November, 2003 (RAS/9/028) MD. MONZURUL HAQUE, PE & RSMR. ALAMGIR SARKER, PSO

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Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) was established in 1973 through promulgation of Presidential Order 15.

  • Main Functions of BAEC includes-

  • Research and development in peaceful applications of atomic energy

  • Generation of electricity

  • Promotion of international relations congenial to implementation of its programs and projects

  • The programmes and projects of BAEC now focus on Health, Industries, Agriculture And Environment

Objectives l.jpg

Primary Objectives of BAEC:

  • Undertake fundamental research on various fields namely Physical, Biological and Engineering sciences

  • Acquire and adopt related technology like electronics, computer, material science etc.

  • Render services to the end users.

  • Develop human resource for sustainable development of nuclear technology

  • Monitor and assess hazards of radiation and environmental pollution

  • Discharge international obligations in the field of atomic Energy.

R d establishment of baec l.jpg
R&D Establishment of BAEC

  • Atomic Energy Center, Dhaka.

  • Atomic Energy Research Establishment

  • Institute of Nuclear Medicine. BSSMMU, Dhaka.

  • Thirteen Medical Centers at different locations of the country.

  • Beach Sand Minerals Exploration Center

  • Radiation Testing and Monitoring Laboratory

  • Rooppur Nuclear Power Project

Organization structure of baec l.jpg
Organization Structure of BAEC


Ministry of Science, Information & CommunicationTechnology




Abbreviations l.jpg

BAEC : Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

AECD : Atomic Energy Center, Dhaka

BSMEC : Beach Sand Minerals Exploration Center

NSRCD : Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Division

NPED : Nuclear Power and Energy Division

RTML : Radiation Testing and Monitoring Laboratory

NMC’S : Nuclear Medical Centers (13 medical centuries)

AERE : Atomic Energy Research Establishment

INST : Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology

IFRB : Institute of Food and Radiation Biology

IE : Institute of Electronics

ICS : Institute of Computer Science

ROMU : Reactor Operation and Maintenance Unit

Nuclear safety regulatory authority l.jpg
Nuclear Safety: Regulatory Authority

  • Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control (NSRC) Act and Rules promulgated in 1993 & 1997 respectively with following provisions

  • National Regulatory Framework

  • Safety of Nuclear Facility

  • Sources of Ionising Radiation

  • Radiation Protection

  • Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials

  • Safe management of Radioactive Waste

  • Controlling Areas of Activities

  • Authorization

  • Review and Assessment

  • Inspection and Enforcement

International cooperation for nuclear safety l.jpg
International Cooperation for Nuclear Safety

  • Country’s Nuclear Safety program were evaluated

    -NENS/NSAAR/1995 22-26 January 1995

    -IAEA-TCR No 01355 21-27 June 2002

  • Close cooperation exists between IAEA and BAEC under Model Projects and other program

  • Bangladesh is signatory to various Lead Agreement, Convention, Treaty like NPT, CTBT, Additional Protocol to Safety etc.

  • Agreement with USA for peaceful use of nuclear energy (1980)

Hierarchy of different agreements protocols etc of the international non proliferation regime l.jpg
Hierarchy of Different Agreements, Protocols, etc. of the International Non-proliferation Regime

Radioactive waste management emergency preparedness l.jpg
Radioactive waste management & Emergency preparedness

  • Infrastructure for Radioactive Waste management are under construction

    -Civil structure completed

    - Some equipment procured

    -Ventilation System are being prepared with IAEA’s assistance

    - All works to be completed by end 2004

  • Infrastructure for Emergency Preparedness still in the nascent stage

  • Nuclear Safety-Research Reactor

  • Safety of 3 MW RR was evaluated by INSAAR mission in 1995

  • SAR are being reviewed/upgraded and completed by September

  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness are being reviewed

Research reactor organization structure l.jpg
Research Reactor-Organization Structure

  • Well documented organizational structure exists

  • Functions & responsibilities at all levels clearly defined

  • Management structure established however some senior staff positions to be filed up

  • Most of the operating personnel are trained but further advanced trainings required

  • QA program being introduced

Reactor safety committees l.jpg
Reactor Safety Committees

  • Three Research Reactor Safety committees are in place

           - Research Reactor Operation & Utilization Committee

    - Radiation Safety and Control Committee

    - Nuclear safety and Safeguards Committee

  • Safety Committees meet regularly

  • Utilization program exist.

  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Accident Situations are being reviewed

Baec triga reactor facility organizational structure for qa and reactor safety administration l.jpg
BAEC TRIGA Reactor Facility Organizational Structure for QA and Reactor Safety Administration

ROMU - Reactor Operation and Maintenance Unit

RO - Reactor Operator

RROUC - Research Reactor Operations and Utilization Committee

RSCC - Radiation Safety and Control Committee

SRO - Senior Reactor Operator

Administrative Channel

Normal Operational Communication & Assistance


AERE - Atomic Energy Research Establishment

BAEC - Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

CEF - Central Engineering Facility

DG - Director General

INST - Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology

NSRCD - Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Division

NSSC - Nuclear Safety and Safeguards Committee

RMWML- Radiation Monitoring and Waste Management Laboratory

Reactor operation and utilization committee rrouc l.jpg
Reactor Operation and Utilization Committee (RROUC) and Reactor Safety Administration

  • The general purpose of the Research Reactor Operation and Utilization Committee (RROUC) of AERE shall be to promote the safety in operation and use of research reactor .

  • review, evaluate, recommend and approve experiments, programs, actions and issues involving safety, operation and use of Reactor in accordance with the FSAR and other Safety Standards prescribed/adopted by the Regulations based on the Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Act of 1993

  • RROUC will also audit the activities of the authority responsible for operation and maintenance of the research reactor.

Radiation safety and control committee rscc l.jpg
Radiation Safety and Control Committee (RSCC). and Reactor Safety Administration

  • The general purpose -shall be to strengthen and implement radiation safety and control activities in accordance with the NSRC-Law-21/1993 and the NSRC Rules 97 (SRO No. 205-Law/97) and the applicable safety standards, codes and guides adopted by the Competent Authority.

  • The jurisdiction of the Committee shall include all activities involving nuclear and ionizing sources, facilities and practices within the premises of AERE, Savar.

  • The Member of the committee will have to present problem(s) regarding radiation Control and safety, if any, for discussion in the meeting, from their respective domain of work with individual suggestion(s) if any in resolving the problem(s)

Aere nuclear safety and safeguards committee nssc l.jpg

  • General purpose shall be to audit, review, evaluate, recommend

  • Approve all programs, actions and issues involving inventory accounting and safeguards of all nuclear materials including spent fuels stored and/or used in AERE as per the Safeguards Agreement and it's Subsidiary Arrangements between the Govt. of People's Republic of Bangladesh and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) under the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) signed in September,1979. Nuclear Safety-Research Reactor

  • These activities shall be carried out in accordance with the Guides, and standards prescribed/adopted by the Regulations /Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.

Research reactor operation maintenance l.jpg
Research Reactor- Operation & Maintenance and Reactor Safety Administration

  • IAEA Services Series No. 1 Ds 272, SS 35-G2, DS325 Are partly followed

  • Formal QA program being introduced

  • Written reactor operation procedures exists and followed

  • Reactor operation are carried out in compliance within the OLCs

  • Reactor maintenance are carried out as per written procedures, routine schedule and by qualified personnel

Rr modification up gradation works l.jpg
RR and Reactor Safety Administration– Modification & Up gradation works

  • Safety of RR are periodically reviewed and upgraded

  • SAR are being reviewed thoroughly reviewed with Agency’s help and guides

  • Appropriate procedures exists for reactor modification

  • Licensing is needed for commissioning.

  • All records and modifications are properly documented and preserved

Baec electronic network l.jpg
BAEC Electronic Network and Reactor Safety Administration

  • BAEC has a RCA National Home page in RCA Regional Server hosted by Malaysia

  • BAEC has newly registered domain as

  • Leased a broadband connection using cable modem of 64 kbps which will be upgraded to 128 kbps very soon

  • Proxy Server already configured while web and mail servers will be configured within this week

  • The Network now connects about 50 workstations in the HQ and the AECD thru fiber optics cable. However the main laboratories in AERE will be connected thru 4 nos. DUN telephone lines.